Amla Murabba – Alluring Blend of Tangy Indian Gooseberries & Spices, Abundant in Vitamin C, Boosts Immunity & Cure Respiratory Disorders, Secret of Overall Well-Being!
Amla Murabba, an alluring blend of tangy Indian gooseberries and a range of sweet, aromatic flavorings, can boost your snacking routine. Each tempting piece, filled with antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamin C, satisfies your taste buds and feeds your body with...
Rs. 999
Quince (Fruit of Paradise) Bahi Murabba Safarjal Murabba – Fibre- Rich, Good for Heart Health, Improves Digestion & Beneficial for Expectant Women
Bahi Fruit Murabba, Quince, is a Paradise's Fruit-Nutrient-Dense Gemstone for a Healthy Journey! Due to its rich Fibre content, Murabba Bahi has anti-cancer properties and can aid in weight loss, boost digestive health, and stimulate the immune system. Consuming Bahi...
Rs. 999
Hareer Murabba - Purifies Blood, Boost Digestion, Relieves Acidity & Protect Against Heart Diseases!
Nutritious Blend of Tradition and Sweetness for Holistic Wellness ChiltanPure Hareer Murabba made from Hareer (Malva) Petals, is a sweet voyage toward holistic wellness. Hareer offers soothing natural comfort for the body and soul and is well known for its...
Rs. 999
Rose Petal (Gulkand) Murabba - Made from Pure Rose Petals, Purifies Blood, Boost Digestion, Relieves Acidity & Protect Against Heart Diseases
Enticing Blend of Flavor will Enhance Your Well-Being! Gulkand (Rose Petal) Murabba, made from the purest rose petals, has been used for millennia in Ayurveda as a natural remedy for digestive problems like constipation, bloating, and acidity. Gulkand Murabba relieves...
Rs. 999
Apple Murabba Saib ka Murabba – Highly Nutritious, Detoxifies Liver, Strengthens Your Teeth, Good for Digestion & Treats Respiratory Disorders
Relish the Sweetness of Apple Murabba - A Delicious Combination of Tradition & Nutrition Apple Murabba, or Saib Ka Murabba,’ is made from apple fruit pulp and can alleviate diseases and supply the body with essential nutrients and minerals. Our...
Rs. 999
Carrots Murabba – Made with Crisp Orange Carrots, Purifies Blood, Improves Vision, Boosts Liver Function,& Keeps Skin Healthy!
Carrot Murabba - Taste of Tradition, is a Health & Wellness Wonder That Will Boost Your Wellness Journey! Carrot Murabba is prepared with crisp orange carrots, abundant in vitamin A, and a nutritious food. Handcrafted with the freshest carrots, each...
Rs. 999
Pumpkin Murabba - Made with Ripe Pumpkins, Boosts Immunity, Heart-Friendly, Beneficial for Skin Health & Eyesight!
Delicious Pumpkin Murabba—Seasonal Delight in a Jar! Handcrafted with affection, Pumpkin Murabba offers a cascade of flavors resembling fall fruits' rich flavor. Relish the velvety smoothness of ripe pumpkins, perfectly seasoned with aromatic spices. Our Murabba of Pumpkin is more...
Rs. 999
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