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The Moringa leaves ( Sohanjna ) is the most energy-dense, nutrient-rich plant on the planet,

and Chiltan Naturals’ single origin Moringa ( Sohanjna ) is grown in its native habitat, minimally processed, truly raw, and of the highest quality. Our Moringa ( Sohanjna ) is only harvested from mature leaves 2-3 times a year making it more nutrient dense and sustainable than most Moringa on the market which harvests young leaves every 5-6 weeks. 

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Moringa is an ancient superfood loaded with over 92 highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals – and is the perfect supplement to supercharge your energy levels, improve your health, and nourish your body.
Gram for gram Moringa ( Sohanjna ) has 10 times the Omega 3s as salmon, 9 times the protein of yogurt, 36 times the magnesium of eggs, 25 times the iron as spinach, 17 times the calcium of milk and 4 times the chlorophyll of wheatgrass.

The Amazing Moringa

Look how Chiltan Pure‘s Dried Moringa Powder outdoes these nutrient-packed foods gram for gram 

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