Castor Hair Conditioning Mask – Leave Your Hair Smooth, Shiny – Castor Oil for Hair 250ml
ChiltanPure Castor Hair Conditioning Mask Chiltan Pure castor oil hair conditioning mask’s therapeutic and calming properties are ideal for revitalizing your scalp and regulating healthy sebum, an oily substance that prevents hair from drying out and falling out. Castor oil in...
Rs. 999
Castor Oil – Eye Lashes Growth Enhancer, Natural Moisturizer Anti-Scarring & Heals Cracked Heels 200ml
Chiltanpure Castor Oil  Castor oil is extracted from the ripe beans of the Castor plant by cold or pressing or solvent extraction; like flax seeds and soybeans, Castor seeds cannot be ground or crushed. Buy Pure Castor Oil Online from ChiltanPure,...
Rs. 1,199
Castor Oil – Eyelsh Growth Enhancer, Beneficial for Acne – Prone Skin, Makes Hair Smooth & Shiny
Chiltanpure Castor Oil Castor oil, also known as Ricinus communis, is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil extracted from castor beans. It is widely used in Asia and the West Indies for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, although its origins are in tropical...
Rs. 899
Castor Shampoo – Helps Moisturize & Regrow Strong Healthy Hair [ارنڈی] 250ml
Chiltanpure Castor Shampoo ChiltanPure Castor Shampoo carries well-known ability to stimulate the hair follicles to help grow longer and stronger hair. Using the shampoo every day helps fight hair loss and improve hair regrowth. With continued use, you get longer, thicker...
Rs. 1,399
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