Shoe Freshener – Long Lasting Pleasant Aroma, Skin - Friendly & Eliminate Unwanted Odor

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  • Skin-Friendly
  • Light Fragrance
  • Eliminate Unwanted Odors
  • Long-Lasting Pleasant Aroma
  • Perfect for all Shoe Types
  • Disinfect Dirty & Filthy Footwear
  • Gives Footwear a Fresh & New Look

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Mankind Shoe Freshener is manufactured to disinfect and deodorize all types of footbeds. The finest skin-friendly odour-eliminator process and the healthiest surfactants are used in this freshener. It is a great way to retain the pleasant fragrance and visual appeal of your footwear and other leather shoes.100% Natural Shoe Freshener removes shoe odour produced by bacteria growth. This formula keeps your shoe scent better than new ones and may be used on footwear lining. It features a unique spray that offers a fresh burst of deodorant to eliminate unpleasant odours from the surface and inner edge of shoes.

Amazing Facts

  • Whether you're an athlete, a working professional, a doctor, or a club sports player, this shoe refresher is designed to keep you going with a fresh and classy feel!
  • Due to this aromatic shoe freshener rich in aloe vera and tea tree oil, your footwear will remain shiny and new-looking all day long.
  • It works well on all types of footwear, including dress shoes, tennis shoes, dress boots, hiking boots, boots for the workplace, sneakers, flats, pumps, and tennis shoes.
  • Our shoe spray eliminates odors with eco-friendly amino acid deodorants and other effective ingredients and is strong enough to penetrate deep into fibers and eradicate the toughest shoe odors.
  •  The essential oils in our shoe freshener leave a pleasant, woody, and zesty scent to keep your shoe fresh and glossy for days. 

Deodorize Bad Odor

Shoes will ultimately begin to smell whether you like them or not. Dirt, germs, and fungi will grow in moist shoes from sweating feet. After removing odours from their base, the skin-friendly agents and components in Mankind Shoe Freshener work to eliminate and deodorize bad odours from footwear and give them a pleasant fragrance.

Disinfect Dirty & Filthy Footwear  

The hygienic shoe freshener is manufactured with aloe vera and tea tree oil for both natural and synthetic leather. Spray it on your smelly and filthy boots, shoes, or sandals to disinfect them quickly and safely while providing a pleasant aroma, gloss, and superior leather care.

Gives Long-Lasting Pleasant Aroma

Our shoe freshener with aloe vera helps eliminate the unpleasant odour caused by the bacterial breakdown of sweat cells. Despite body deodorant, shoe deodorizer regulates foot sweat and has a pleasant and fresh aroma throughout the day.


Eucalyptus and tea tree extract-infused skin-friendly freshener is designed to rapidly combat stubborn bacteria that leave an irritating scent on your feet, under your soles, and in your shoes. A potent odour eliminator made with natural ingredients like that doesn't hurt the skin. 

How to use

  • Before spraying, clean your shoes.
  • Apply a light coat to the outside layer and interior footbeds of the boots.
  • Dry them off.
  • Leave your footwear for 1 hour before use.


  • Avoid prolonged skin contact; if skin irritation occurs, wash the area with water and consult a physician.
  • Keep out of children's reach.

Tea Tree Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Aloe vera


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Shoe Freshener – Long Lasting Pleasant Aroma, Skin - Friendly & Eliminate Unwanted Odor
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