Balchar (Jatamansi) Powder – Stress Buster, Effective for Alopecia, Improves Learning & Memory Ability 50gm

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  • Promotes hair growth
  • Controls dandruff
  • Stress Buster
  • Effective for Alopecia
  • Makes hair smooth and shiny
  • Delay premature greying of hair
  • Gross Weight: 80gm
  • Net Weight: 50gm approx

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Chiltanpure Balchar (Jatamansi) Powder

Balchar (Jatamansi) brownish-black powder reduces stress, improves learning power and enhances memory. It controls dandruff and promotes the growth of hairs. This powder treats mood and stress disorders, including mental fatigue, tension, anxiety, depression, panic disorders. It also helps to improve circulation in the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles. 

Balchar powder is considered a natural treatment for hair regrowth as it strengthens your hair roots and strands. It is also used to treat diseases such as anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy and the foremost important thing is that it helps the brain by improving its memory function.

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Promotes hair growth

The potent extracts of Jatamansi powder are beneficial in promoting the growth of hair and preventing hair fall. The oil works by penetrating deep within hair follicles, strengthening hair roots and strands, and making your mane grow stronger and voluminous.

Controls dandruff

Jatamansi has antibacterial and antifungal properties to keep dandruff at bay. It will penetrate through hair follicles and deeply nourish your scalp so that it does not flake and cause more dandruff.

Improve learning and memory ability

Jatamansi Powder is used as a memory enhancer because it enhances the faculties of the mind and provides a sense of relaxation to your brain. It is used as an ayurvedic medicine to treat various ailments in the nervous system.

Effective for Alopecia

The rhizomes of Jatamansi, may help speed up hair growth, and it boosts hair development in people suffering from alopecia.

Stress Buster

Jatamansi powder balances biochemical reactions in the body, reducing anxiety, stress and tension. It is also a mind rejuvenator tonic for those suffering from mental diseases like depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder etc.

Delay premature greying of hair

Jatamansi hair oils impart blackness to your hair and are used as a natural dye which is also used to prevent grey hair.

Makes hair smooth and shiny

Jatamansi nourishes your hair, prevents breaking away quickly, and promotes shine and hair growth.

baal jhar

Mix with any oil and face mask, then apply it on your skin.

Note: Intake of this herb is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

Note: Hypersensitive patients should do a patch test before applying.

Pure Balchar powder

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Balchar (Jatamansi) Powder – Stress Buster, Effective for Alopecia, Improves Learning & Memory Ability 50gm
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