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Effects of Rice Face Wash – Amazingly Effective Benefits for All Skin Types!

Because of its many health advantages, rice is not only a crucial component of our diet but also helps protect us from several health-related problems. It also goes well with every season. Fever, weakness, diarrhoea, and stomach-aches can all be treated with rice water.

Rice for Skin Care

Rice water is a rich source of minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, which may help slow or stop the skin’s ageing process. Elastase, an enzyme linked to skin ageing, might also be inhibited. As a result, rice water may help maintain skin elasticity and lessen the appearance of age-related skin changes.

ChiltanPure Rice Face Wash

ChiltanPure Rice Face Wash, abundant in vitamins and minerals, thoroughly cleans the face by removing all dirt, excess oil, pollutants, traces of makeup, and dullness, leaving the skin looking clear and young. The skin is cleansed of impurities and left soft, supple, and evenly toned, thanks to the natural ingredients. This foaming cleanser with rice extract moisturizes the skin with its rich, dense foam. Natural and organic rice face wash fights free radicals while tightening pores and offering long-lasting hydration.

How does it work?

Because of its soft, creamy texture and ability to remove impurities from the skin, this rice face wash is a brightening, deep cleansing face cleanser. This face wash’s plant-based ingredients maintain healthy, youthful skin. The nutrients in rice powder are abundant and improve skin health while making it look luscious and vibrant. Utilized to tone or purify, this convenient, all-in-one formula reveals a calm, clear skin.

Amazing Facts

  • Rice water contains nutrients that help to tighten the skin to make it feel smoother and softer.
  • This face wash evens out your skin tone and aids in the reduction of scars and dark circles under your eyes.
  • Our organic & natural rice face wash will make your skin look healthy and radiant.
  • It acts as a natural cleanser, removing excess oil from your skin without drying it out.
  • Rice water is known to soothe sensitive skin. 
  • Brightens The Skin And Lightens Scars. 
  • Acts As An Anti-Aging Elixir. 
  • Minimize The Pores.

Benefits Of Rice Face Wash For Skin

So, before you wonder if rice water is good for your face, Rice water is known to give your skin the glow-up of your damn dreams. It contains vitamin E, antioxidants, and ferulic acid that help tone, tighten and brighten your complexion. And with regular use, who knows, it might take away all of your skin woes. Here have a look at rice face wash for skin benefits.

  • Soothes The Skin

Soothes The Skin

 Rice face wash is known to soothe sensitive skin. It has also been known to help with skin dermatitis, irritation, and other skin inflammations. So it’s safe to use for folks with sensitive skin.

  • Acts As A Natural Sunscreen

Yes, rice protects our skin from UV exposure as it is a natural sunscreen. It can also be used to soothe and treat sunburned skin. With regular use, it can also fade sun spots and suntan.

  • Brightens The Skin And Lightens Scars

Brightens The Skin And Lightens Scars

If you suffer from problems like dull skin, blemishes, or uneven skin tone, fermented rice face wash can help you. It will boost the collagen production in your skin, giving you a supple, illuminated complexion. Apart from this, it also helps fade blemishes and lighten scars and pigmented patches. 

  • Acts As An Anti-Aging Elixir

The high concentration of antioxidants in rice water also helps reduce lines and wrinkles and reverse the signs of ageing. Rice face wash is rich in amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals, which may reduce or slow skin ageing. It could also inhibit the activity of elastase, an enzyme reagingble for skin ageing. Thus, rice water could help maintain skin elasticity and can reduce the ageing appearance of ageing signs on the skin.

  • Minimize The Pores

Minimize The Pores

We must tell you that rice face wash is a beautiful toner for your skin if you have large pores. It helps cleanse your pores and balance sebum production on your skin, thereby shrinking large open pores.

  • Brightens skin

One of the critical functions of the rice face wash is to brighten the skin and provide an even skin tone. It keeps your skin healthy, glowing, and transparent. 

  • Boost skin barrier health

The outer layer of skin is a barrier that prevents your skin from becoming dried up and vulnerable to conditions like eczema and atopic dermatitis. However, rice face wash on the face enables its starch content to protect the skin barrier naturally. Rice face wash is beneficial in repairing and maintaining the skin’s natural barrier. It can help prepare your skin to fight eternal aggressors, prevent issues like atopic dermatitis, and protect against pollution damage.

  • Soothes sunburn and irritation

Soothes sunburn and irritation

Sun damage like sunburn, rn, inflammation, redness and itching can be relieved by rice face wash. The cooling effect can soothe the sunburned skin and can reduce tanning. Rice face wash can have a cooling effect on mild sun damage like redness, sunburn, inflammation, and itching.

  • Reduce oily skin

Rice face wash has a pore tightening and toning effect on oily skin. Dabbing some rice water with cotton pads can help mattify super oily skin. Those with oily skin can water because its astringent effects help to reduce oiliness and protect the skin from pimples and acne. 

  • Rich in Antioxidants

Rice face wash contains antioxidants, such as inositol. Antioxidants help fight the effects of free radicals, which are volatile molecules that can damage cells in the body. Companies often add antioxidants to skin care products.


  • Wet your face correctly with an adequate amount of water.
  • Apply face wash and massage gently for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • After foaming, rinse your facial skin with cold and clean water and pat dry.


Is rice water good for your face?

Yes, rice water has endless benefits to offer. It is an excellent natural ingredient for glowing skin, from minimizing pores to mattifying oily skin and giving a lit-from-within glow.

How long do you leave rice water on your face?

Depending on the DIY, use it as a facial toner. You can leave it on all day long. If you’re incorporating it into a DIY mask in a concoction with other ingredients, you can keep it on for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

Can rice water be used every day for the skin?

Yes, it is safe to use rice water on your face as a toner twice a day or once a day if you’re using it as a facial mask. Make sure you do the smell patch test before using the rice water, and if the batch smells sour, discard it and prepare a new one.

How long can you store rice water prepared for the skin?

The shelf life of homemade rice water toner is up to seven days. After that, the natural fermentation process begins, rendering it useless for application purposes.