Prevent Greying of Hair

Red Onion Oil 🧅 Reduces Hair Fall & Accelerates Hair Regrowth [پیاز کا تیل].. Trending.... 🔥
Chiltanpure Onion Oil Chiltan Pure Onion Infused Oil is a nutrient-rich oil that helps transform dull, lifeless, brittle hair and a tired scalp’s texture and nourishment. It stimulates hair growth and enhances blood circulation, resulting in denser, stronger hair. This...
Rs. 1,560 Rs. 1,099
Balchar (Jatamansi) Oil – Effective for Alopecia, Enlarges Follicular Hair Size & Prevents Scalp Infections
Chiltanpure Balchar (Jatamansi) Oil Balchar (Jatamansi) oil, infused with sesame & mustard oil and herbs, helps to improve circulation in the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles. It’s traditionally used to darken hair and make it straight and shiny, and...
Rs. 1,418 Rs. 999
Amla Powder + Harar Powder -Transforms White Hair To Black, Prevents Premature Greying, Strengthens Hair Follicles, Giving Shiny Black Hairs!
Harar Powder ChiltanPure Harad Powder Pakistan is a type of Ayurvedic herb high in tannin (hydrolyzable type tannin), also known as Black Chebulic Myrobalan or Terminalia Chebula. Amla Powder  ChiltanPure Amla Powder make your hair darker by allowing better pigmentation of...
Rs. 2,125 Rs. 1,898
Black Seed Oil 140ml - kalongi oil - Cure Psoriasis, Acne, Reducing high Cholesterol -
The Prophet Mohammed(صلى الله عليه وسلم) is said to have proclaimed that “Black cumin seed could cure ‘anything but not death.‘Black seed is mentioned in the Old Testament, too, and as found in the tomb of King Tut. That’s a...
Rs. 1,499
Sesame Oil Cold Pressed – Natural SPF for Skin
Chiltanpure Sesame Oil Sesame seeds are a great source of vitamins and minerals ChiltanPure Sesame oil is full of the following vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B vitamins are great for providing you with energy, and vitamin E is good for...
Rs. 599
Shikakai Powder – Strengthens Hair From Roots, Prevents Split Ends, Breakage, Hair Fall, Moisturizes Hair, Prevents Split Ends, Hair From Getting Brittle & Greying
ChiltanPure Shikakai Powder Chiltanpure Shikakai Powder strengthens the hair from roots, prevents split ends, breakage and hair fall. Moreover, it moisturizes the hair, prevents split ends, hair from getting brittle and greying. This powder nourishes the scalp and hair making...
Rs. 999
Hibiscus Oil – Natural Skin Cleanser, Tightens Skin Layer, Stimulates Hair Regrowth from Dormant Follicles & Bald Patches 200ml
Chiltanpure Hibiscus Oil Antioxidant properties present in ChiltanPure Hibiscus Oil does skin wonders like bringing firmness, tightening skin layer, keeping skin moisture balanced & also exfoliates the dead cells by turning to be a natural skin cleanser. This amazing infusion of Hibiscus...
Rs. 1,199
Reetha Powder - Complete Hair Care [ریٹھا]
ChiltanPure Retha Powder  ChiltanPure Reetha Powder is a natural cleanser. Its fleshy portion contains saponin. It is a good substitute for washing soap or for washing . Traditionally used for removing lice from the scalp. The natural reetha fruit powder or...
Rs. 999
Caffeine Shampoo – Stimulate Hair Growth, Strengthen Hair Follicles, Calms Itchy Scalp & Prevents Dandruff 250ml
Chiltanpure Caffeine Shampoo Chiltan Pure Caffeine Shampoo revitalizes dry, dull, and brittle hair by deep cleansing the scalp and alleviating dandruff. Aloe Vera in this shampoo soothes a dry scalp while invigorating follicles for root to tip strength. This shampoo...
Rs. 1,250
Shikakai Oil – Enriched with Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants, Enhance Hair Growth & Cure Scalp Problems
Chiltanpure Shikakai Oil ChiltanPure Shikakai Oil is enrich with vitamins, anti-oxidants which enhances hair growth & lustrous mane. Owing to its anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties, it can be use for medicinal purposes on scalp wounds & other scalp problems. Shikakai...
Rs. 1,199
Balchar (Jatamansi) Powder – Stress Buster, Effective for Alopecia, Improves Learning & Memory Ability 50gm
Chiltanpure Balchar (Jatamansi) Powder Balchar (Jatamansi) brownish-black powder reduces stress, improves learning power and enhances memory. It controls dandruff and promotes the growth of hairs. This powder treats mood and stress disorders, including mental fatigue, tension, anxiety, depression, panic disorders....
Rs. 899
Clove Oil – Powerful Antioxidant, Soothing, Warm Aroma, Helps Clean Teeth & Gums[لونگ] 250ml
Chiltanpure Clove Oil ChiltanPure Clove infused oil is known for its ability to cleanse teeth & gums. Clove oil is also a stimulating and energizing oil that produces a warm, woody aroma. Internal use has powerful antioxidant benefits. Soothing, warm...
Rs. 999
Caffeine Conditioner Hair Mask – Boost Hair Growth, Restore Manageability, Prevent Hair loss & Balances pH Level of Hair 250ml
ChiltanPure Caffeine Conditioner Hair Mask Chiltan Pure conditioner Caffeine helps hair appear its finest by restoring and strengthening strands. This potent ingredient enhances hair growth, prevents hair loss, inhibits DHT formation, weakens hair follicles, prevents breakage, and restores hair’s suppleness....
Rs. 1,199
Coriander Oil – Prevents Hair Greying 50ml
ChiltanPure Coriander Oil ChiltanPure Organics brings purity assured hair product for their customers that is Chiltanpure Coriander oil. As we all know that, hair loss is an issue of many men and women. In addition, the most common causes are count in genetic factors,...
Rs. 999
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