Panjiri - Loaded with Goodness of Dry Fruits & Healthy Source of Nutrition

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  • Healthy Snack
  • Highly Nutritious
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Balances Hormone
  • Increase Blood Production
  • Contains Healthy Fats
  • Relieves Backache
  • Cures Weakness
  • Net Weight 450g

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ChiltanPure Panjiri is a traditional cold-weather snack made by roasting a blend of whole wheat flour (atta) and semolina in pure ghee. Crushed jaggery is combined with various nuts, seeds, and seasonings to give a Panjiri delicacy its uniquely nutty and sweet flavor. It is a healthy appetizer that can be eaten without worrying about adverse effects. Panjiri is a delicious, energizing, and highly healthy appetizer. The ingredients used to prepare Panjiri provides protein and strength to aid recovery after childbirth. They also help with back pain and joint aches and are beneficial for lactating mothers.

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Amazing facts

  • The ingredients of panjiri work to alleviate aching muscles and joints, as well as other discomforts throughout the body.
  • This delicious dessert not only tastes good but also strengthens the immune system and protects against seasonal illnesses like the common cold and cough.
  • Panjiri is an excellent healer for new mothers since it nourishes, has a wonderfully pleasant flavor, and is a great snack.
  • Although Panjiri is highly beneficial for nursing mothers, its health advantages are not limited to them.
  • When trying to control one's weight, this is the ideal snack. A number of the components in Panjiri are known to increase metabolic rate and keep the body warm.
  • Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in panjiri, making it a good choice for maintaining firm, healthy skin.
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Warming snack

Whole wheat flour, ghee, sugar, and nuts are what go into making Panjiri, and together they help keep you toasty warm. It produces heat, which the body may then employ to cure various illnesses, including the common cold. The use of panjiri is highly recommended throughout the winter months for this exact reason.

No side effect

Each component that goes into making panjiri is wholesome and packed with nutrients and fiber. Panjiri use in modest amounts is linked to several positive effects, and it rarely adversely affects the body.

Healthy snack

Panjiri is a delicious treat. Its texture is crumbly and dry and typically consumed during the colder winter. It provides the body with a wide variety of beneficial nutrients. Dessert is prepared by combining whole wheat flour, ghee, dried fruits, and edible gum.

Easy to carry

It may be stored in an airtight container and eaten as a snack whenever and wherever you want.

Good for diabetic patients

Diabetic individuals can also consume panjiri by exchanging the sugar in the recipe with dates or any other natural sweetener. The nuts and the fiber they contain have tremendous positive effects on one's health.

Best for backache and weakness

Immediately after child delivery, many mothers experience symptoms of depression. Mood fluctuations, difficulty sleeping and eating, exhaustion, and a loss of energy are all signs of postpartum depression (PPD). The nutrients included in panjiri aid in reducing the severity of these symptoms and can even eliminate back pain.

Highly nutritious

Panjiri contains carbs from sooji/whole wheat flour and sugar, which are included on the product's ingredients list. These carbohydrates are one of the primary sources of energy that Panjiri provides. In addition, char maghaz (also known as melon seeds) and dry fruits are not usually taken in the daily diet, so panjiri is an excellent way to consume all these ingredients. Therefore, as a primary energy source for the body, a blend of all the nutrient-dense elements in the form of dry sweets functions very effectively and quickly.

Controls craving in cold

During the winter, a person's appetite tends to be significantly higher. The colder weather can cause hormonal changes that increase our food cravings. The best method to reduce cravings is to snack on nutritious foods with good fats like polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and certain other nutrients. Panjiri is a tasty snack that may be enjoyed in between meals.

Excellent for a new mum

New moms must consume panjiri as soon as possible after giving birth since this will supply the body with the necessary nutrients and energy to recover.

ChiltanPure Panjiri can be enjoyed with milk.

In a snaking way, just out of the box, especially in the winter, for warming impacts.

Sprinkle it on dessert, cereal, and porridge.

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Panjiri - Loaded with Goodness of Dry Fruits & Healthy Source of Nutrition
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