Red Onion Anti Hair Fall Serum - Prevents Hair Loss, Boosts Hair Growth & Reduce Split Ends

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  • Boosts Hair Growth
  • Prevents Hair Thinning
  • Revive Hair Damage
  • Lessen Hair Fall
  • Adds Shine
  • Reduce Split Ends
  • 50ml

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Mankind Red Onion Anti-Hair Fall Serum is a nourishing and hydrating blend of Red Onion, Vitamin B. & Aloe Vera and anti-hair-loss ingredients. It helps in the reduction of dandruff, the enhancement of blood circulation and the prevention of hair loss. This anti-hair fall serum will make your hair healthier, shinier and thicker.

Strong substances like folic acid, and vitamin C are found in onions. The Sulfur content in onion encourages hair regrowth while reducing hair breakage and thinning. Additionally, onions have antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight off early hair aging and scalp infections. Adding volume to the hair is another benefit of onion, regular Use may even help prevent dandruff

How Does It Work?

ManKind Onion Anti-Hair Fall Serum has hair loss inhibiting ingredients. It gently detangles the hair while providing it nourishment. This lightweight serum penetrates deeply into hair follicles and strengthen it to promote hair growth and reduce hair thinning. It stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp that let it absorb essential nutrients in the serum and thus making hair strong from within.

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Amazing Facts

  • Red Onion Anti-Hair Fall Serum keeps your scalp healthy while promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Our Red Onion Anti-Hair Fall Serum can give lifeless, dull hair suppleness and shine.
  • It helps delay & reverses premature greying.
  • Furthermore, our Red Onion Anti-Hair Fall Serum offers smooth hair and prevents frizz.
  • The natural goodness of onions reduces hair loss, gently detangles hair, and improves the health and manageability of hair.

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Boosts Hair Growth

ManKind Red Onion Anti-Hair Fall Serum hydrates the scalp, boosts hair growth, strengthens the root, and prevents hair fall. It gently untangles hair and protects against damage caused by washing and styling due to its softening and nutritious natural ingredients.

Reduce Split Ends

Split ends in the hair are common, and we often want to trim them off. As a result, the mane’s length gets shortened and seems uneven. This onion-infused serum contains substances that not only avoid split ends but also soften, repair, and boost the volume of the hair.

Prevent Hair Thinning

Sulphur-rich red onion serum can help prevent split ends, hair thinning, and hair breakage. In your hair, Sulphur can form the interactions vital for strand strength. It strengthens hair thickness and helps to repair hair breakage.

Revive Hair Damage

Damaged hair is restored with this best red onion serum, which also enhances the appearance of the hair. It fortifies the hair follicles to prevent future harm from brushing or exposure to direct sunlight, which can dry out the hair or other issues.

Lessen Hair Fall

This onion-infused serum nourishes your hair with more Sulphur to maintain strong, thick hair, preventing hair loss and boosting growth. Onion Oil is ideal for preventing hair loss because of the natural goodness it offers for the hair, which also thickens and nurtures it.

Adds Shine to Hair

Plant – Derived Glycerin in this serum is well known for softening hair. This serum can level out the hair’s texture and make it look shiny while lowering the amount of stiffness in the hair. It gently makes your hair more manageable, frizz-free, glossy, smoother, and healthier than before.

Apply small amount in the palms and smooth evenly through damp or dry hair.

Style as desired.

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Red Onion Anti Hair Fall Serum - Prevents Hair Loss, Boosts Hair Growth & Reduce Split Ends
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