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Sandalwood Powder – Enhance Skin Brightness & Removes Sun Tan [صندل]

3,000 2,499

Shea Butter – Highly Moisturizing & Softens Skin [شی بٹر]


Strawberry Clay – A Sensitive Skin Friendly Product, Get Rid of Dead & Dull Skin Cells, Improve rough skin & Dark Circles – 100% Pure Natural


Turmeric Powder – Improves Brain Function, Boost Metabolism, Manage Digestive Disorders & Relieves Pain [ہلدی]


Vanilla Body Butter – Speeds Up Wound Healing & Soothes All Skin Irritation [ونیلا]


Vitamin C Clay – Reduce the Appearance of uneven skin tone, give Healthy Skin, Promote Collagen Production, prevent premature aging – 100% Organic


Vitamin E Clay – An Effective Natural Barrier to the Sun – Remove Impurities, Good for skin Hydration, Save skin from free radicals, Prevent Wrinkles from Face


Vitamin-A Lotion – Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties – Helps To Regulate Skin Cells, Reduces Clogged Pores, Stimulates Collagen Production, Reduces The Appearance Of Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Vitamin-C Lotion – Reduce wrinkle, protect collagen, Aids wound healing, Helps protect against sun damage, Reduces hyperpigmentation


Vitamin-E Lotion – Used as a Moisturizer To Treat or Prevent Dry, Rough, Scaly, Itchy Skin & Minor Skin Irritations (e.g., Diaper rash, Skin Burns From Radiation Therapy)


Wild Honey Face Wash – Luxurious Cleanser, Rejuvenate & Refreshes Your Skin [جنگلی شہد]