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11 Fennel Oil Benefits for Health | Uses | Recipes

11 Fennel Oil Benefits for Health | Uses | Recipes - ChiltanPure
Fennel's dried ripe seeds and its oil are used to make different medicine. Fennel essential oil is best known as a potent ingredient for good Digestive Health. The benefit of fennel oil will excite you.
  1. Helps Heal Wounds
  2. Treats Digestive Issues
  3. Aids in Weight Loss
  4. Reduces and Prevents Spasms in Gut
  5. Relieves Gas and Constipation
  6. Eases Menstrual Symptoms
  7. Promotes Lactation
  8. Kills Worms
  9. Fennel Essential Oil Uses
  10. Fennel Essential Oil Recipes
  11. Contains Antioxidants & Antimicrobial Characteristics
It is an antibiotic, which helps to prevent gas and bloating Help to reduce and possibly eliminate gut spasms. However it is an expectorant, can help to increase the flow of breast milk, and is a natural laxative and even a mouth freshener!

1. Helps Heal Wounds

Studies were conducted in Italy of several essential oils and their effects on bacterial infections, specifically of the breasts in animals. Effective Wound Healer The research indicated that fennel essential oil and Cinnamon Oil, for instance, produced antibacterial activity, and as such, they’re representational of possible ways to address some bacteria strains. Moreover, fennel essential oil has certain compounds that help protect wounds from becoming infected. Besides keeping off the infection, it can also speed up the healing of wounds, so if you are trying to recover.

2. Treats Digestive Issues

There are many plants known to help with digestion and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with common characteristics, such as being bitter, very aromatic and rather pungent. Peppermint, Ginger, anise, and chamomile are a few examples, in addition to fennel. Fennel goes a little deeper in this category because it’s a volatile oil, meaning it evaporates quickly, passing off readily in the form of vapour and, therefore, possibly providing relief sooner than later. Digestion Active This process is part of what helps with digestion and IBS symptoms. As noted above, fennel essential oil helps relieve gas, bloating and constipation, but it can also help to eliminate diarrhoea. In particular, the principal volatile oil of fennel is known as anethole. Anethole is amazing, even serving as a potential cancer fighter. It does this by preventing the activation of a “gene-altering Inflammation-triggering molecule associated with cancer known as NF-kappaB.” For quick relief, simply rub two drops of fennel oil for health onto your tummy in conjunction with a carrier oil.

3. Aids in Weight Loss

Fennel has a prolonged history of use as a weight-loss aid. It is understood that Fennel seeds have been eaten during Lent and fasts to stave off hunger and stimulate movement in the digestive system. Fennel oil benefits can help with weight loss, as it can improve your metabolism while reducing your appetite. Fennel also can help minimize fat deposits in the bloodstream by using stored energy sources. Eating a balanced diet is the best approach for any weight loss. It is recommended adding small amounts of fennel into your diet with other foods and in teas.

4. Reduces and Prevents Spasms in Gut

Spasms in the intestines are no laughing matter. These can be extremely painful, causing nausea, hiccups, cramps in the intestinal area and convulsions. Fennel essential oil can have a relaxing effect on your body including the intestinal region muscles. This relaxation of the gut can make a difference if you endure a spasmodic attack, providing you with quick relief from muscle spasms in the gut. According to a recent study conducted by the Department of Pediatrics at St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postdoctoral Education in Russia, fennel seed oil has been shown to minimize intestinal spasms and increase the movement of cells in the small intestine of infants, in particular through studies of infants who have colic. Using fennel oil emulsion eliminated colic in 65 per cent of babies in the treatment group, which according to the Wessel recommendations was significantly better than 23.7 per cent of children in the control group. The findings, published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, noted there was a dramatic improvement of colic in the treatment group, concluding that the emulsion of fennel seed oil helps to decrease the colic intensity in infants.

5. Contains Antioxidants & Antimicrobial Characteristics

Fennel essential oil is a high-antioxidant compound that grasps antimicrobial characteristics. Research published in the Flavour and Fragrance Journal examined the activity of the essential oil from seeds native to Pakistan. The analysis of the fennel essential oil showed that around 23 compounds with impressive quantities of total phenolic and bioflavonoid contents. This concluded fennel oil fights free radical damage and provides antimicrobial activity against some strains of bacteria and pathogenic fungi.

6. Relieves Gas and Constipation

Constipation While many vegetables can cause abdominal cramping, gas and bloated stomach, especially when we eat raw, fennel and fennel essential oil may do the opposite thing. Fennel essential oil help to clarify the bowels, relieve constipation, and remove gas and bloating, providing much-needed relief. Amazingly, it can even help remove the formation of additional gases. If you have a chronic gas problem, fennel essentials may solve this. Adding one or two drops of fennel essential oil to your favourite tea to see if it helps. Keeps Stomach Healthy and fit. Being a stomachic means being a protector of the stomach. Fennel oil keeps the stomach healthy and functioning properly. It maintains the normal function of all the secretions of digestive acids and bile. Besides, it protects the stomach from infections and ulcers, thus ensuring the all-around health and wellness of the stomach.

7. Eases Menstrual Symptoms

Fennel essential oil treats dysmenorrhea also called painful periods or menstrual cramps. The antispasmodic oil may decrease uterine contraction frequency. An experiment shows that fennel essential oil inhibited oxytocin and prostaglandin E2 induced contractions of the isolated uterus. A cross-over researched observed oral fennel essential oil effect at 1% or 2% in comparison with placebo for treating dysmenorrhea in women. Up to 1 ml solution was consumed for the pain at an interval of 4 hours; the severity of pain was considerably decreased. The efficacy of 2 per cent essential fennel oil was about 67 per cent, which can be contrasted with the adequacy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Through applying to water or tea you will ingest two drops of essential fennel oil. For toning female organs and promoting regular menstruation, this can also be extended to the abdomen.

8. Purifies the Blood

Fennel oil works for detoxifiers and purifies the blood, and therefore is considered a depurative. It does help the blood to empty itself of blood urea, uric acid, and certain unwanted hormones, which are the main toxins found in our bloodstream, however. Despite this, it also balances sodium level in the blood and helps in the removal of other toxic substances that get into the blood from any external sources.

9. Promotes Lactation

This oil can play a vital role in lactating mothers. It increases the amount of milk in them by boosting the production of a hormone called estrogen. This benefits not only the baby but as well as the mother. This milk also inherits some of the fennel oil's carminative and digestive properties and defends the baby against flatulence, indigestion, and nausea, which is very normal in babies.

10. Kills Worms

Fennel oil is one of the most effective worm destroyers. In the intestines and the excretory, it kills the worms and their spores tracts. This is best for children, who frequently suffer from parasitic worms, and can prevent malnourishment or stunted growth.

Fennel Essential Oil Uses:

Although you are aware of the benefits of fennel oil, let’s discuss some ways you can utilize it now!
  • Apply essential fennel oil onto your stomach or to the bottom of your feet for digestive relief. It helps prevent it from evaporating too quickly by using a carrier oil.
  • Place one drop of essential Fennel Oil on your toothbrush to help combat sweet tooth cravings, and provide the gums with antimicrobial benefits.
  • Add one or two drops in a glass of warm water or chamomile tea for an upset, or unhealthy stomach.
  • For relaxation, mix one drop of fennel essential oil with one or two drops of lavender oil and a carrier oil, and rub on your neck, chest and cup your hands over your mouth while taking slow, deep breaths.
  • For relaxation mix, 1 drop fennel essential oil with 2 drops lavender oil and a carrier oil and rubbing on neck, chest.
  • Removes foul smell from the mouth by put 1 drop fennel essential oil on the toothbrush while brushing to fight sweet tooth cravings

Fennel Essential Oil Recipes:

You can use fennel oil in recipes here a few ways:
  • If you have an upset stomach or any digestive problems, try adding one or two drops of Essential Fennel Oil to a cup of peppermint tea and drink it slowly. It can help in rapidly relieving digestive problems.
  • Add one drop fennel essential oil and one drop wild orange to eight ounces of water for the best way to hydrate and possibly stave off hunger.
  • Allergic reactions to fennel can occur but very rarely. Fennel essential oil is generally recognized as healthy but it should be avoided by pregnant women and young children as it can affect levels of estrogen.
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