Chia Seeds – High in Fiber, Protein & Aid in Weight Loss [تخم میکسیکو]
ChiltanPure Chia Seeds Chia is an edible seed that comes from the desert plant Salvia Hispanica, Mexico dating back to Mayan and Aztec cultures. “Chia” means strength. According to folklores, these cultures used the tiny black and white seeds as an...
Rs. 2,412 Rs. 1,699
Mix Seeds – Rich in Antioxidants, Metabolism Booster & Good Source of Omega-3
Chiltanpure Mix Seeds “Mix Seeds are good sources of plant-based, healthy fats, fiber, and minerals“ Chiltan Pure Mix Seeds contain high levels of essential fatty acids, amino acids needed to form complete and digestible protein, plus vitamins A, B, C,...
Rs. 1,560 Rs. 1,099
Sunflower Seeds – Excellent source of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Iron, Copper, Selenium, Manganese, Zinc – 100% pure organic
chiltanpure sunflower seeds Chiltan Pure sunflower seeds are high in protein and rich in healthy fats, as well as antioxidants that can lower your risk of developing serious conditions. Sunflower seeds to a number of health benefits, including lowering your...
Rs. 799
Pumpkin Seeds - Improve Prostate & Bladder Health, Very High in Magnesium, May Improve Heart Health, Lower Blood Sugar Levels, High in Fiber [کدو کے بیج]
ChiltanPure Pumpkin Seeds ChiltanPure Pumpkin Seeds are great addition to your daily diet routine. These seeds are an excellent source of protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, magnesium, iron, zinc, essential fatty acids and potassium. key words pipcin seed Shop Pumpkin...
Rs. 1,599
Roasted Flaxseeds - Flex seed
Chiltan pure flax seeds Chiltan pure flax seeds are good sources of many nutrients. Their health benefits are mainly due to their content of omega-3 fats, lignans and fiber. They may help in preventing breast and prostate cancer, as well...
Rs. 350
Sesame Seeds – Contains Antioxidants , Top your breakfast with sesame seeds because these seeds are rich sources of protein & vitamins – 100 % pure organic
Chiltan pure sesame seed Chiltan Pure sesame seeds are rich sources of protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. People use sesame oil in place of other cooking oils to treat high blood pressure. Sesame is sometimes used for diabetes, high cholesterol, heart...
Rs. 350
Quinoa - Good Source of Iron & High In Fiber Content
ChiltanPure Quinoa ChiltanPure Quinoa is a cereal grain that’s distinctively healthy thanks to a number of unique properties. It is a whole grain that is rapidly growing in popularity due to its many health benefits. Quinoa is an edible seed...
Rs. 1,190
Ajwain Seeds – Balance your body, mind & spirit, promotes lower blood pressure, contains anti-inflammatory properties, improves cholesterol level – pure organic
Chiltan Pure Organic Ajwain Seeds Chiltan Pure Ajwain seeds have a small amount of oil in them known as ajwain oil. The oil contains thymol, a phenol that gives the fruit its thyme-like smell. Thymol is commonly used to treat digestive problems....
Rs. 250
Basil Seeds (Tukh Malanga) – With Nature’s Cooling Properties [تخم ملنگا] 220gm
ChiltanPure Basil Seeds ChiltanPure Basil Seeds benefits include their ability to improve digestive health, aid in weight loss, regulate blood sugar, cool the body, relieving stress, reduce inflammation, and preventing certain infections. Basil seeds are like black sesame, and they...
Rs. 999
Melon Seeds
Rs. 350
Melon Seeds
Chiltanpure melon seeds Chiltan pure melon seed is the perfect summertime treat. Melon seeds are perfectly safe to eat. If you get a mouthful of seeds along with that sweet, juicy watermelon flesh, it’s totally fine. You can eat muskmelon...
Rs. 350
Blackseeds – Protects against diseases, Prevents stomach ulcers- Alleviates Inflammation, Helps kill off bacteria, Reduces cholesterol level – 100% pure organic 200g
Chiltan pure black seed is used for treating digestive tract conditions including gas, colic, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, and hemorrhoids. It is also used for respiratory conditions including asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, flu, swine flu, and congestion. high antioxidant content...
Rs. 399
Haloon / Halim / Garden Cress Seeds – Immunity Booster, Helps in Weight Loss, Regulates Menstrual Cycle, Boosts Iron & Hemoglobin Level
ChiltanPure Haloon / Halim / Garden Cress Seeds ChiltanPure Protein-Rich Haloon Seeds, also known as Halim Seeds, are a powerful laxative that helps relieve indigestion and constipation discomfort. These seeds may enhance your heart health by increasing your intake of...
Rs. 399
Poppy Seeds (خشخاش) – Khash Khash – Contain Pain-Relieving Compounds, Boosts Heart Health, Rich in Nutrients & Antioxidants
ChiltanPure Poppy Seeds (خشخاش) Poppy Seeds are nutty oil seeds obtained from the poppy plant, which, along with garlic and mustard, is a staple spice in Pakistani cuisine. Poppy, which goes by the botanical name Papaver somniferum is not only...
Rs. 999
Fennel Seeds – Regulates Blood Pressure, Beneficial for Lactation & Combat Bad Breath 200g
Chiltanpure Organic Fennel Seed Chiltanpure Fennel seed crop up from fennel plant which is flavorful culinary herb and medicinal plant. Fennel plants are green and white, having feathery leaves and yellow flowers. Both the crunchy bulb and the seeds of the fennel...
Rs. 899
Organic Cardamom Seeds – Helps with digestive problem, lower blood sugar levels, treats bad breath – 100% pure organic
          Chiltan pure Organic Cardamom Seeds Chiltan pure organic cardamom seeds is a spice with an intense, slightly sweet flavor that some people compare to mint. It originated in India but is available worldwide today and used in...
Rs. 1,999
Organic Cucumber Seeds – Boosts Brain Health & Memory, Promotes Weight Loss, Improves Digestion & Maintains Heart Health
ChiltanPure Organic Cucumber Seeds ChiltanPure cucumber seeds contain a rich amount of calcium, manganese, iron, and zinc that helps the body perform various functions. cucumber seeds also contains beta-carotene, which helps in building immunity, hydrates skin, eyes and the prevention...
Rs. 999
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