Rose Handwash - Gently Removes Dirt, Moisturizes Hands & Makes them Soft

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  • Nourishes Hands
  • Removes Dirt
  • No Harmful Ingredients
  • Moisturizes Skin
  • Non-Drying Formula
  • Doesn't Cause Irritation
  • Makes Hands Soft
  • 500ml

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Calm & Relax Rose Hand Wash leaves skin feeling fresh and smelling like a bouquet, comprising the fragrance of freshly-picked roses. Its mild formula protects against dry skin and is rich in nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Rose extracts in our hand wash are effective in removing and hydrating dirt from the skin. This handwash is suitable for sensitive skin as it leaves hands softer and has a calming fragrance. 100% organic hand wash regularly ensures that your hands will be protected from pollution with its rose extracts. This non-irritating hand wash is accessible without harmful toxins as it doesn't dry out or cause skin irritation.

How Does It Work?

Soaps are usually very drying for your skin; however, keeping in mind your delicate skin, Calm & Relax formulated Rose Hand Wash. Get infused with the comforting scent of roses specially hand-picked just for you. It leaves your skin feeling softer and more fragrant than before. With its antibacterial power, this handwash has a unique fragrance. It kills germs and bacteria so that you can have squeaky clean hands.

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Amazing Facts

  1. Calm & Relax Rose Hand Wash is enriched with blooming rose fragrance to give you a pleasurable hand washing experience.
  2. The right type of freshly picked roses just for your hands. It makes your hands more delicate than before and soft to the touch.
  3. Its antibacterial formula kills all the germs and bacteria on the hands.
  4. With conditioning properties, it nourishes your hand's skin and makes them feel cleansed and fresh.
  5. Calm & Relax Rose Hand Wash doesn't over-dry your hands; its non-stripping formulation makes it fit to be used by all skin types.

Blooming Fragrance

Who doesn't love roses? A little fragrance of roses can lift your mood and make you feel good. Calm & Relax Rose Hand Wash is enriched with fragrant roses that refresh your mood as soon you squeeze out a blob.

Adds Softness

A delicate formula for your delicate hands. Infused with rich nourishing ingredients, this Rose Hand Wash makes your hand softer than before. It makes your skin feel cleansed and pulpy. It goes deep into your skin and nourishes it.


Our Rose Hand Wash isn't just a regular handwash with fragrance; it's also packed with antibacterial properties. It instantly kills germs and bacteria so that you can stay healthy and safe. Most diseases transfer from hands as you eat with hands full of bacteria and germs. This hand wash, with a blooming fragrance, has powerful antibacterial effects.

Non-Drying Formula

Soaps are usually dry for hands. With regular use, natural oils and skin moisture are lost, making hands even more drying. Calm & Relax Rose Hand Wash has a non-stripping formula that doesn't over-dry your skin but makes it more delicate and gentler.

Pump a pea-sized amount of handwash onto the wet palm. Make a lather, then wash and rinse thoroughly.

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Rose Handwash - Gently Removes Dirt, Moisturizes Hands & Makes them Soft
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