Body Hair Removal Wax – With Aroma of Ripe Red Strawberries

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  • Formulated with Strawberry Extracts
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  • Ideal To Remove Short Hair
  • High Quality
  • 510gm

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ChiltanPure Body Hair Removal Wax

Chiltan Pure Body Hair Removal Wax is a natural formula, gentle and nourishing to the skin, with superior hair-gripping strength. Our natural formulation includes specific essential oils, nourishing vegetable oils, beeswax, titanium dioxide, and other natural ingredients, each carefully chosen for its specific effect on the skin. Hair removal wax both for men and women.

Strawberry soothes our skin in addition to satisfying our tastebuds. Chiltan Pure Strawberry wax contains alpha-hydroxy acid, which helps to rejuvenate the skin. It also contains Vitamin C, which has skin-lightening properties and aids in the treatment of oily skin. Strawberry wax is non-sticky, so it can be used to remove even the tiniest hairs. Finally, for its delicate texture and anti-inflammatory properties, strawberry wax does not create an after-wax rash and spreads or melts easily.

Amazing Facts

Waxing pulls the hair from the follicle, which keeps the skin hair-free for longer.

Waxing may cause temporary irritation to your skin, but it does not result in scarring or discoloration and is suitable for all skin types.
It causes hair to grow slower and more delicate, saving time in your routine.
It exfoliates the top layer of dead cells, resulting in smoother skin.
Waxing is a quick and easy way to get rid of excessive hair.

key words
private parts

Cleanse the skin.
Tighten the skin and spread a layer of wax onto the desired area against the direction of hair growth.
Allow the wax to cool for a few minutes before lifting one side with a spatula.
 Hold the skin taut, remove wax against the direction of hair growth quickly and strongly.

Strawberry extract

Customer Reviews

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Iqra Allah rakha

Its awsm results i used pernally its good work... Wax kmal hy bhae.....

sana Abdul samad
Cream wax

Super satisfied with your product

Muhammad Ishtiaq

Very nice things

nisa rajput
Good wax

Bohat achi wax ha ap logo ki mane even apnay doston ko bhi recommend kiya ha

Simra Kiani
My personal experience

I actually loved it I had a marvelous experience n after that I've ordered two more boxes for my friend n aunt thanks for making me feel good ❤️

Body Hair Removal Wax – With Aroma of Ripe Red Strawberries
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