Henna Hair and Beard Dye (Amla, Retha, Shikakai) – Boosts Hair Growth, Prevents Dandruff, Makes Hair Strong & Shiny 200gm

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  • Boosts Hair Growth
  • Take Care of Oily Hair
  • Prevents Dandruff
  • Conditions Hair
  • Makes Hair Strong & Shiny
  • Acts as a Natural Antifungal
  • 200gm

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ChiltanPure Henna Powder (Amla, Retha, Shikakai)

Amla is rich in vitamins and minerals, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients, all of which help to improve blood circulation on the scalp. 

Shikakai is used to treat various hair and scalp-related issues. Shikakai helps with hair growth, lesser hair fall, and breakage and also helps bring bounce and shine to the hair. Reetha is utilized to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. It also protects hair from UV damage and promotes thicker, rapid hair. 

Amla, Reetha, and Shikakai, Henna Powder help prevent split ends, hair loss, dandruff, greying, and other hair-related issues while making your hair soft and silky.

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Boosts Hair Growth

Rich vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals in Amla, Reetha, and Shikakai Henna Powder nourish the hair and scalp by promoting blood circulation, keeping your hair healthy and strong, and preventing premature hair loss flattening.

Prevents Dandruff

Fungal growth, dryness, and irritation are all prevented by this henna powder’s antifungal and antibacterial properties. It reduces dandruff from the scalp gently and encourages healthy hair development.

Take Care of Oily Hair

Amla, Shikakai, and Reetha are a natural combination that helps to remove excess oil without affecting natural oil levels. This Henna will help prevent the development of dandruff and other ailments due to its antifungal and cleaning properties.

Makes Hair Strong & Shiny

This Henna keeps hair attractive, thick, and shiny. It is used every day to nourish your hair and promote hair development from the roots to the tips.

Natural Antifungal Properties

This Henna is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It aids in the removal of head lice, which frequently occur when filth and soap residue is allowed to fester. Reetha cleans the hair and scalp thoroughly, preventing head lice.

Conditions Hair

Henna helps to eliminate excess grease and debris from your scalp, and it also helps to condition your hair when combined with moisturizing nutrients. Moisturizing your hair with henna powder can leave hair feeling silky and smooth. Henna helps to seal the hair cuticle, enabling it to retain moisture.

Mix 4 tablespoons of Henna with water to make a paste and keep it for 12 hours before application.
Apply this mixture on hair, wash it off with lukewarm water after it is dry (40 – 45 minutes).


Amla Powder
Reetha Powder
Shikakai Powder
100% Original Henna Powder

Customer Reviews

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Asya Abdul-Wajid
Instant Hair Color Shampoo + Conditioner (Dark Brown) – A Blend Of Herbal Extracts – For Men & Women

I used it on my hair which was white and for the first application I left it on for 30mins and then washed it out, the colour took hold very well and covered all the white hair. Well packaged and easy to use. I will recommend to my friends.

Nelam shehzadi

Bht acha experience hai mera Chiltan ki henna ky sat ma 1.5 years sy use kr rhi hn bht acha natural color Ata hai 😊recommended

Mrs Atif

I like your product HENNA POWDER AMLA REETHA SIKAKAE.. After use hairs are so smooth and shiny.. I ll try your another HENNA POWDER next time.. Insha ALLAH..

Saim saleem Saleem
Good experience

Good quality henna 👍

Sheema Jehanzeb

Henna Hair and Beard Dye (Amla, Retha, Shikakai) – Boosts Hair Growth, Prevents Dandruff, Makes Hair Strong & Shiny 200gm

Henna Hair and Beard Dye (Amla, Retha, Shikakai) – Boosts Hair Growth, Prevents Dandruff, Makes Hair Strong & Shiny 200gm
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