18 Benefits of Olive Oil that Can Change your Life

Benefits of Olive Oil

Liquid Gold of poets, Olive Oil, is not only a kitchen item but a cosmetic cure for many skin issues. Uses of this maquillage item aren’t restricted to dermatological applications only. It can be used for hair, skin, and a lot of many systemic diseases, including neurological, cardiovascular, and even psychological ailments. The Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said about Olive Oil, “Eat it and rub yourself with it.” By the end of this blog on uses of Olive Oil, you will learn how including Olive Oil in your grocery items can help you protect yourself from diseases as severe as Cancer. Following are a few of the uses of olive oil that make it a solution to almost every health problem:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Olive oil Benefits as a skin-care product
  2. Olive oil Benefits as a hair care product
  3. Olive oil Benefits in massage
  4. Benefits in cardiovascular diseases
  5. Olive oil use in the prevention of cancer
  6. Olive oil Benefits in weight loss
  7. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
  8. Anti-Diabetic Effects of Olive oil
  9. Olive oil use in the control of depression
  10. Use of Olive Oil as an Anti-Aging agent
  11. Benefits of Olive oil in Breast Cancer
  12. Ear Wax solution
  13. Gynecological Uses of Olive oil
  14. Aphrodisiac uses of Olive Oil:
  15. Olive Oil benefits in strengthening bones
  16. Analgesic effects of Olive Oil:
  17. Treatment of stomach and ulcers
  18. Anti-inflammatory benefits of olive oil

1. Olive Oil Benefits for Skin

The hydrating properties of olive oil make it perfect to be used as a moisturizer. It cleanses, hydrates, and nourishes the skin. Olive oil penetrates pores without causing clogs to make the skin healthier and brighter than ever. It’s interesting to hear Egyptian models confessing themselves to be taking Olive Oil baths to improve the texture of their skin. Following properties of Olive Oil make it a flawless skincare product;

  • Olive Oil increases the regenerative properties of the skin, making it ideal for anti-wrinkle or anti-aging purposes.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin fibers to give tensile strength to the skin.
  • Strengthens weak skin tissues and gives new cells to the scars to bring out its anti-scarring properties.
  • The hydrating property makes it a quintessential emollient that leaves the surface shiny and soft.
  • Light texture and non-sticky character, leaves a smooth surface after application.

Eye-Makeup Remover:

Olive Oil can also be used as eye-makeup remover (doesn’t matter even if the makeup is water-proof), or a makeup remover in general. Now you will be thinking, how can oil be applied on the face to remove oily stuff used in the makeup products. Well, remember the” like dissolves like” rule of chemistry. So yes, it is as simple as oil removing all the layers of makeup, rather than doing penetration. By the way, you can use Olive Oil as a make-up brush cleaner too.

The regenerative properties of Olive Oil are used in the treatment of acne scars. So, once the acne has been treated, you can apply olive oil on the leftover marks to moisturize and heal the wounds. Vitamin E component of Olive Oil also enhances its scar healing mechanism and prevention of superimposed infections on Open Pores.

Treat Skin Allergy

Olive Oil, through its already mentioned properties, also aids in the Treatment of Eczema (a skin allergy disorder), diaper rash (a rash formed on buttocks of babies usually due to using of diaper pants) and many others. Yes, it can be used on the skin as sensitive as of small babies except for specific skin allergy diseases.

Brittle nails? No problem, Olive oil has a solution to that too. It gives long, shiny nails to those who apply it regularly on their nails. It’s a cuticle remover that is an ingredient of many pedicure creams and works in a way to soften and then remove the extra layer on the base of the nails.


            It is better to do a patch test before the start of the regular application of olive oil on the skin. You can fix a dime shaped use for 24 to 42hrs on any non-exposed body parts to see if the patient is allergic to it or not. If the test proves you to be non-allergic, feel free even to take an olive oil bath.

2. Olive Oil Benefits for Hair

Olive Oil has Vitamin E that gives strength to the hair follicles, leading to a decline in the hair fall of its users. Not only this, but it also increases the length and overall bulk of the hair, giving a perfect body to your hair. Olive Oil nourishes your hair being rich in essential nutrients. So, you no more need to get protein treatment sessions for the reversal of your chemically damaged hair to their original texture. Add olive oil in your grocery list and make yourself free of inorganic, impure, and expensive hair products available in the market.

3. Olive Oil Benefits in Massage

Olive oil is the most suitable choice of oil to be used for massage purposes. It has Anti-Inflammatory properties due to the presence of oleic acid that reduces the effects of inflammatory agents like CRP (C Reactive Protein). The pain of joints is relieved by the soothing effect of oil as well as anti-inflammatory actions. Therefore, olive oil can be used in case of sports injuries, arthritis, and other similar problems of joints.

4. Olive Oil Benefits in Cardiovascular Diseases

Olive oil is proven to be beneficial in many cardiovascular diseases. According to the Journal of Pharmacology, Olive Oil makes Nitric Oxide available to the blood vessels that helps in reducing the blood pressure. Being rich in linoleic acid and other MUFA (Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids), it decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the blood. So, Olive oil is used in the prevention of cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke, by prevention of the formation of clots due to cholesterol deposition.

5. Olive Oil for Prevention of Cancer

Olive Oil has antioxidants with anti-cancer effects. It has other components like Squalene and terpenoids, that potentiate its anticancer effects. Olive Oil is composed of Warburg effect suppressors, that suppress a major step contributing to the development of cancerous cells. Many studies have shown a lower risk of some cancers in the Mediterranean population, who use Olive oil in staple food.

6. Olive Oil Benefits in Weight Loss

Many types of research have shown an association of weight loss with the use of olive oil in different forms. A study in the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland shows that an increase in the use of fats in the food and a decrease in the intake of carbohydrates helps in the reduction of weight. An eight weeks comparative study done in 2002, published in the Women’s Health Journal, compared the weight loss in women using an olive oil-enriched diet in comparison with the ones taking a lower-fat food. It showed more pronounced effects in the group of women using olive oil in their menu. Most of them kept using olive oil in their food during their 6months follow-up after study.

Not only this, applying olive oil on the body soothes the stretch marks following weight loss. So, what more do you expect from a natural product to do in your favor?

7. Anti-Diabetic Effects of Olive Oil

 It is interesting to see the benefits of olive oil on control of sugar levels in diabetic users. In the blood sugar level, Fats have a stabilizing effect. It also helps in regulating insulin levels. These effects have overall glucose lowering impact on the bloodstream. This feature helps in blood glucose level control in diabetic patients.

8. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Olive Oil

CRP (C Reactive Protein) is a marker of inflammation. It is a common medical strategy to detect hidden systemic diseases through its quantitative measurement. It is interesting to find an association of olive oil use with the quantity of CRP in the blood. Many studies have shown a decline in C reactive protein levels in the serum after prolonged use of olive oil.  In other words, you can say that olive oil decreases inflammation-causing markers in the body and thereby curing the inflammation-related disorders.

9. Olive Oil Benefits in Strengthening Bones:

You would have heard about the role of Calcium and Vitamin D in the strengthening bone. For your information, olive oil has also been studied as one of the oils with Omega 6 and Omega 9 that provide essential oils to boost up the health of the body. Other than that, it has effects on Osteocalcin, which is a non-collagenous protein hormone found in teeth and blood, first identified as a calcium-binding protein in chick bone. We can see the impact as high serum levels of osteocalcin and other bone formation markers in the serum of Mediterranean people taking only the Olive Oil diet. This hormone, along with other tags triggers the osteoblasts to form new bone cells. All this results in quick recovery of fractures, as well as the strengthening of bones in general.

10. Uses of Olive Oil in Prevention and Control of Alzheimer’s Disease

Many studies have proven the impact of Olive oil on the neurological system. It improves focus and concentration of its regular users. Not only this, but Olive oil also improves memory, and this property is helpful in the non-pharmacological cure of Alzheimer’s disease. Oleocanthal, phenolic compounds of olive oil, have got their role as a therapeutic agent in neurodegenerative diseases.

11. Olive Oil use in the Control of Depression

In the case of any organic cause leading to depression, the anti-inflammatory effects of olive oil are used in the control of the psychological illness by a cure of its purpose. Olive oil benefits in the hormonal imbalance leading to depressive illness. Studies have been carried out to show an association of intake of a low-fat diet with the development of low moods and other symptoms of depression. In 2011, the University of Las Palmas in Spain, through its studies, showed the benefits of its contents in the improvement of depression. It also increases Serotonin, a hormone that lifts the mood and makes a person feel good.

12. Use of Olive Oil As an Anti-Aging Agent

 Olive oil has anti-oxidants like Secroidoids that decrease cellular stress leading to a slowing of aging effects. Olive Oil uses also encompasses Anti-Aging effects through specific gene activation. So, it is not merely a moisturizer, but olive oil also benefits as an anti-aging agent. So, you no more need app filters to hide your wrinkles and other aging changes on the face.

13. Benefits of Olive Oil in Breast Cancer

Olive oil also has a role in the prevention of Breast Cancer. A case-control study was carried out in Italy that showed a decreased tendency of breast cancer development in the group of individuals who were using an olive oil diet. The exact mechanism is unknown, but there can be a role of anti-oxidants in general or more specific mechanisms that lead to a protective role in the development of breast cancer.

14. Ear Wax Solution

Olive oil is used in a dilution of ear wax. Hard wax sometimes gets impacted in the ear canal, and after taking a bath, water gets into it, and it may swell up, leading to pain in the ear. This can be resolved by the removal of ear wax that has to be first softened. For that, dilution of wax is done through a wax aid like olive oil. 2-3 drops of olive oil can be introduced in the ear canal for 4-5days, and ear wax gets dislodged without manual effort. Note that, it is hazardous to insert any non-medical instrument or finger in the ear to remove the unwanted or irritating wax from the ear. It is said that “if you need to remove wax from your ear, then use your elbow.” In other words, only dilution and no manual intervention is the preferred way in which olive oil benefits a lot.

15. Gynecological Uses

It is said that Olive oil has its role in infertilityA study from the Harvard School of Public Health showed a direct relationship of good fats with positive outcomes during pregnancy. Though further research is still in progress, it is advised to be rubbed inside the bellybutton to improve fertility. Above all, this has no harm as such so, what is wrong in giving it a try?

16. Aphrodisiac uses of Olive Oil

Olive oil also perks up sex life through its effects on blood vessels. Olive oil massage increases the blood flow in all parts of the body, including sexual organs. This phenomenon can be used as a non-pharmacological treatment of early-stage Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome. Ever heard of love stories of Rome (Capital of Italy)? Italy is the land of olives, and the love stories element of olive oils is sometimes associated with the abundant use of olive oil by Italian people.

17. Analgesic effects of Olive Oil


Olive oil also benefits in pain relief. This effect is induced by oleocanthal (OC), a phenol derivative of olive oil that suppresses the pain.  Arthritis is a painful condition of joints due to inflammation.  OC causes pain management through its Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like functions. Studies have shown the effects of OC, similar to Ibuprofen. Because of these perceptual and anti-inflammatory properties, it is now acknowledged as a naturally occurring NSAID.

18. Treatment of Stomach and Duodenum Ulcers

Gastric ulcers are a leading cause of frequent epigastric pain in our population. These ulcers are not only painful but have the potential to bleed profusely if untreated for a long time. This, in turn, leads to anemia, which causes excessive fatigue and similar symptoms that affect the efficiency of the sufferer. One of the major causes of these ulcers is H. Pylori bacteria that form such ulcers. Anti-bacterial properties of olive oil are considered to be a cure for the ailment. It eradicates the ulcer-forming bacteria and saves you from all the complications.

Methods of Taking Benefits of Olive Oil

  • Topical use (on skin and hair)
  • Systemic intake (salads topping, cooking)

You can rub it on your skin, do its massage, use it as a salad topping, or cook in its cooking oil form. You can visit our website www.chiltanpure.com to see other natural products as well.  SO, add it to your grocery list today to change your life.

Remember that a knife can be used to cut the salad or kill a living human being. It depends on the method of usage. So, here is the tip, “Overuse is always hazardous.” Beware of the overuse symptoms like hypoglycemic, gall blockage, and hypotension. You don’t need to be worried, but you have to be careful while using it. Do a patch test as described above before application on the whole body. Adding Olive oil use can not only make your skin and hair healthy, but it also enhances the immune system of the body against horrible diseases. So use olive oil regularly in any of its forms to bring benefits to your body.

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