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How to Care for your Hand & Feet? A Serum Can Do Wonders!

How to Care for your Hand & Feet? A Serum Can Do Wonders! - ChiltanPure

Two essential body parts for skin maintenance are your hands and feet. It can make the rest of your body appear unattractive if your hands and feet are dry and cracked. People will notice your hands and assume that you don't take fantastic care of yourself. Making ensuring your hands and feet are sufficiently hydrated is crucial because of this. A quality cream or lotion will keep your skin soft and supple. Make sure your nails are neat and well-trimmed by paying care to them. Your hands and feet will care for you if you take care of them. Your skin and the others who have to see your hands daily will appreciate it. The same consideration you give the rest of your body should be given to your hands and feet.

There is no justification for neglecting your hands and feet. 

Many helpful things are available, most of which are reasonably priced. Additionally, there are various salons and spas where you can have treatments. And the hand & foot glowing serum from ChiltanPure is one of the best products for your hands and feet. A lightweight formula that maintains skin's softness and smoothness while moisturizing and healing. Thanks to this serum, your hands will appear younger and more radiant, which cleanses the skin to lessen small wrinkles, uneven tone, and texture.

Why Use Hand and Foot Serum?

In particular, the skin of the hands and feet is delicate. Our regular activities put them to the test, resulting in damaged, brittle, and dry skin that can cause stiffness and minor aches in your hands and feet. It is especially true if you are receiving cancer treatments like chemotherapy or targeted therapies because you are already more likely to experience extreme dryness in your hands and feet or possibly hand-foot disease. Therefore, it's crucial to use a nourishing Hand and foot serum to care for these susceptible areas.

How a Serum Benefits Your Hand & Feet?

Prevents Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot is a common skin infection caused in the feet, usually when the feet become very sweaty or when you wear tight shoes. It leads to a feeling of burning and itching, especially around the toes. You are applying a foot serum daily to help prevent this problem. 

Combat aging

The skin on the top of our hands has fewer sebaceous glands and dries faster. Moreover, they are often over-exposed to several environmental stressors, including the sun, water, dryness, pollution, etc. These factors cause them to develop early signs of aging, such as pigmentation, wrinkles, and thinning of the skin.

Protects your feet

Protects your feet

You can get cracks, cuts, and calluses in your feet when exposed to harsh winds and sun. Applying a foot serum protects your feet from environmental aggressors and prevents your feet from getting dry and rough, revealing soft, silky, and smooth feet.

Helps you relax

A serum for feet helps you relax and calms the nerves after a tiring day. Massaging your feet with a foot cream boosts blood circulation, reduces stress, and stimulates good sleep.

Keeps odor away

Always trapped in footwear, your feet and hand can invite terrible odor. Natural ingredients in hand and Foot serum help keep your feet fresh all day long and prevent bad smell and odor.

Prevents Cracked Heels

Cracked and dry heels are one of the most common issues women face, and that's because your feet aren't getting any amount of moisturization. Applying a foot serum every day can help you prevent cracked heels and further prevent your feet from getting dry. 

Nourishes your feet

Protects your feet

A foot serum for dry skin keeps your feet hydrated, nourished, and moisturized. It locks in moisture in the layers of your skin and forms a protective layer over your feet to prevent them from getting dry or cracked. It also restores the lost moisture and makes your feet soft.

Supple, hydrated skin 

Softer hands are a dream come true. We use our hands all day to touch our loved ones and care for our faces and body. Soft, smooth hands help you feel luxurious and happy.

Protection from the sun 

The backs of your hands are most exposed to the harsh sun. Whether walking or driving, it is difficult to avoid sun exposure. Hand creams form a protective layer on the skin, avoiding sun damage.

Healing damaged skin 

Natural ingredients like Glutathione and hand and Foot glowing serum can help repair and reverse the damage already caused on the skin.

Taking care of the nails

Taking care of the nails

Massaging helps strengthen the skin and cuticles in your hands, giving you healthier and stronger nails.

Makes feet light

Your feet can get irritated and itchy with dryness and flakes. A hand and foot serum helps eliminate these problems and makes your feet lighter. Many natural hands and foot serums contain ingredients like Glutathione that nourish the skin without any heavy or greasy feeling.

Keeps feet smooth

Just like moisturizing your face is crucial for a flawless complexion, a hand and Foot serum is essential for pretty and healthy feet. A serum for feet can act as a tool to improve the texture, softness, and skin health of your feet, helping you get prettier soft, and younger-looking feet.

Heal Dry and Cracked Skin

Routine cleaning and washing dry your hands; in severe cases, the skin may crack and develop rashes due to the loss of natural oils and moisture. While many of us use a regular moisturizer or body lotion for our hands, they are not enough to serve the purpose. Hand and foot serums have a richer consistency and are made with ultra-moisturizing formula.

Protect Against Infections

Cracked or bleeding hands are more prone to bacterial and viral infections. Damaged and unprotected skin harbors more pathogens, and washing hands frequently won't be of much help unless we maintain a good regime.

Peel Off Rough & Dry Patches

Peeling hands and feet are caused by natural conditions, like sun tan, dry air, cold weather, and regular washing. Dryness and flakiness on your feet can itch and scrape them. Lightweight hand and foot glowing serum cure dry and rough patches on the skin. It makes your hand and feet's skin softer and brighter. Multivitamins and glowing agents nourish the skin without leaving it feeling oily.

Glowing agent

Your feet can get irritated and itchy with dryness and flakes. A foot cream helps you eliminate these problems and makes your feet lighter. Many natural foot serums contain ingredients like vitamins and glowing agents, which provide nourishment to the skin without any heavy or greasy feelings. 


  • Wash your hands & feet and pat dry.
  • Take 4 to 5 drops of serum.
  • Apply it along the length of your hands & feet.
  • We will recommend using this serum twice a day for an instant glow.
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