Azelaic Cream – Antibacterial, Lighten Freckles, Reduce Hyperpigmentation & Fade Acne Scars

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  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Lighten Freckles
  • Treat Acne
  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation
  • Fades Acne Scars
  • Good for Rosacea
  • Controls Excess Oil Production

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ChiltanPure Azelaic Cream

ChiltanPure Azelaic is a water-based cream used to treat freckles, get rid of acne and improve your skin in texture and tone, and makes it bright, clear, and less bumpy. This acid kills bacteria and cleans and clogs pores, which reduces inflammation and prevents future acne outbreaks.

How does it work?

Azelaic acid cream is beneficial in reducing redness and irritation caused by acne, and it dries out oily skin so that it can be clean and acne free. This cream has various skin properties that can treat various skin ailments. Azelaic acid exfoliates skin texture, combats inflammation and organisms that cause acne, lightens and evens pigmentation, and fades freckles.

Azelaic cream has antioxidant qualities that helps reduces the formation of oxygen free radicals, that can lead to oxidative stress to your skin and further inflammation. This cream also fights and kills bacteria on your skin, and by doing so, it cleans your skin and closes all open pores and prevents any future outbreaks of acne.

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Kills Bacteria

Azelaic acid cream fights and kills the germs on your skin that might cause acne by slowing the growth of collagen cells, which clog pores and sebum and generate scars. It cleans your skin, closes all open pores, and prevents any future acne outbreaks.


As an anti-inflammatory, azelaic acid lowers the redness, inflammation, and swelling caused by rosacea, acne, and other types of inflammation. Azelaic cream soothes breakouts and prevents the growth of new pimples on skin prone to acne. Massaging this cream on your skin soothes redness and relieves inflammation on the skin. It helps the skin to be smooth and even in texture.

Lightens Freckles (Melasma)

A common skin ailment known as melasma is caused by excessive melanin production. Melasma affects women far more frequently than men, and it is believed that hormonal changes and sun exposure are the two main causes (such as pregnancy, birth control pills and hormone therapy).By preventing the formation of melanin, azelaic acid can assist in lessening this melasma and diminishing its appearance.

Treats Acne

Azelaic acid cream helps eliminate acne scars by purifying and destroying oil and debris that clog skin cells. It also prevents future build-up by stimulating cell regeneration and lowering the amount of oil on the skin’s surface.

This cream inhibits the bacteria that can cause acne, lessens inflammation and skin sensitivity, and soothes rough skin.

Lowers Hyperpigmentation

Azelaic cream can make your skin evenly toned with a perfect texture. It is useful in removing dark spots and lightening highly pigmented skin.

Acne outbreaks, ageing, and sun exposure can cause dark skin spots. This cream can treat hyperpigmentation and aid in its lightening, and dark patches disappear when new cells are formed.

Fade Acne Scars

Azelaic cream may have a powerful impact on dark spots that emerge from old acne scars as they also have a pigmentation problem.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH, is the term used to describe the dark patches that appear after acne, and it is more common in people with darker skin tones. Azelaic acid cream may lessen PIH as it can effectively reduce irritation.

Good for Rosacea

This cream’s anti-inflammatory effects reduce irritating rosacea signs like redness, swelling, and scars. Azelaic acid helps prevent spots and blemishes by eliminating skin germs and preserving open pores. It will smooth skin, reduce redness, and hide apparent blood vessels with time.

Prevent Blackheads

Azelaic cream’s antibacterial properties help to prevent the formation of both whiteheads and blackheads by eradicating the skin germs that might cause spots. Moreover, it inhibits the skin cell growth termed keratins, which can clog pores and sebum and lead to oily residues (leading to blackheads.

Wash your face before you apply this cream
Collect a dime-sized amount of the cream. Dab it onto your face.
Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the cream onto your skin. For better results, use it at night.


Aloe Vera
Azelaic acid
 Cucumber water

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Azelaic Cream – Antibacterial, Lighten Freckles, Reduce Hyperpigmentation & Fade Acne Scars
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