Biotin Beard Wash – Remove Dirt, Oil & Pollutants, Makes Beard Soft & Smooth, Fights Frizz, Flakes & Itchiness 150ml,, Doctor's 👨‍⚕️ Recommended

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  • Remove Dirt, Oil & Pollutants
  • Makes Beard Soft & Smooth
  • Enhances Beard Management
  • Controls Beard Dandruff
  • Formulated for Coarser Hair Types
  • Cleanse & Hydrates Beard
  • Fights Frizz, Flakes & Itchiness
  • Gives Beard Natural Shine
  • Ideal for all Beard Types
  • Sulphate – Free
  • 150 ml

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ChiltanPure Biotin Beard Wash

Your beard recognizes you! Therefore, you must take care of it!

ChiltanPure Biotin Beard Wash is designed to remove impurities, wash away all dirt and excess oils, soothe skin, prevent irritation, and unclog pores. It gently restores the natural freshness, making your skin fairer and more attractive. This beard wash for Men gives your skin a cooling feel after washing.

How does it work?

The skin on your scalp and your face are two things that make beard hair apart from head hair. This beard wash combines proteins to add shine and nourishment and aloe herb extract to soften and moisturize dry skin and facial hair, leaving your beard a smoother, less frizzy look.

Free of harmful irritants that can dry out your face and hair. Stop beard itching by using our beard wash to keep your skin and beard moisturised and hydrated as you prepare for a fresher day.

Amazing Facts

  • This biotin beard wash gives a gentle cooling sensation that leaves skin soothed and refreshed.
  • With the help of coconut water and aloe vera, this beard wash softens facial hair and gives skin a mild moisture boost.
  • Coconut oil in it is nutritious and protective, which calms skin inflammation and enhances the attractiveness of the beard.
  • To make your beard look as thick and healthy as possible, the Biotin Beard Wash was created utilizing natural ingredients.
  • It encourages beard growth and prevents skin dryness.

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Remove Dirt, Oil & Pollutants

ChiltanPure Biotin Beard Wash is a plant-based formula with coconut water and aloe vera that gently cleanses and tames facial hair while drawing dirt, residue and oil from the beard and skin underneath. It purifies your beard by wiping the daily dirt and build-up.

Makes Beard Soft & Smooth

Biotin-infused beard wash is ideal for cleansing and maintaining beard hair. Your beard will become soft and smooth due to the refreshing blend of ingredients to manage its coarse, spiky hair. It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and has a pleasant scent.

Cleanse & Hydrates Beard

Your beard-care routine should always involve a Beard Wash for a natural and healthy-looking beard!

Aloe vera, coconut water, and other plant extracts in this beard wash moisturize dry beard skin as they wipe and soften thorny hairs and provide hydration.

Fights Frizz, Flakes & Itchiness

You can rely on two things if you use this beard wash!

Your beard will look healthier and feel softer in no time, and itchiness and flakes will be an issue of the past. This biotin beard wash fights frizz and flakes while boosting the beard’s natural shine from tip to root.

Controls Beard Dandruff

You can say goodbye to “beardruff” thanks to the beard wash, which removes bacteria and dead skin cells for guys with beard itching.

Due to its special detangling abilities, your beard can be easily brushed or combed fine. Even flaky, dry hair would become gentler, fluffier, and dandruff–free while easing itchiness.

Enhances Beard Shine

Our organic beard wash combines aloe vera and conditioning agents to soften and smooth even the rough beards. 

This Beard Wash enhances natural radiance while gently boosting volume for a thicker, fuller look.

Take a small amount of beard wash and rub it between your hands.
Apply evenly throughout your beard to keep your skin and beard smooth and shiny.
Rinse the excess foam from your beard and dry it with a towel.
(Note) Keep Out of Reach of Children.
For External Use Only.


Aloe vera
Coconut Water
Biotin Oil
Several Extracts

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Biotin Beard Wash – Remove Dirt, Oil & Pollutants, Makes Beard Soft & Smooth, Fights Frizz, Flakes & Itchiness 150ml,, Doctor's 👨‍⚕️ Recommended
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