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What Are Halim Seeds? - Its Nutritional Facts, Benefits, & Uses to Your Health!

What Are Halim Seeds? - Its Nutritional Facts, Benefits, & Uses to Your Health! - ChiltanPure

Garden cress seeds, sometimes aliv, halon, or Halim seeds, are loaded with health advantages. These seeds are a type of "functional food" that promotes overall health and well-being, prevents disease, and serves as a source of nutrition. In this article, we'll discover the benefits of Aliv seeds and how to add them to your diet.

What are Halim Seeds?

Halim or Aliv seeds are very nourishing and have several health advantages. These seeds, also known as garden cress, are a gift from God since they have many positive health effects. One should also understand how to consume Halim seeds for the most significant advantages correctly.

Nutritional Facts of Halim Seeds

  • Due to their high fiber content, these tangy-flavored seeds are frequently added to salads, soups, and smoothies. 
  • It aids with muscular growth. 
  • Halim calories are 157 for every 100 g of food consumed. 
  • Halim nutrition contains a pitiful 6.86 g of fat per 100 g. 
  • Garden cress nutrition facts come in a variety. For instance, these seeds reduce ghrelin levels by boosting hunger satisfaction. This quality reduces overeating and makes grains a suitable choice for persons on diets to lose weight. The vitamins A, C, and E that are concentrated in this superfood have numerous advantages. They are versatile and loaded with iron and folic acid.

Benefits of Halim Seeds

These seeds are relatively healthy when ingested by your body type. The following are some benefits of garden cress seeds:

It treats anemia

treats anemia

The high levels of iron in Halim seeds promote the production of red blood cells and help improve the body's hemoglobin levels. In the long run, they can help treat anemia to some extent. After all, just a tablespoon of Halim seeds offers 12 mg of iron.

It is advised to eat Vitamin-C-rich foods and iron to increase the absorption of the mineral in the body. Halim seeds are a rich source of vitamin C; therefore, they do not require additional sources.

Effective diet for diabetes patients

Halim seeds has a potent anti-diabetic property since it can serve as an effective agent for reducing blood glucose levels.

Good for hair loss

Halim seeds help manage hair loss. According to nutritionists, mixing Halim seeds with hot milk and drinking the concoction will do wonders for your hair. Reduce hair fall and strengthen your hair have all the multivitamins & nutrients which can help improve your hair.

Benefits in pregnancy

Halim seeds encourage the production of red blood cells and help improve hemoglobin levels in the body since just a tablespoon of Halim seeds contains around 12 mg of iron. It is especially significant since you need iron during your pregnancy. The abundance of calcium in aliv/Halim seeds helps strengthen the baby's teeth and bones.

It enhances breast milk production

Since Halim seeds are rich in protein and iron and have potent galactagogue properties, they are incredibly beneficial for lactating mothers. Galactagogues are foods used to induce, maintain and increase breast milk production from the mammary glands. Thus, nursing mothers should be encouraged to include Halim seeds in their diets. Add Halim seeds to the laddoo full of nuts and gond made for nursing mothers and enhance its properties.

Aid in regulating menstruation

The menstrual cycle must be controlled when a woman plans to become pregnant. Halim seeds are a rich source of phytochemicals that resemble estrogen hormones and can help prevent irregular menstrual cycles. It can be an organic method to balance hormones and regularise irregular menstruation periods.

Promote weight loss

Halim seeds, a great source of protein and fiber, make food more filling. Thus, they aid in preventing hunger cravings and overeating, which are the major obstacles for any weight watcher. You may maintain your body's muscle mass and healthily lose weight thanks to these seeds' high protein content.

Control cardiac problems

Dyslipidemia, hypercholesterolemia and associated cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are prevalent worldwide. Daily consumption of Aliv seed is beneficial for patients who suffer from heart conditions.

Give Glow to Skin

Halim makes our skin glow since it contains antioxidants and various vital nutrients for the skin. It helps reduces wrinkles and dullness, giving your skin a youthful glow in just two months.

Improve bowel movements

The high-fiber content of Halim seeds helps improve bowel movements and hence helps manage bloating, constipation and gas.

Reduce the risks of breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most typical cancers in women. The anti-carcinogenic properties of Halim seeds reduce the risks of breast cancer.

Heals Gastro Intestinal diseases

Garden cress seeds are a good cure for constipation. The fiber from the seeds, when used with water, helps bind the stools and aids in its east movement through the digestive tract.

Relieve constipation

The high-fiber content of Halim seeds makes them a perfect bowel mobilizer. And so they help relieve constipation and related issues like gas and bloating. There are many more benefits that these tiny seeds have to offer. Thus, including it in your diet will surely enhance your body's nourishment. 


Who Should Avoid Intake of Halim Seeds?

It is vital for people experiencing hypothyroidism, goiter, or pregnant women to avoid eating Halim seeds. Moreover, the seeds should not be consumed with diuretic medicines.

What are the side effects of Halim seeds?

Halim seeds are known to flush out potassium from the body, so avoid consuming them if your body is potassium deficient. Also, taking unmoderated amounts of Halim seeds can lower your blood pressure.

How to Use Halim Seeds?

Wash the Halon or Halim seeds, then add 1/2 cup water to soak them. Mix thoroughly, then set away to soak for 30 minutes. Use as required.


Because garden cress seeds have many health benefits, could you not go overboard with them? The recommended serving size would be 1 tbsp. (12 gm) 2 to 3 times a week or as your doctor/dietitian advised. It contains some amount of goitrogens which prevent iodine absorption.

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