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Tea Tree Anti Acne Face Wash – Prevents Acne Eruptions, Removes Excess Oil, Reduces Blackheads & Whiteheads
ChiltanPure Tea Tree Anti–Acne Face Wash Chiltan Pure Tea Tree Anti-Acne face wash helps acne-prone skin, typically dry, and overproduces oil in response to the dryness, clogging pores and causing acne. It penetrates deep to clean pores to help prevent pimples...
Rs. 1,349 Rs. 950
Rice Face Wash – Acts as a Natural Cleanser, Anti – Aging, Lighten Scars, Mattifies Oily Skin, & Soothes Sun Damage 150ml
ChiltanPure Rice Face Wash ChiltanPure Rice Face Wash, rich in vitamins & minerals, effectively cleans the face by eradicating all dirt, extra oil, pollutants, traces of makeup, and dullness, leaving the skin looking fresh and clean. The natural ingredients remove...
Rs. 1,349 Rs. 950
Vitamin C Face Wash – Reduces Dullness, Boosts Collagen, Brightens & Restores Skin
ChiltanPure Vitamin C Face Wash Chiltan Vitamin C Face Wash can help your skin look healthier and prevent the visible effects of aging by inducing collagen synthesis and protecting skin from UV damage. This face wash also helps in soothing and...
Rs. 950
Glowing Face Wash – Controls Excess Oil, Fades Tan, Clarifies Impurities & Reveals Glowing Complexion
ChiltanPure Glowing Face Wash Chiltan Pure Glowing Face Wash removes impurities and sebum, leaving your face clean and helps keep it acne and blemish-free. This glowing face wash cleanses skin and makes it smooth and soft. This face wash lightens the...
Rs. 1,200 Rs. 999
Men Face Wash – Anti – Impurities, Refreshes Skin, Remove Blackheads & Unclog Pores
ChiltanPure Men Face Wash Chiltan Pure Men Face Wash restores men’s complexion. It deeply cleanses the skin, eliminates dust, and makes skin look more even and radiant while keeping you refreshed all day with the help of several whitening agents....
Rs. 1,320 Rs. 930
Spot Free Face Wash – Detoxifies Skin, Deep Cleanses Pores, Reduces Blemishes & Protects Skin Barrier
ChiltanPure Spot Free Face Wash Chiltan Pure Spot Free Face Wash helps block new breakouts and reduces excess oil on your skin where bacteria can grow and cause spots. It gives instant freshness to dull and tired skin. This face...
Rs. 950
Husn-e-Yousuf Face Wash -Exfoliates Skin, Reduce Dark Spots, Wash off Dirt & Impurities
ChiltanPure Husn - e - Yousuf Face Wash deeply cleanses and nourishes your skin, removing all impurities and giving your skin a natural glow. Our Husn-e-Yusuf face wash restores the skin's natural radiance from the inside out, cleanses dirt and...
Rs. 999
Rose & Lavender Face Wash – Rejuvenates Skin, Promotes Even Skin Tone, Refreshes & Restores skin
ChiltanPure Rose & Lavender Face Wash ChiltanPure Rose & Lavender Face Wash contains natural antioxidants that assist to cure acne and shrinking pores, giving you youthful-looking skin. This face wash will make you feel instantly refreshed and will help to revitalize dull-looking skin. ChiltanPure...
Rs. 950
Neem & Turmeric Face Wash – Get Purifying Skin With Blend Of Pure Botanical Extracts
ChiltanPure Neem & Turmeric Face Wash Chiltan Pure Neem Turmeric Face Wash cleanses and gently fights pollutants. This face wash is perfect for skin with an uneven complexion and is prone to blemishes. Chiltan Pure Neem Turmeric Face Wash is extremely...
Rs. 950
Wild Honey Face Wash – Hydrates Skin, Protects Skin Barrier & Removes Free Radicals
ChiltanPure Wild Honey Face Wash Chiltan Pure Wild Honey Refreshing Facial Wash is a luxurious foaming cleanser. This Face Wash aerates with liquid to create a luxurious foam, this foam will remove impurities, rejuvenate and refreshes your skin. This gives...
Rs. 950
Lemon Face Wash – Anti – Acne, Protects Against UV Rays, Leaves Skin Soft & Dewy
ChiltanPure Lemon Face Wash Chiltan Pure Lemon Face wash is a natural formulation enriched with the goodness of lemon, a brightening and lightening agent with natural deep cleansing qualities. This everyday worthwhile face wash helps lighten your skin by reducing...
Rs. 950
Pollution Out Face Wash - Detoxifies Skin, Anti-Aging, Unclogs Pores, Eliminates Dirt & Impurities
ChiltanPure Pollution Out Face Wash Chiltan Pure Pollution Out Face Wash prevents the formation of new pimples by removing the traces of dirt or leftover makeup from your face and making it fresh. This face wash also removes the layers of dead skin...
Rs. 950
Coffee Face Wash - Boosts Collagen Production, Prevents Signs of Aging & Reduces Skin Inflammation
ManKind Coffee Face Wash has a deep cleaning formula infused with coffee, shea butter, coconut, and walnut shell powder. This gives your face the daily dose of apparent freshness that it needs to look its best. It is a daily...
Rs. 1,418 Rs. 999
Charcoal Face Wash - Unclogs Pores, Brightens the Skin, and Eliminates Acne & Blackheads.
Mankind Charcoal Facewash contains natural charcoal components that remove impurities and control excess oil, minimizing breakouts and resulting in healthier skin. Activated charcoal in this face wash helps regenerate your skin's natural, youthful glow. It deeply cleanses the skin, removes...
Rs. 1,702 Rs. 1,199
Mandelic Face Wash - Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells, Wash off Impurities, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Giving a Wonderful Spotless Skin Every Day!
Confused What's Causing Acne On Your Skin? A combination of hormones, oil, and bacteria causes acne on our skin. Sebum is unable to escape the pores. It is caused by germs, oil, and dead skin cells that clog pores. Acne...
Rs. 1,199
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