Hair Tonic and Scalp Conditioner – Boosts Hair Growth, Reduces Dandruff & Itchiness 100ml

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  • Boosts hair growth
  • Moisturizes the hair and scalp
  • Reduces dandruff and itchiness
  • Restores manageability
  • 100ml

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Chiltanpure Hair Tonic and Scalp Conditioner

Chiltan Hair Tonic and Scalp Conditioner fight dandruff and damaged hair. It enters scalp pores and replaces natural oils, which water can wash away. It also stimulates hair regrowth from dormant follicles & bald patches.

Chiltan Hair Tonic and Scalp Conditioner help to nourish your hair by moisturizing the scalp and fixing imperfections, hair loss and dry hair syndrome. Rejuvenates the hair with its nutrients, giving it more elasticity and preventing breakage.

How does it Work?

It nourishes the hair to help it grow faster and treats different scalp problems. It promotes naturally thicker, fuller, stronger hair that appears and feels denser from the inside out. It also protects your hair from dust and humidity, and it keeps your scalp healthy by removing infection-causing microorganisms.

What will be the results?

Chiltan Pure Organic claims that using Chiltan Hair Tonic and Scalp Conditioner will result in positive outcomes. Let us tell you what the results will be:

  • It prevents your hair from becoming bald.
  • It will add a good amount of moisture to your hair.
  • It deals with underlying issues that are causing your scalp to flake in the first place.
  • Moreover, it will reduce hair breakage and damage.
  • Cleanses and de-stresses hair as it gives your hair a fresh and clean feel with every use.
  • Vitamins and minerals present in it help increase scalp circulation and stimulate healthy growth.

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Moisturizes the hair and scalp

Chiltan hair tonic and scalp conditioner help grease and moisturize your hair, leaving with rich hair that makes it feel unique. Essential oils protect the hair follicles, providing you with volume. Its best feature is that it can be used as part of your regular moisturizing routine.

Reduces dandruff and itchiness

Chiltan hair tonic and scalp conditioner will moisturize the dry scalp and reduce the itchiness. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal elements, which helps combat infections, clear the scalp of itchy components, and provide relief.

Restores manageability

This formula helps restore the healthy condition of your hair, promotes hair regrowth, and lessens hair fall troubles.

Protects hair against split ends

Chiltan hair tonic and scalp conditioner prevent split ends by fortifying your fortunes and keeping your hair healthy. It also softens the tips and boosts hair thickness while preventing protein loss.

Boosts hair growth

It helps stimulate blood circulation in the hair follicles for healthy hair growth and hold the hair in place, making it easier to style.

Take 4-5 drops of Hair Tonic.
Apply to your palms and rub your hands together to spread evenly.
Using both hands, massage the mixture into your hair and scalp thoroughly, coating your entire head.
Use a comb to distribute the mixture throughout your hair evenly and then style.


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Hair Tonic and Scalp Conditioner – Boosts Hair Growth, Reduces Dandruff & Itchiness 100ml
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