Chiltan Makeup Setting Spray – Keeps Skin Hydrated, Plump and Soft & Provides Dewy Glow Make-up look

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  • Deep Penetration
  • Keep Skin Hydrated
  • Ultra – long wearing
  • Keeps Skin Matte
  • Keeps Skin Plump and Soft
  • Oil-free Shine Control
  • Provide Dewy Glow Make-up look
  • 50ml

Chiltanpure Makeup Setting Spray

Chiltan Makeup Setting Spray is used to keep your makeup in place and helps prevent your makeup from sliding, smudging, creasing, or fading quickly. Chiltan makeup setting spray contains water to hydrate the skin (and keep it from flaking and looking cakey) and a range of polymers to hold your makeup firmly in place. It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which leave your skin healthy. It helps to keep your makeup fresh and perfectly tidy all day long. 

How does it work?

Chiltan Makeup Setting Spray hydrates your skin, imparts a healthy radiance, and prolongs the life of your makeup. It prevents unwanted color fading or creasing, reduces shine, and gives your face more definition. Setting spray is the ingenious, invisible mist that locks in your makeup look, so it lasts as long as you do. Reduces oiliness in your skin and makes your makeup look flawless. Chiltan Makeup Setting spray imparts a cooling sensation, does not cause any irritation, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.

Do you put Chiltan Makeup Setting Spray on before or after foundation?

Chiltan Makeup Setting spray should be applied after your foundation as the final step in your makeup routine. Not only effective in holding foundation, but a setting spray also holds all makeup, including eyes, lip and base, in place, so it should be sprayed all over the face on top of all cosmetics.

Chiltan Make up setting spray clog pores

Chiltan makeup setting spray should feel lightweight and non-sticky, not only for comfort reasons but because a makeup setting spray can very quickly clog your pores and create breakouts and acne. This tonic is suited for all skin types and comes with rosewater, an anti-inflammatory.

Deep Penetration

Chiltan Makeup Setting Spray penetrates deeply into the skin for long-lasting hydration and plump, younger-looking skin. This Spray also feeds your skin with nourishing elements that contribute to a healthy radiance.

Provide Dewy Glow Make-up look

It can enhance the appearance of your makeup by creating your desired finish, whether that be dewy, matte, or glowing, and guards against sweat and shine. 

Keep Skin Hydrated

Chiltanpure makeup Setting Spray covers the complexion in a veil of hydration, fixing your look into place and protecting the skin against pollution, dirt and aggressors.

Ultra – long-wearing

This long-lasting Spray blurs the appearance of imperfections, helps extend the longevity of your makeup, and nourishes the complexion.

Keeps Skin Matte

This lightweight setting spray helps not only to hold your makeup in place but also prevents unwanted shine, leaving your complexion mattified and flawless without stripping it of moisture.

Keeps Skin Plump and Soft

This Spray hydrates the skin and delivers a smooth, soft-focus finish on the complexion, perfectly enhancing your foundation.

Oil-free Shine Control

Chiltan Makeup setting spray will help control shine by absorbing excess oil to keep your complexion looking balanced. This hydrating setting spray will be better for locking in moisture if you have dry skin. 

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Shake your spray bottle.
Spray in an X- and T-Formation.
Hold the bottle about six to eight inches away from your face for optimal application, Let the spray dry.

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Chiltan Makeup Setting Spray – Keeps Skin Hydrated, Plump and Soft & Provides Dewy Glow Make-up look
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