Anti Pain Natural Gel ~ Natural Solution


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• Best for External Use

• Good for Medial Tribal Stress

• Gives you relief in short Time Span

• Reduces Pain  • Fight Against Joint Pain

• Consult with Doctor if you have any Skin Issue

• 150ml

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Pain Relieving Cream – Get Instant Relief from Headache, Body Ache & Cold


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• Get Instant Relief from Headache
• Cure Cold
• No More Body Ache
• Multi Purpose Organic Balm
• 100% Natural Ingredients
• 50ml


Palash Powder (Kamarkas) – Reduce Internal Body Pain [کمر کس]


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• Made Out Of Best Quality

• Loaded With Antioxidants

• 100% Veg & Natural Herbs In Powder Form

• Helps To Maintain Body Shape

• High in Several Nutrients like Vitamin K, Iron, VitaminB6, Calcium & Manganese

• 300gm (Gross Weight) • 250gm (Net Weight)