Men Jasmine Body Wash – Nourishes Dry Skin, Remove Dirt & Toxins, Enhances Body’s Natural Glow & Provides a Deep, Effective Clean 250ml

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  • Nourishes Dry Skin
  • Wash off dirt & Impurities
  • Improve your Mood
  • Prevents Body Odour
  • Boosts Growth of Healthy Skin Cells
  • Provides a Deep, Effective Clean
  • Soothes & Calms Stubborn Skin Concerns
  • Enhances Body’s Natural Glow
  • Long Lasting
  • 250ml

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ChiltanPure Men Jasmine Body Wash

Your attitude for the day is influenced by a good shower!

ChiltanPure Men Jasmine Body Wash replenishes the skin’s natural moisture and nourishes dry skin, offering you skin that looks healthier. This Jasmine body wash deep cleans while helping remove toxins, and dirt, leaving you a smoother, glowing complexion for hours after you take a bath. The sulfate-free formula ensures a fresh, clean sensation without tightness.

How does it work?

Your skin will feel renewed and refreshed after breathing the aromas of fragrant, calming & mood-enhancing jasmine. This jasmine infused body wash for men provides a lavish sense every time you use it. It is richly exotic and charmingly pure. It naturally contains collagen amino acids that give skin its firmness, suppleness, and strength.

You want to nurture your skin as it is a sensitive organ and don’t want to destroy or prematurely age it!!

Amazing Facts

  • Your skin gets rejuvenated and cleansed of all pollutants with our jasmine-infused body wash.
  • Due to veg derived ability to maintain the skin’s protective barrier, this body wash will ensure a deep clean without drawing moisture from your skin.
  • The sulfate-free formula makes your skin feel clean without drying out, leaving your skin with a luxury scent that isn’t overwhelming.
  • Although the lather is thick and conditioned, it removes excess oils effectively. It’s ideal for relaxing in the sun after a long run.
  • ChiltanPure Men Jasmine Body Wash also contains numerous antioxidants that can help protect and heal your skin while retaining a youthful look.

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Provides a Deep Effective Clean

Our jasmine men’s body is perfect for people with oily, acne-prone skin as it has pure quality essential oils and herbs.

Instead of using harsh chemicals that can irritate skin by stripping it of its natural layer protection, it effectively and gently cleanses, leaving you with a more radiant and nourished complexion.

Boosts Growth of Healthy Skin Cells

It thoroughly cleanses your body and has antioxidant properties, maintains your skin, protects you from harmful effects, boosts the growth of healthy skin cells, and smoothly brightens your skin.

This body wash’s licorice and chamomile extract soothe skin redness and profoundly purifies your skin.

Soothes & Calms Stubborn Skin Concerns

Because it has calming and healing ingredients like avocado oil, our body wash is perfect for sensitive and irritated skin. In addition to boosting skin cell renewal, it is widely known for its ability to soothe and calm dry skin.

The body wash also contains cedarwood, which has the ability both to prevent and treat severe skin ailments.

Prevents Body Odour

Men Jasmine body wash has a pleasant scent of jasmine and chamomile extracts that lingers for a long time after a shower and helps prevent body odor.

It thoroughly cleans the skin, leaving it feeling revitalized, clean, and fragrant.

Wash off dirt &Toxins

Wash off all the dirt and toxins while relishing the aromatherapy of jasmine oil, liquorice extract, and the benefits of sandalwood extract.

Our Jasmine Body Wash, which is suitable for all skin types, can keep you cool during the summer and moisturized in the winter. This body wash offers the most delicate washing without being too harsh on the skin as it is made with nutrients that your skin loves.

Improve your Mood

Jasmine extracts in this natural body wash are known for their uplifting effects, allowing you to stabilize your mind and body to take on all life’s challenges.

It also has mood-enhancing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-infectious benefits. Its foamy deep, soothing scent also shows you a little boost while you take your regular shower.

Apply to wet skin in the shower or bath, massage a deep lather, and then rinse thoroughly.
Add half an ounce into streaming water to create a relaxing hand-drawn bath.
(Note) Keep out of reach of children.
For external use only.


Jasmine Extract
Liquorice Extract
Chamomile Extract
Veg Derived Glycerin
Sandalwood Extract

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Men Jasmine Body Wash – Nourishes Dry Skin, Remove Dirt & Toxins, Enhances Body’s Natural Glow & Provides a Deep, Effective Clean 250ml
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