Eucalyptus Surface Cleaner – Promotes Hygienic Environment 1200ml
Chiltanpure Eucalyptus Antibacterial Surface Cleanser  Chiltanpure Eucalyptus Antibacterial Surface Cleanser kills 99.9% bacteria, including E.coli, salmonella, MRSA and the flu virus. It is a gentle effective, non-bleach and non-taint liquid. Liquid is safe to use for house hold cleaning. Chiltanpure Eucalyptus Surface Cleaner is...
Rs. 999
Mani-Pedi Cleanser - Deeply Cleanses, Removes Dead Skin, Soothes Irritation, Fights Bacteria, Giving Brighter Hands & Feet!
What's Causing Your Hands & Feet To Become Dull & Dark Pigmented? Hands and feet are more prone to dirt and dull skin because of their constant contact with the outside environment. Our hands come into contact with various surfaces,...
Rs. 1,299
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