Carrot Clay – Gentle natural clay contains carrot extract – Remove wrinkles, provide gentle exfoliation, helps to increase circulation, reduce skin irritation & help to reduce inflammation (100% Organic) 200g
ChiltanPure Carrot Clay ChiltanPure Carrot Clay gives you a glowing spotless skin, rejuvenates your skin by removing dead cells, works great for oily skin, hydrates your skin and improves its complexion & keeps away bacteria that causes skin infections. Our...
Rs. 999
Carrot Floral Water – Contains Vitamin C, Reduce Skin Inflammation [Toner] 150ml
Carrot Floral Water Chiltanpure produce Carrot Floral Water at highest level of purity to ensure a 100% pure, premium hydrosol that is distilled from the Carrot plant which is premium hydrosol and is lab tested. Hydrosols are the aromatic remains after the steam-distillation process occurs. They are an...
Rs. 999
Carrot Oil – Reduces wrinkles & removes acne scars, contains anti-bacterial properties 100% pure organic [Infused] 250ml
Chiltanpure Carrot Oil ChiltanPure carrot oil is rich in beta carotene, vitamins A and E, and pro-vitamin A. This Carrot Oil helps heal dry, chapped and cracked skin and balances the moisture in the skin and body. It is good oil for face and neck treatments...
Rs. 1,199
Carrot Seed Essential Oil – Natural Stimulant, Detoxifies Blood, Improves Complexion & Provides Relief from Stress 20ml
Chiltanpure Carrot Seed Essential Oil Native to Europe and Asia and now naturalized in North America and Australia, the wild carrot plant is also known as Queen Anne’s lace. Its delicate white blooms create a lacy, mesh-like appearance. Carrot Seed...
Rs. 2,999
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