Foot Scrubber - Removes Dead Skin, Boosts Blood Circulation, A Relaxing Experience For Healthier & Smoother Feet!
ChiltanPure Foot Scrubber is designed to remove thick calluses, bad heels, and obstinate deep skin from wet and dry feet, resulting in baby-soft and smooth feet. The foot Scrubber is made of high-quality wood and can be washed and reused....
Rs. 399
Glow Mani Pedi Kit-Salon Pack - Peel off Rough & Dry Patches, Strengthen Weak, Brittle Nails, Rehydrates Dry Hands & Feet
🦶✋ ہاتھ اور پاؤں انسان کی شخصیت کا آئینہ دار ہوتے ہیں Step 1 Mani-Pedi Soaking Salt ChiltanPure Mani Pedi Soaking Salt is a natural detoxifying salt with rose petals and Epsom salt to purify and condition your hands and...
Rs. 10,000 Rs. 7,999
Mani and Pedi Scrub - Exfoliates Dead Skin, Deeply Cleanses Pores, Prevents Rough Skin, and Brighten Hands and Foot!
Numerous factors, including sun exposure, hormonal changes, certain medical conditions, or even an accumulation of dead skin cells, can cause hands and feet to darken. Increased melanin production increases pigmentation in some areas when exposed to sunlight.  Additionally, hormonal changes...
Rs. 1,299
Mani-Pedi Cleanser - Deeply Cleanses, Removes Dead Skin, Soothes Irritation, Fights Bacteria, Giving Brighter Hands & Feet!
What's Causing Your Hands & Feet To Become Dull & Dark Pigmented? Hands and feet are more prone to dirt and dull skin because of their constant contact with the outside environment. Our hands come into contact with various surfaces,...
Rs. 1,299
Mani-Pedi Lotion - Brightens Skin, Relaxes Muscles, Maintains Healthy Nails, Moisturizes & Repairs Hands & Feet!
ChiltanPure Mani Pedi Lotion Pakistan, hydrates and heals dry, damaged skin. The lotion is silky, creamy, and lightweight, with an enticing aroma of aloe vera and chamomile extract that refreshes tired hands and feet. This glycolic acid-based lotion for luminous...
Rs. 1,299
Mani-Pedi Massage Cream - Boosts Blood Circulation, Detoxifies Skin, Moisturizes And Keeps Soft Hands & Feet!
Don't Neglect the Dry Skin of Your Hands and Feet! Dry hands and feet can result from several factors. One of the main causes is the skin's moisture loss. Many factors, including cold temperatures, low humidity, extended contact with water,...
Rs. 1,299
Mani-Pedi Polisher - Brightens Hand and Foot, Gives Instant Glow, and Repairs Damaged Skin!
Chiltanpure Mani Pedi Polisher Pakistan revitalizes your skin and gives it the velvety smoothness you've always craved. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, exposing new, radiant skin. The polish's exfoliating qualities will smooth out rough spots on your hands and feet....
Rs. 1,299
Mani-Pedi Soaking Salt - Softens, Soothes and Revitalizes Hand & Feet!
ChiltanPure Mani Pedi Soaking Salt in Pakistan is a natural detoxifying salt formulated with rose petals and Epsom salt to prepare your hands and feet for a manicure or pedicure. Hot water and this mineral mixture might answer your foot...
Rs. 1,299
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