Amla Hair Conditioning Mask - Keep Hair Follicles & Scalp healthy[آملہ]
ChiltanPure Amla Conditioner ChiltanPure Amla Conditioner works wonders on your hair. All of its amazing nutrients work together to help your hair get rid of dry flakes, balance pH levels and oil production, keep your hair follicles and scalp healthy,...
Rs. 1,099
Anti Dandruff Conditioning Hair Mask – Formulated For Dandruff-Prone Scalp, Makes Hair Shiny & Soft 250ml
ChiltanPure Anti Dandruff Conditioning Hair Mask Dandruff can be such a pain. People dealing with it can relate to stepping out of the shower only to have your head get itchy five minutes later. Your scalp feels constantly aggravated, and sometimes,...
Rs. 1,890
Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner Hair Mask – Promote Hair Growth, Prevent Dandruff, Reduce Frizziness, Makes Hair Smooth & Shiny 250ml
ChiltanPure Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner Hair Mask Chiltan Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner nourishes and moisturizes hair and removes dandruff. It helps strengthen the hair shaft and calms an itchy, dry scalp. It supports the hair shaft and soothes an...
Rs. 999
Beard Growth Conditioner Hair mask – Nourishes, Style & Boosts a Healthy, Shiny Beard 100ml
ChiltanPure Beard Growth Conditioner Hair mask Beard Conditioner is known for beard care and keeping your beard as soft as a feather! ChiltanPure Men Beard Growth Conditioner hydrates, softens, and defines your beard, helping to attain a perfectly groomed appearance...
Rs. 1,050 Rs. 740
Biotin Conditioner Hair Mask – Boosts Hair Growth, Reduce Hair Breakage, Improves Hair Health & Add Volume to Hair 250ml,, Doctor's 👨‍⚕️ Recommended
ChiltanPure Biotin Conditioner Hair Mask ChiltanPure Biotin Conditioner is a lightweight moisturizing solution rich in Vitamins and biotin to smooth hair while weighing it down. This conditioner may also restore dry, damaged hair to soft, manageable strands with a gorgeous...
Rs. 1,199
Caffeine Conditioner Hair Mask – Boost Hair Growth, Restore Manageability, Prevent Hair loss & Balances pH Level of Hair 250ml
ChiltanPure Caffeine Conditioner Hair Mask Chiltan Pure conditioner Caffeine helps hair appear its finest by restoring and strengthening strands. This potent ingredient enhances hair growth, prevents hair loss, inhibits DHT formation, weakens hair follicles, prevents breakage, and restores hair’s suppleness....
Rs. 1,199
Castor Hair Conditioning Mask – Leave Your Hair Smooth, Shiny – Castor Oil for Hair 250ml
ChiltanPure Castor Hair Conditioning Mask Chiltan Pure castor oil hair conditioning mask’s therapeutic and calming properties are ideal for revitalizing your scalp and regulating healthy sebum, an oily substance that prevents hair from drying out and falling out. Castor oil in...
Rs. 999
Egg Conditioner Mask - Ideal for Hair Growth, Smooths Frizziness, Makes Your Hair Thick and Shiny
Smooth Out Your Hair Problems With Nourishment Of Egg! Bolan Clinic Egg Conditioner in Pakistan, made with a powerful blend of egg protein and biotin, treats dull, dry, and weak hair. Folate, biotin, and vitamins A and E keep hair...
Rs. 1,099
Fenugreek Methi Conditioning Hair Mask میتھی 🌱 Boosts Hair Growth, Revives Damaged Hair, Cures Itchy Scalp & Prevents Premature Greying, 🥇 Top Rated Conditioning Hair Mask
ChiltanPure Fenugreek Blackseed Hair Conditioning Mask ChiltanPure Organic brings natural and chemical-free hair conditioning mask for your hair. It is infused with fenugreek and blackseed oil which will make your hair moisturize, soft, shiny and bouncy. Using Fenugreek & Blackseed Hair Conditioning...
Rs. 1,750
Garlic Conditioner Hair Mask – Promote Hair Growth, Balance PH Level of Hair, Makes Hair Healthy & Shiny 250 ml
ChiltanPure Garlic Conditioner Hair Mask Garlic Conditioner is rich in garlic, which aids in the growth of healthy hair. Its unique blend of garlic and other nutrients strengthens the hair shaft, preventing hair loss and breakage. It also provides lustre...
Rs. 999
Ginger Conditioner Hair Mask – Nourishes Hair, Restores Hair Manageability, Makes Hair Soft & Shiny 250ml
ChiltanPure Ginger Conditioner Hair Mask ChiltanPure Garlic Conditioner is formulated to refresh your hair efficiently, preventing moisture loss and reducing buildup. This conditioner helps clean your hair strands, calms dry scalps, and helps weak hair firmer, softer, and more elastic....
Rs. 999
Keratin Conditioner Hair Mask – Nourishes Hair, Anti – Frizz, Restores Damage Hair & Makes Hair Shiny & Straight
ChiltanPure Keratin Conditioner Hair Mask Chiltan Pure Keratin Conditioner helps smooth frizz and seal in moisture for healthy-looking hair. Keratin is absorbed in layers of cells that make up your hair, leaving it thicker and shinier by smoothing down the...
Rs. 1,702 Rs. 1,199
Men Hair Growth Conditioner Hair mask – Reverses Moisture Loss & Repairs Hair Damage 250ml
ChiltanPure Men Hair Growth Conditioner Hair mask It’s important to follow a hair care routine that is suitable for your hair type. Always choose hair products that are enriched with plant-based ingredients!! ChiltanPure Men Hair Growth Conditioner is manufactured to strengthen...
Rs. 1,207 Rs. 850
Moringa Hair Conditioning Mask – Highly Nourishing, Moisturizing With Antioxidant Power
ChiltanPure Moringa Hair Conditioning Mask ChiltanPure Moringa Conditioner is primarily due to the presence of Moringa seed extract, with a high nourishing, moisturizing antioxidant power, perfect for taking care of the beauty of scalp and hair thanks to the presence...
Rs. 1,099
Protein & Keratin Hair Repair Mask - Nourish Hair Follicles, Improve Flexibility, and Make Hair Lustrous and Smooth
The Bolan Protein and Keratin Hair Repair Mask restores and hydrates damaged, coloured, and dry hair. Hair is nourished and moisturised by protein- and argan-rich hair repair masks; collagen repairs and stops hair breakage; and keratin straightens hair. A hair...
Rs. 4,999 Rs. 2,599
Red Onion Anti Hair Fall Conditioner - Treats Dandruff, Promotes Hair Regrowth & Prevents Hair Loss
Onions contain powerful components such as folic acid and vitamin C. In addition to controlling hair loss and thinning, onions’ Sulphur content promotes hair growth. Its antibacterial and antifungal abilities also help combat dry scalp and premature hair ageing. ManKind...
Rs. 1,775 Rs. 1,250
Red Onion Conditioner Hair Mask – Nature’s Best Defence Against Hair Fall
ChiltanPure Red Onion Conditioner Hair Mask Onions contain powerful components such as folic acid and vitamin C. In addition to controlling hair loss and thinning, onions’ Sulphur content promotes hair growth. Its antibacterial and antifungal abilities also help combat dry scalp...
Rs. 1,276 Rs. 899
Reetha Hair Conditioning Mask - Purifying Hair Conditioner, Nourish & Repair [ریٹھا]
ChiltanPure Reetha Hair Conditioning Mask ChiltanPure Reetha Conditioner does good to your hair. It’s natural formula saponins that act as foaming agents. Reetha is useful in managing dandruff and removing lice from the scalp due to its insecticidal property. Shop...
Rs. 999
Rosemary Hair Growth Conditioner - Adds Volume and Softens Hair, Reverses Moisture Loss & Repairs Hair Damage
Mankind Rosemary Hair Growth Conditioner restores dry, damaged hair to soft, manageable and with a gorgeous shine. This conditioner offers organic ingredients that add volume and strength to weak, lifeless, or thin hair. It is enriched with nourishing and refreshing...
Rs. 1,775 Rs. 1,250
Sandalwood Hair Conditioning Mask – Total-Care Conditioner Enriched With Naturally Balancing Herbs & Fragrant Invigorating Essential Oils
ChiltanPure Sandalwood Hair Conditioning Mask All Natural ChiltanPure Sandalwood Conditioning Mask is best to cleanse and stimulate your hair and scalp. Premium Sandalwood Conditioner contains scalp stimulating formula which utilizes 100% pure-potent active ingredients to provide clean, refreshed, thicker and...
Rs. 1,099
Taramira Hair Conditioning Mask – Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Microbial, Natural Hair Treatment For Lice & Dandruff
ChiltanPure Taramira Hair Conditioning Mask ChiltanPure Taramira Conditioner carries anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. A natural hair treatment for lice and dandruff, by removing the factors that cause irritation of the scalp and hair follicles. It also prevents your hair from becoming...
Rs. 999
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