After Shave Lotion – Nourishes Skin Deeply, Ideal for Sensitive Skin, Calms Irritation & Razor Burns

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  • Deeply Nourishes Skin
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin
  • Unclogs Pores
  • Provides 24 Hour Hydration
  • Protects Skin Barrier
  • Shields Skin from Dirt
  • Boosts Self Confidence
  • 150 ml

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Shaving can make a man's skin rugged and strong. The aftershave moisturizer makes it feel fresh and clean!

Mankind After Shave Lotion deeply soothes the skin while instantly calming and restoring the skin barrier after shaving. Vitamin E and chamomile extract in this lotion protect the sensitive areas of the face from external risks like burning or irritation. Due to the lotion's delicate nature, the skin absorbs it fast, leaving your complexion more nourished and with a soft appearance. Regular use of our shaving lotion may help you stave off many environmental stressors and avoid dryness and roughness.

What Does After Shave Lotion do?

After Shave Lotion is used to rehydrate the skin after shaving. Shaving can severely dry out your skin and make your face and neck feel tight and bristly. This lotion can help with sensitive skin, acne, and skin irritation. After Shave Moisturizer can even remove germs or bacteria that may have been on your skin due to shaving.

Amazing Facts of After Shaving Lotion

Men's skin requires something to keep it looking fresh and cool after shaving. Our After-shave lotion makes the skin look more attractive and smoother. When you shave, it can leave your skin looking and feeling very sore and rough. This is both uncomfortable and unsightly. However, once you've finished shaving, you can enjoy soothing, cooling properties that calm the skin and reduce redness and pain. This lotion for after shave is designed to help protect the skin barrier while also providing hydration for up to 24 hours.

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Moisturizes Skin

Our paraben free after shave lotion moisturizes your skin while preventing sores, pimples, and other skin problems. Moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E oil, shea butter, and aloe vera can all benefit your skin if used regularly.

Calms Irritation & Razor Burns

This after-shave lotion is manufactured to alleviate the irritation, razor burn, and bumps caused by shaving. This lotion cleanses your pores of any bacteria that may have been left behind on your skin after shaving, then seal them to keep out any extra dirt or bacteria.

Protect Skin Barrier from Infections

The blades or razors used for shaving have the potential to spread some health infections, whereas utilizing our aloe vera infused lotion for after shave ensures that you won't contract any such diseases and that your skin remains clear and healthy.

Stops Bleeding

Many people experience bleeding troubles after shaving; this lotion will help alleviate this problem and heal the wounds. The skin heals more quickly when using Mankind After Shave Lotion.

Unclogs Pores

Aftershave lotion is a hygienic product due to its antibacterial properties. Your pores can become clogged with debris and bacteria, causing many skin issues. Using an aftershave, however, will help in clearing the debris and bacteria from your pores, lowering your risk of developing problems like infections, ingrown hairs, and acne.

Protects Skin Barrier

When you use this product after shaving, it forms a protective barrier in the areas where it is applied. This means your skin is better protected, especially if you've had nicks and cuts due to shaving. This can lower the risk of various issues, making it a significant benefit of using this product.

Boosts Self Confidence

This lotion not only makes your skin look and feel better, but it can also boost your confidence. When you know your skin looks great, feels nourished and soft, and senses great, you can expect a boost in self-esteem. This confidence will then positively influence other aspects of your life.

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After completing your regular shaving regimen, apply a small amount of Mankind After Shave Lotion. Spread the lotion evenly and gently using your fingertips and hand palms. Then rinse thoroughly with water.
(For External Use Only) Keep Out of Children's Reach


Vitamin E 
Aloe Vera 
Chamomile Extract

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After Shave Lotion – Nourishes Skin Deeply, Ideal for Sensitive Skin, Calms Irritation & Razor Burns
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