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Organic Avocado Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair & Health

What is Avocado Oil Good for?

Organic avocado oil is obtained from the pure flesh of the avocados and pressing them under a cold press. This flesh of avocado contains about 30% of oil. It is rich in many nutrients such as oleic acid and lecithin.

These components make avocado oil Benefits useful among most of the essential oils. It contains a bunch of other nutrients and vitamins more specifically fat-soluble vitamins. These vitamins are essential for your proper growth and functioning.

Vitamin B and C are also present in avocados but those are present only in fresh avocados but not in avocado oil because those all are water retained and on cold pressing, we get Vitamin A, E and D, fat-soluble vitamins.

It is firstly utilized in cosmetics, due to its rapid absorbing properties and penetrates deep in the skin, where most of the other oils are not able to reach.

It is utilized as one of the best cooking oils. Due to its composition having lecithin, monounsaturated fatty acids and high oleic acid content.

It contains a bunch of benefits for your body. After reading this article, you will be forced to use avocado oil.

Some of them are mentioned below, as you may Follow:

  1. Aid in Lowering Bad Cholesterol
  2. Help in keeping your Blood Pressure Normal
  3. Detoxifies your Body from Harmful Toxins
  4. Fights and Prevents you from Cancer
  5. Treatment against Skin Disorders and Damages
  6. Reduces wrinkles
  7. Treatment of Teeth Surrounding Tissues (Periodontal)
  8. Aids in Thick and Long Hair
  9. Oil for Weight Loss
  10. Enhancing Metabolism and Nutrient Absorption
  11. Increases your Body Regenerative Abilities[ps2id id=’bad’ target=”/]
  12. Reduces Ageing Signs
  13. Improves Nail Beds
  14. As a Facial Moisturizer
  15. In the BathFor your Scalp
  16. For your Scalp
  17. For the Treatment of Inflamed and Dry Skin

What are the Benefits of Organic Avocado Oil?

There are the following benefits of avocado oil for health:

1. Avocado Oil aid in Lowering Bad Cholesterol:

Control Cholestrol

Cholesterol is a necessary evil for your body. It can be exhausting for your health and your sound mind. It can decrease your heart’s health and the overall metabolism of your body.

From a bunch of studies, it is proved that avocado oil can help in reducing Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterols and significantly raise high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

If you are also one of them who is facing such issues cold-pressed o[ps2id id=’blood’ target=”/]rganic avocado oil might pay your bill. All you need is to make this avocado oil part of your daily intake.

So, you do not have to worry about bad cholesterols anymore. It contains a bunch of components including vitamin E and lecithin, which are scientifically approved in reducing bad cholesterols.

2. Organic Avocado Oil help in keeping your Blood Pressure Normal:

Stable and normal blood pressure is essential for the longevity of your heart and it can prevent a whole bunch of other disorders.

This blood pressure fluctuations can affect your body with some serious damage. But, you do not have to worry about this fight against blood pressure anymore, and I am here to tell you how can you defeat this? It is your ally in this battle.

It is high in potassium and vitamin E, which keeps your vessels pumping and healthy by removing all dangerous free radicals.

When your body consumes avocado oil control blood pressure it alters the essential oils in your kidneys. This can affect your hormones which are involved in the regulation of your blood pressure.[ps2id id=’body’ target=”/]

It also contains some anti-inflammatory properties which can help in prevention from any sort of arterial damage, which can cause blockage of blood by building plague material.

Since your body works well in the absorption of vitamin E and potassium, keeping organic avocado oil in your diet will be one of the best choices.

3. Detoxifies your Body from Harmful Toxins:

No one wishes to have toxins in their body. These toxins can damage your body and cause a bunch of abnormalities. Some of which might be lethal as well.

It can be your protection from such injuries. It contains chlorophyll, a natural substance rich in magnesium, which can keep[ps2id id=’cancer’ target=”/] your liver, kidneys, brain and other organs, free from harmful metals such as mercury and lead.

These toxins are the cause of some devastating disorders such as mental retardation. So, if you are willing to keep yourself protected from such issues, it is better to go for organic avocado oil and consume it gradually.

4. Organic Avocado Oil Fights and Prevents you from Cancer:

Cancer is one lethal disorder and for sure you are not willing to fall prey. This disease is caused mostly due to improper and unhealthy diet.

You can prevent cancer by consuming one healthy and clean diet, and organic avocado oil plays a great role in providing you with some protection against cancer.

Is Avocado Oil better than Olive Oil?

It is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid, which is found in abundance in olive oil. This omega 9 found present in organic avocado oil can reduce the alarming risks of cancer.

It also contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are proved by studies, to reduce the growth of the cancerous cell.[ps2id id=’skin’ target=”/]

These omega 3 fatty acids are also known as anti-carcinogens and specifically effective in colon and breast cancer.

So, if you are fighting against cancer or trying to protect yourself from this disease, then do not forget to put organic avocado oil in your shopping basket.

5. Organic Avocado Oil in Treatment against Skin Disorders and Damages:

Your skin is the one largest organ of your body. Skin is the very first barrier of your body when it is exposed to any foreign material. Your skin is your first line of defence and protects you from a bunch of various pathogens.

Your skin is one delicate organ and surely, you are not willing to cause any harm to this protective barrier.

Well, I am here to tell you, how you can protect your skin from devastating substance out there. The secret to all your skin problems lies in organic avocado oil.

This oil has a strong penetrative ability. It is proved by studies that this avocado oil for skin can easily reach the dermis, which is below the epidermis and contains all those hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, etc.

Most of the oils are not able to pass through epidermis. Studies show that organic avocado oil is used to treat flaky, dry skins and burns from quite a few times.

From gradual topical use of avocado oil for scars, you can treat and reduce your scars, sun damage, and stretch marks. The secret of organic avocado oil lies within its composition.

It contains Vitamin E and omega 3s which makes it a potent choice for treating eczema, psoriasis, cracked heels, dandruff, and insect bites.

It also works best as a moisturizer. It has some special water-retaining and penetrative abilities, which helps in keeping your skin hydrated.

It can be used alone, or with some essential oil, such as olive oil. This will increase the water retention of your body.

You can apply avocado oil alone topically or you can massage your whole skin after bathing, to get the most hydrated skin.


Before applying avocado oil straight on your skin, it is better to run a patch test. It will confirm if your body is hypersensitive towards organic avocado oil or not.[ps2id id=’wrinkle’ target=”/]

Just put 2 to 3 drops on your skin and cover it with some bandage, and leave it for 24 hours.

Check it, if you have redness or itching, do not go for organic avocado oil because it will not be going to give you any benefit, rather it will cause harm.

6. Organic Avocado Oil Reduces Wrinkles:


Wrinkles are just annoying. These wrinkles can lower your confidence and personality. Wrinkles make the worst impact of your personality when you interact with others. But, now you can reduce them easily without that much of hassle.

You can end these wrinkles and without that much of struggle, you can have your beauty back. All you have to do is, keep organic avocado oil on board.

This oil will help you in not just prevention from wrinkles instead of these will remove those ugly wrinkles.

It contains high protein levels with the presence of various amino acids, which makes organic avocado oil best for tissue regeneration.

Collagen synthesis of your body is enhanced by the cons[ps2id id=’teeth’ target=”/]umption of organic avocado oil. The presence of vitamin A and D in organic avocado oil will help in binding your skin together.

All you have to do is apply topically or consume organic avocado oil it will surely reduce your skin’s ageing process. Defeating these wrinkles will give you a boost in confidence and you are ready to set the stage on fire.

7. Helps in the Treatment of Teeth Surrounding Tissues(Periodontal):

It contains a bunch of essential properties of anti-inflammatory properties which can help in nourishment of your teeth by nourishing teeth surrounding tissues.

It inhibits an element known as pro-inflammatory cytokine molecule. This molecule is involved in causing inflammation of teeth surrounding tissues.

By preventing this molecule organic avocado oil helps in preventing inflammation.[ps2id id=’hair’ target=”/]

All you need is to apply avocado oil topically on your teeth or mix organic avocado oil with other essential oils, which may be helpful in a whole bunch of other bone and teeth disorders.

So, as you know in preventing these teeth diseases it is better to go for organic avocado oil than going for treatment later.

8. Organic Avocado Oil Aids in Thick and Long Hair:

Hair Nourishing

Hairs play a great role in your personality, and for sure no one wants to lose or damage them.

These hairs give you a boost in your confidence. If you are also fighting to keep your hair long and strong. Well, in this case, I might help you.

All you need is to keep organic avocado oil on board and in your fights, you are not alone. The same thing which feeds your skin will feed your hairs and will give you these nice, long and pretty hair.

The secret of this miraculous hair tonic lies in its composition. It is rich in lecithin which is a fatty substance that acts as a lubricant. This lubricant absorbs readily in your scalp.

It provides most of the necessary nutrients. It nourishes your scalp and gives promotes hair growth as well.

This oil makes a thin protective layer on your scalp, that prevents from dangerous foreign particles and it gives your hair body strength and structure.

It protects your hair from any harsh[ps2id id=’loss’ target=”/] climate conditions. Just massage 2-3 tablespoons of organic avocado oil, and wash it after 4 hours.

It will keep your scalp hydrated. It will also provide nutrients to promote hair growth. So, your depression days will be over and you will have long and strong hair always.

9. Organic Avocado Oil for Weight Loss:

Obesity is the mother of all diseases. No one wants that high excessive fat layer around their body. It can not only deplete your confidence, but it will also increase your depression and stress.

And for sure you are not willing to put all those disasters on yourself. Well, you can not only put defeat this obesity you can also be happy and love yourself.

You can defeat this obesity by one potent, yet miraculous tonic, which is the great organic avocado oil.

weight loose

This organic avocado oil is rich in oleic acid and omega 9 fatty acids and these components are present in plant and animal oils.

In studies, it is also proved that these components help in improved blood flow which increases blood regulation. This spike in blood regulation aids in fast metabolism.

Oleic acid and omega 9 fatty acids are also found to regulate enzymes that transport fat. In spite of all mentions facts,

It is one thick pack of nutrients that will mak[ps2id id=’meta’ target=”/]e you feel fewer hunger pangs.

It will help you in reducing the overeating habits that will for sure put you in a caloric deficit. So, obesity is not your headache anymore.

All you have to do is to make sure to eat a regular, proper and clean diet with an adequate amount of organic avocado oil.

10. Organic Avocado Oil Enhancing Metabolism and Nutrient Absorption:

It contains a bunch of monounsaturated fats. These monounsaturated fats enable your body to absorb more fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients.

It is rich in lecithin and oleic acid these components, give your body a significant spike in blood flow and metabolism.

By increasing your body’s metabolism organic avocado oil significa[ps2id id=’increase’ target=”/]ntly increases the regulation of your hormones and continuously removes those toxins from your body.

Another, healthy benefit of monounsaturated fatty acids is the quick absorption of nutrients. Most of the nutrients that your body intakes are mostly fat-soluble, which readily dissolves in avocado oil and gets absorbed by your body.

11. Organic Avocado Oil Increases your Body Regenerative Abilities:

It may help you in covering your wounds, faster than the normal rate. According to research in 2013, a significant synthesis of collagen was noted in the people consuming organic avocado oil.

This was later on added that oleic acid and essential fatty acids that are present in organic avocado oil, were the cause behind the increase in collagen synthesis.

This collagen synthesis results in the formation of new connective tissues, which will recover your wounds in less time than normal ones.[ps2id id=’sign’ target=”/]

It was, later on, proposed that the presence of essential fatty acids in organic avocado oil, helps in reducing inflammation which occurs during the healing process of wounds.

Although, there is no much experimental evidence regarding increased regenerative abilities in humans. Take these studies as a pinch of salt.

12. Organic Avocado Oil Reduces Aging Signs:


Do you look double your age? I know it looks awful and you want that tight, fresh and glowing skin. This condition can put you in a load of stress as well.

No one wants to look more than their age, everyone wants to look younger, prettier and fit. Well, these days of stress and worries are going to end.

According to recent studies, consuming healthy fats, which are found in organic avocado oil in abundance, can help you in this ageing issue.

Experts say that with the consumption of these [ps2id id=’nail’ target=”/]healthy fats your skin will not only get back its elasticity, your skin will also gloom with that fresh glow.

These healthy fats also fill your skin pores and act as a potent cleanser. So, your hard days are going to get over now. You have to consume this organic avocado oil every day, with an adequate amount.

13. Organic Avocado Oil improves Nail Beds:

These cracked, dry and brittle nails give your very first impressions to others. When you meet someone and go for a handshake, people observe your nails.

These very little minor details can ruin your whole personality. If you are struggling with these cracky, brittle nails or you want to prevent your nails from cracking.

You can use this organic avocado oil, it will change your life by giving that confidence boost.

You can use organic avocado oil topically, it will nourish your nail bed with necessary nutrients and will not only prevent brittle nails, but it will also treat them giving you strong, long, shiny nails.

It will make the surrounding skin soft, which will significantly reduce your nail breakage. So, gradually use this organic avocado oil and put it in you[ps2id id=’moisturize’ target=”/]r shopping basket, whenever you go shopping.

How to use Organic Avocado Oil?

It can be used topically on the skin, face mask, lotions, creams sun-blocks, sunscreens, and gels and in bath oils. Organic avocado oil can be used in the following ways,

14. As a Facial Moisturizer:

It can be used as a facial moisturize[ps2id id=’bath’ target=”/]r, you can take a few drops of avocado oil and massage it topically on your face. Leave it for about 15 minutes, then rinse your face with warm water.

This will moisturize your skin and keep it hydrated. You can also use a peel of avocado and massage it on your face.

15. In the Bath:[ps2id id=’scalp’ target=”/]

When you take a bath, you can add a few tablespoons in your bath. It will keep your body soft and fresh for a whole long day. And it will prevent your body from drying out.

It can be mixed with your favourite oil, which you use in bathing.

16. For your Scalp:

You can use organic avocado oil for your scalp, by[ps2id id=’dry’ target=”/] heating it. While heating your oil, test the temperature frequently. Make oil warm, gently massage oil in your scalp.

You can keep that oil stay in your head and shampoo your hair in the morning. This reduces dandruff and dry, flaky skin of your scalp.

17. For the Treatment of Inflamed and Dry Skin:


To heal your rough skin mix up avocado oil for acne with other essential oils, and massage it on your skin once or twice, in the day.

You can also add some scent, such as lavender, for a pleasant scent around you.

I hope after reading this whole article, you will be pleased and you might have found any solution to your issue.

Keep it in mind, avocado oil for dry skin is one natural remedy, to most of your problems. And after reading all those benefits, I am sure you will always write avocado oil in your grocery list.

You have to be patient, and avocado oil will soothe you for good. I am sure you will be forced to grab avocado oil, and duly note that if you want most of the benefits remember to pick avocado oil with the word “organic” measured on it.

Organic Avocado Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair & Health
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Organic Avocado Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair & Health
Organic avocado oil is obtained from the pure flesh of the avocados and pressing them under a cold press. This flesh of avocado contains about 30% of oil. It is rich in many nutrients such as oleic acid and lecithin.
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