24k Gold Serum - Instant Glow Booster, Hydrates Skin, Shrink Pores, and Lessens Fine Lines & Wrinkles For Soft, Supple Skin!

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  • Colour: Matte black with gold accent handle
  • Instant Glow BoosterBrightens Skin Tone
  • Anti-Ageing Effect
  • Shrink Pores
  • For Every Skin Type
  • Smooth & Soft Skin
  • Protects From Sun Damage
  • Moisturizing Formula
  • Reduces Spots & Acne
  • Removes Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • 30ml

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We all experience skin ageing and pigmentation owing to different environmental variables and our way of life, and this is a very true truth.  

The 24k gold serum's inherent anti-ageing benefits stretch back to Cleopatra's time as an Egyptian monarch. She supposedly said that using a 24-karat gold mask as she slept each night softened her complexion.

The effects of gold were not limited to Cleopatra's imagination. The truth is that gold has consistently worked as a preventative measure against ageing. Research suggests that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of gold make it the ideal choice for sensitive, hypoallergenic, and skin types with hyperpigmented and acne-prone traits.

Have Instant Glow With Traditional Skincare Routine of Gold Flakes!

Bolan Clinic 24K Gold Serum combines gold flakes with nourishing plant extracts and natural oils. This mild serum absorbs quickly without leaving the skin oily. The gold particles in this serum promote collagen synthesis, which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Organic 24K Gold Serum hydrates the skin deeply. 

It treats acne, reduces pores, and smoothes wrinkles, leaving skin soft and supple. Our amazing serum with a mix of pumpkin, argan, and rosehip oil brightens your skin, prevents blackheads, relieves acne and other skin infections, hydrates skin, protects you from UV damage, and fights ageing, providing all the advantages for healthy-looking skin glow!

Amazing Facts

  • As a natural antioxidant, Bolan Clinic 24k Gold Serum works to shield skin from radiation, enhance cell metabolism and regeneration, hasten collagen formation and growth, effectively stimulate the skin, and restore skin tension.
  • When the serum is completely absorbed, the skin becomes intensely moisturized. The special nourishing and moisturizing ingredients may effectively heal dry, rough, and dull skin, leaving it pearl-smooth.
  • The organic serum soothes skin irritation and dryness while also balancing oily skin tones. Reduce inflammation, find the right hydration, and reduce redness.
  • It cleans up dirt on the skin, gets rid of infectious acne, minimizes pores, lowers wrinkles, and leaves skin feeling soft and glossy.
  • This 24K gold serum, which is made with natural components, efficiently reduces the stimulation of sensitive skin, making it suitable for the anti-ageing requirements of women of all ages. A cooling effect that quickly combines the essence with the skin.

Lightens Complexion

By successfully reducing the appearance of dullness and uneven skin tone, Bolan Clinic's 24K gold serum helps to brighten the skin. By reflecting light and adding natural brightness, its distinctive formulation gives skin a brilliant appearance. The serum also aids in smoothing out the skin's texture, which leads to a skin tone that is more even and uniform and ultimately increases the skin's overall radiance and brightness.

Anti-ageing Effect

A natural antioxidant, the 24k Gold Serum fortifies the skin's defences against oxidative stress and shields it from harmful radiation. By boosting cell metabolism and regeneration, it supports a younger and more vibrant complexion. By encouraging collagen production, it contributes to the development of firmer, tighter skin, regenerating and renewing the skin's overall appearance. A more luminous and resilient complexion is the consequence of its potent ability to stimulate and restore skin tension.

Sun Damage Protection

Damage-causing UV rays are less able to penetrate the skin as a result of their ability to scatter and deflect them. The antioxidant properties of the serum also aid in scavenging free radicals created by sun exposure, lowering oxidative stress, which can lead to UV damage and early ageing.

Moisturizing Effect

After the gold foil is completely absorbed, the skin is left feeling incredibly moisturized. The unique nourishing and moisturizing elements may effectively heal dry, rough, and dull skin, leaving it as smooth as pearls. In addition to calming skin irritation and dryness, the organic moisturizer also helps keep oily skin tones in check.

Fades Acne-Spots

This potent serum effectively cleans the skin of pollutants, including lingering dirt and oil buildup. It fights acne-causing microorganisms, aiding in breakout clearance and control. Additionally, it minimizes pore size, minimizes wrinkles, and imparts a delicate, radiant sheen to the face, giving the complexion a more youthful appearance.

For Every Skin Type

Natural ingredients used to create this 24K gold serum make it gentle on sensitive skin and less likely to irritate it. It provides an instantly absorbed rejuvenating impact that satisfies the anti-ageing demands of women of all ages. Its reviving formula quickly penetrates the skin and leaves it feeling nourished and refreshed.

Apply a few drops of serum on the palm and gently tap on the face and neck. For best results, apply in the morning and at night.

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24k Gold Serum - Instant Glow Booster, Hydrates Skin, Shrink Pores, and Lessens Fine Lines & Wrinkles For Soft, Supple Skin!
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