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Rosemary Essential Oil – Best Antiseptic Skin Tonic
Chiltan Pure Rosemary Oil Price In Pakistan Buy Rosemary Oil Online from ChiltanPure, The Rosemary Essential Oil Price in Pakistan is Rs. 1,072 at ChiltanPure. Shop Rosemary Essential Oil Online and get delivery in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Across...
Rs. 1,522 Rs. 1,072
Rosemary Oil – Deeply hydrates skin, aids in controlling sebum production, reduces blemishes 100% pure organic [Infused]
Chiltanpure Rosemary Oil Chiltanpure rosemary Oil hydrates the skin, which helps to control oil production. It also provides an antibacterial surface for the skin, keeping acne at bay, rosemary oil on the face has been known to reduce the inflammation caused by...
Rs. 1,844 Rs. 1,299
Ashoo Powder – Release Stress & Boosts Energy [اشوگندھا - Ashwagandha]
  Chiltan Pure Ashwagandha Price In Pakistan Buy Ashwagandha Online from, Ashoo Powder Price in Pakistan is Rs. 1,250 at ChiltanPure. Get Delivery in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Across the Country. CHILTAN PURE ASHOO POWDER PRICE IN...
Rs. 1,250
Sunflower Seeds – Excellent source of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Iron, Copper, Selenium, Manganese, Zinc – 100% pure organic
chiltanpure sunflower seeds Chiltan Pure sunflower seeds are high in protein and rich in healthy fats, as well as antioxidants that can lower your risk of developing serious conditions. Sunflower seeds to a number of health benefits, including lowering your...
Rs. 799
Lavender Essential Oil – Best for Dry Skin & Treating Wrinkles [اسطخودوس]
ChiltanPure Lavender Essential Oil Buy Lavender Essential Oil Online from ChiltanPure, Lavender Oil Price in Pakistan is Rs. 990 at ChiltanPure. Shop Lavender Oil For Face Wrinkles Online & Get Delivery in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Across the...
Rs. 990
Turmeric Powder – Make Skin More Bright, Improves Brain Function, Boost Metabolism, Manage Digestive Disorders & Relieves Pain
ChiltanPure Organic Turmeric Powder Turmeric, a plant in the ginger family, is native to Southeast Asia and is grown commercially in that region. In the same way, its rhizome (underground stem) is use as a culinary spice and traditional medicine. ChiltanPure...
Rs. 890
Peppermint Essential Oil - Enriched With Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Microbial & Refreshing Properties [پودینہ]
ESSENTIAL AROMATHERAPY – Peppermint is revitalizing, invigorating and cooling with a fresh, strong mint scent that is energizing and uplifting. Ideal for purifying the air and help lessen negative energy and influences that can affect our days. 100% PURE/UNDILUTED – Our essential...
Rs. 690
Peanuts Nuts
Rs. 399
Peanuts Nuts
Note: Organic products can naturally attract bugs. To keep them away, tightly seal the jar after use and keep it in a cold, dry place. ChiltanPure peanuts ChiltanPure peanuts have a strong nutritional profile. Peanuts come in many forms, including roasted,...
Rs. 399
Lemon Essential Oil - Better Skin Complexion [لیموں]
100% PURE & NATURAL COLD PRESSED OIL: Chiltan Lemon Oil offers many benefits and helps in brightening the skin and evens out the skin tone. It could be added to your daily evening skincare routine. It helps in deep cleaning...
Rs. 799
Orange Essential Oil 🍊 Reduce Anxiety & Stress [ترنج]
TRADITIONAL ESSENTIAL OIL FOR SKIN Chiltan Orange Oil is one of the traditional oil that is used worldwide for skincare formulations. It has powerful medicinal properties that improve skin elasticity & prevent you from premature ageing, dark spots, fine lines and...
Rs. 790
Rose Oil – Rose oil excellent for skin hydration, skin cell turnover, rich in antioxidants 100% pure organic [Infused]
Chiltanpure Rose Oil Chiltanpure rose oil provides hydration to skin which makes skin soft & supple. The many fatty acids in rosehip oil make it excellent for dry skin hydration. The skin also quickly absorbs the oil, allowing its antioxidants to travel...
Rs. 999
Maca Root Powder - Increase Metabolic Strength, Energy, Stamina, Improve Mental Clarity [میکا جڑ]
Note: Organic products can naturally attract bugs. To keep them away, tightly seal the jar after use and keep it in a cold, dry place. ChiltanPure Maca Root Powder ChiltanPure Organic Maca Root Powder improve your body’s ability to adapt to...
Rs. 1,999
Valerian Root Powder 😴 Helps You Relax and Sleep Better 100% Organic
Chiltan Pure Valerian Root Powder Chiltan pure valerian is an herb that may help improve sleep, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. It appears to be safe and non-habit forming when taken at the recommended dosage. In some cases, it may be able...
Rs. 1,050
Lavender Oil – Promotes relaxation, soothes eczema & dry skin, contains wound healing properties [Infused]
Chiltanpure Lavender Oil Chiltanpure lavender oil is one of the most popular and versatile oil used in aromatherapy. This oil promote relaxation and believed to treat anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps. Lavender oil is believed to...
Rs. 999
Melon Seeds
Rs. 350
Melon Seeds
Chiltanpure melon seeds Chiltan pure melon seed is the perfect summertime treat. Melon seeds are perfectly safe to eat. If you get a mouthful of seeds along with that sweet, juicy watermelon flesh, it’s totally fine. You can eat muskmelon...
Rs. 350
Brahmi Powder – Make Hair More Thicker & More Nourished 75g
Note: Organic products can naturally attract bugs. To keep them away, tightly seal the jar after use and keep it in a cold, dry place ChiltanPure Brahmi Powder "ذائقہ کے لیے شہد کے ساتھ استعمال کریں" ChiltanPure Brahmi Powder is use as...
Rs. 499
Balchar (Jatamansi) Powder – Stress Buster, Effective for Alopecia, Improves Learning & Memory Ability 50gm
Chiltanpure Balchar (Jatamansi) Powder Balchar (Jatamansi) brownish-black powder reduces stress, improves learning power and enhances memory. It controls dandruff and promotes the growth of hairs. This powder treats mood and stress disorders, including mental fatigue, tension, anxiety, depression, panic disorders....
Rs. 899
Coffee Infused Oil – Antidepressant, Mood Stimulant, Improves Digestion & Relieves Congestion
Chiltanpure Coffee Infused Oil Coffee beans are derived from the coffee plant, which is taxonomically known as Coffea Arabica and is one of the world’s most common and sought-after plants. Coffee oil is extracted from coffee beans through a cold-pressed distillation...
Rs. 999
Orange Oil 🍊 Reduces anxiety & depression, Treats insomnia, contains anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties 100% pure organic [Infused]
Chiltanpure Orange Oil Chiltanpure orange infused oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that are great for skin, especially if you commonly suffer from bacterial conditions like acne or fungal infections such as athletes foot. In addition, orange Essential Oil is beneficial for maintaining...
Rs. 999
Cardamom Powder – Herbal Solution with Infection fighting Properties for Skin 100g
Note: Organic products can naturally attract bugs. To keep them away, tightly seal the jar after use and keep it in a cold, dry place ChiltanPure Cardamom Powder  Chiltanpure Organics produced the finest form of Cardamom Powder. Cardamom is a spice made...
Rs. 1,599
Cedarwood Essential Oil – Combats Hair Loss, Tightens Muscles, Natural Sedative & Antiseptic 20ml
Chiltanpure Cedarwood Essential Oil Experience a renewed sense of focus with ChiltanPure Cedarwood essential oil that never fades with the change of the season. ChiltanPure cedarwood essential oil is perfect for use in aromatherapy, topical organic cedarwood oil, and massage...
Rs. 880
Jasmine Oil – Contains antiseptic properties, increases skin elasticity, helps balance moisture 100% pure organic [Infused]
Chiltanpure Jasmine Oil Chiltanpure jasmine oil has antiseptic properties that are beneficial in treating skin infections. This oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties and can be helpful in general skincare and the treatment of psoriasis. Jasmine increase skin’s elasticity and help balance moisture in the skin to...
Rs. 1,399
Sandalwood Essential Oil – Natural Sedative, Heals Ailments & Reduces Blood Pressure
Chiltanpure Sandalwood Essential Oil Sandalwood is a name given to a class of fragrant woods that can retain their fragrance for decades, unlike other aromatic woods. Both the wood and oil have been highly valued for centuries, and Sandalwood has...
Rs. 1,999
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - Best for Removal of Scars [یلانگ یلانگ]
ChiltanPure Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Chiltan Pure Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation of fresh ylang-ylang tree flowers (Cananga Odorata). The traditional name of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil comes from the repetition of the Tagalog word “ilang,”...
Rs. 960

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