Hyaluronic Acid Serum – Treats wrinkles & Acne, Best at Hydrating Skin For Smooth and Radiant Skin 50ml
Chiltanpure Hyaluronic Acid Serum ChiltanPure Hyaluronic Acid Serum provides you with perfectly healthy and dewy skin. Dry skin can give you a dull look, which is not quite pleasing. This serum gives you a chance to have fully hydrated, pulpy,...
Rs. 2,128 Rs. 1,499
Hand & Foot Glowing SERUM 🦶✋ Formulated With Multi-Vitamins & Glowing Agents, Moisturizes, Soothes & Improves Skin Texture, Makes Skin Soft & Glowing
Chiltanpure Hand & Foot Glowing Serum 🦶✋ ہاتھ اور پاؤں انسان کی شخصیت کا آئینہ دار ہوتے ہیں Hands and feet have very delicate skin. Our regular activities put them under stress all day long, leading to damaged, brittle, and...
Rs. 1,562 Rs. 1,100
Jojoba Oil - Perfect Solution of Skin & Hair Problems [عناب]
ChiltanPure Jojoba Oil ChiltanPure’s Jojoba Oil has many healing properties. The benefits of this specific oil are that it helps in hair and skin treatment, and it also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to heal scabs and wounds.  Buy Jojoba...
Rs. 1,999
Shea Butter – Highly Moisturizing & Softens Skin
Chiltanpure Organic Shea Butter Organic Shea Butter Benefits is usually extracted from the nuts of African Shea Trees, and it is mostly used in Africa and many other locations for years to improve skin and hair. It also have a long...
Rs. 1,499
Coconut Oil – Aid In Weight Loss , Boost Immune System & Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases 500ml
ChiltanPure coconut oil Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the flesh of mature coconuts and obtained from the Arecaceae plant family’s coconut palm tree. Coconuts, despite their name, are drupes (fruits with a single seed) instead of nuts....
Rs. 1,699
Lavender Oil – Promotes relaxation, soothes eczema & dry skin, contains wound healing properties [Infused]
Chiltanpure Lavender Oil Chiltanpure lavender oil is one of the most popular and versatile oil used in aromatherapy. This oil promote relaxation and believed to treat anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps. Lavender oil is believed to...
Rs. 999
Sandalwood Powder - Enhance Skin Brightness & Removes Sun Tan [صندل]
ChiltanPure Sandalwood Powder Sandalwood or Chandan powder is an excellent beauty ingredient that is natural, reliable and effective. Regular use of the antibacterial Sandalwood powder helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria, exfoliates the skin, soothes sunburn, removes suntan and also reduces signs of ageing such as dry skin...
Rs. 3,000
Sunflower Oil – Cold Pressed – Good For Acne Prone Skin
Chiltanpure sunflower oil NATURAL SUNFLOWER OIL – Bring the best of nature to your table, with our Non-GMO healthy cooking oil, created without chemicals, hydrogenation or other damaging processing.FARM FRESH – Traceable to the farm of origin, Sunflower Oil is...
Rs. 699
Tea Tree Oil - Used for skin & nails, reduces redness, swelling & Soothes skin 100% pure organic [Infused]
Chiltanpure Tea Tree Oil Chiltanpure tea tree oil used for several purposes, including keeping skin and nails healthy. Using tree oil as a natural hand sanitizer may help kill several germs responsible for colds, flu, and other illnesses. Tea tree oil has...
Rs. 1,099
Cedarwood Essential Oil – Combats Hair Loss, Tightens Muscles, Natural Sedative & Antiseptic 20ml
Chiltanpure Cedarwood Essential Oil Experience a renewed sense of focus with ChiltanPure Cedarwood essential oil that never fades with the change of the season. ChiltanPure cedarwood essential oil is perfect for use in aromatherapy, topical organic cedarwood oil, and massage...
Rs. 880
Tulsi Infused Oil – Natural Immunity Booster, Tackles Hyperpigmentation & Boosts Hair Growth
Chiltanpure Tulsi Oil Tulsi, also known as Basil or Holy Basil, is a mint-like leafy herb in various varieties. This wonder herb has been utilized worldwide for ages, including dried powder, herbal tea, and oil.  Chiltan Pure Tulsi Infused Oil...
Rs. 999
Chamomile Oil – Give Healthy Look to Your Face & Hair With This Majestic Liquid [بابونہ] 250ml
Chiltanpure Chamomile Oil ChiltanPure Chamomile Oil made is infusion of aromatic herb which can cure dry, dull, flaky skin. Give healthy look to your face with this majestic liquid. Moreover, the soothing properties of ChiltanPure Chamomile oil soothes your skin...
Rs. 1,199
Coriander Oil – Prevents Hair Greying 50ml
ChiltanPure Coriander Oil ChiltanPure Organics brings purity assured hair product for their customers that is Chiltanpure Coriander oil. As we all know that, hair loss is an issue of many men and women. In addition, the most common causes are count in genetic factors,...
Rs. 999
Pine Essential Oil - Memory Booster, Powerful Antioxidant, Enhances Cognition, Treats Eczema & Rosacea
Chiltanpure Pine Essential Oil Chiltan Pure Pine Essential Oil is handcrafted from pine tree needles and carefully prepared without any additives to provide you with nature’s goodness. Pine trees are widely famous for their intense aroma and are used as...
Rs. 999
Pine Infused Oil – Decongestant, Circulation-Stimulating & Immune-Enhancing
Chiltanpure Pine Infused Oil Chiltan Pure Pine Infused Oil is handcrafted from pine tree needles and carefully prepared without any additives to provide you with nature’s goodness. Pine trees are widely famous for their intense aroma and are used as...
Rs. 999
Cedarwood Oil – Healthy skin best friend – Contains anti-inflammatory properties, cure acne, Helpful for alleviating and reducing stubborn breakouts – 100% pure organic [Infused] 250ml
Chiltanpure Cedarwood Oil Cedarwood oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This may make it beneficial for skin conditions like acne. Cedar wood essential oil can be applied topically (be sure to test it on a small area of skin first in...
Rs. 999
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