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Aromatherapy Candles - The Flame that Enlightens your Soul

Aromatherapy Candles - The Flame that Enlightens your Soul - ChiltanPure
100% Natural Aromatherapy Candles with Premium Essential Oil Blends The soothing effect of ChiltanPure Aromatherapy Candles is based on how the brain processes smell. The smell of scented candles stimulates our limbic system, the part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions. It is scientifically proven that scented candles can play an essential role in the physical effects of mood, stress, working capacity, and overall mental health.


Soothing Effect

ease and relax the mind Aromatherapy Candles are known for their soothing, healing properties and are frequently used by therapists, such as massage therapists, to create a pleasant atmosphere in their therapy rooms. The simple act of lighting candles, with its delightful flame and soothing glow, helps to ease and relax the mind. Try it the next time you're having a stressful day: light a candle, observe the flame, and breathe for a few minutes - even 60 seconds can make a great impact.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Candlelight creates a magnificent atmosphere that cannot be replicated. Lighting just few strategically placed candles in your home can add impact and create a pleasant and romantic mood. Burning a candle here and there will lighten your room and instantly make it feel friendly and warm.

Celebration & Romance

ease and relax the mind Candles are ideal as gifts or as a treat for yourself! Our attractively packaged, strongly fragrant soy candles are manufactured in glass containers with the all-soy wax blend with the maximum ratio of aromatic essential oil (almost double the required amount) for the best fragrant dispersion.

Candles Liven up your decor

Aromatherapy candles are satisfying, available in a variety of forms, and look amazing in any decor. Bathroom candles provide a spa-like getaway, carefully placed candles around your living room make it warm and calming (very soothing), candles at the centerpiece of your dining table make romantic candlelight dinners within arm’s reach, and culinary candles ignite the mood where we interact most often and can eliminate pollutants. Use candles to create a magical, imaginative escape on your backyard, balcony, porch, and yard; burn an essential oils flame to keep bugs at bay.

Provide Alluring Aroma

Scented candles are an ideal way to give a delightful aroma to your room while hiding unpleasant smell. Candles manufactured of soy wax are soot-free, non-toxic, burn gently, and last significantly longer than regular wax, which emits black soot and emits risky toxins into the air.

Beneficial for Health

Provide Alluring Aroma Aromatherapy candles can be beneficial for health. Self-care and memory are crucial parts of a healthy way of life: burning candles can create an ideal atmosphere to induce calmness and a sensation of well-being. If you ever feel overwhelmed by anxiety or nervousness, lighting candles can help. Some physical benefits are more evident: ear candling is being used to remove earwax build-up.

For Meditation & Prayer

Burning candles while yoga is a wonderful way to enhance your meditation. Many visualizations and manifesting exercises involve focusing on the flame of a burning candle while expressing your intentions out into the universe. Candles are also utilised during praying.

Lighten up your Romantic Moments

Keep that spark alive in your relationship with a bit of candlelight: turn any dinner into a romantic, candlelit moment. Always keep candles on your nightstands; when the mood strikes, light them and turn up the heat - nothing enhances the moment quite like some soft lighting.


Everyone has different fashion and music tastes, and everyone senses odours differently.By burning your favourite scents, you may show off your personality and uniqueness.

During Travel

You don't have to leave your candles at home when you travel: take all of these perks with you. Pack our travel jar candles and turn any area into your hideaway, anywhere in the world. With your favourite aroma blazing, you'll feel like home everywhere. Scented candles aid in memorizing and emotional support. Because our sense of smell is so closely linked to memories, we frequently associate a single scent with a specific moment or moment in our life.

Creates Consistency

Burning candles can become a personal habit to devote to reflection and relaxation. According to therapists, candles have a favourable impact on mental health and can be used with other wellness activities such as journals and yoga by lighting.

Aromatherapy scents

Aromatherapy candles can lead to a path of wellness. Aroma candles come in a wide variety of scents. Here's a list of some of the most common scents people use to affect their sense of well-being positively. Lavender:A soothing and relaxing scent, lavender can relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. It is also used to treat headaches and insomnia. Citrus: Orange, lemon and grapefruit have powerful citrus scents that help brighten the mood and increase concentration. Vanilla: A sweet and warming scent. Vanilla is soothing and comforting. It also helps to relieve stress. Cinnamon: Known to help nerves, fatigue, and exhaustion, cinnamon has a very inviting scent that smells like freshly baked cookies. Geranium: A scent that reminds people of being outdoors, geranium has a beautiful effect on the nerves, having calmative properties that help with relaxation. Jasmine: One of the people's favourite scents, jasmine is calming and relaxing. Sandalwood: Having some of the same benefits people claim to receive from meditation, sandalwood helps soothe irritation and relieve depression. Eucalyptus: With a minty and uplifting smell, eucalyptus helps decongest the nose and relieves colds, sinusitis, and allergies. It is also emanated to build energy. Peppermint: A scent that everyone is familiar with, peppermint aroma candles can relieve muscle pain, headaches, and digestive problems. Another potential advantage of aromatherapy candles is that people experienced adverse health effects as a result of exposure to synthetic fragrances, including:
  • Migraine
  • Headaches
  • Athma attacks
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Contact dermatitis
Safety and risks
  • Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  • Never put a candle near something that may set alight, such as curtains.
  • Never leave children or pets alone with a burning candle.
  • Place the candle away from drafts and vents.
  • Never touch or move the candle while it is still burning.


Not recommended for use in pregnancy
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