Glow Facial Mud Mask – Refine Pores, Soothes Skin, Absorbs Excess Oil, Boosts Skin’s Elasticity & Natural Glow!!

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  • Hydrates Skin
  • Refine Pores
  • Soothes Skin
  • Draw Out Impurities
  • Improves Skin Tone
  • Regenerates Skin Cells
  • Absorb Excess Oil
  • Boosts Skin's Elasticity
  • Enhances Skin Natural Glow
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ChiltanPure Glow Facial Mud Mask is ideal for removing and nourishing impurities from the skin. Our mud mask stimulates collagen production and blood circulation beneath the skin. It evens out uneven skin tone and makes it look younger and brighter!

 How does it work?

This glow facial mud mask is unrivalled in its ability to remove blackheads, unclog pores, and improve skin tightness while offering your skin effective detoxification, deep cleansing, and intense exfoliation. This mud mask uses only the healthiest, most reliable ingredients to cleanse pollutants from your skin and refill it with nutrients, moisture, and hydration.

Glutathione-infused mud mask strengthens and nourishes the skin while fighting cell damage and reducing the levels of harmful pollutants existing. The mud mask will enhance the efficiency of toning, nourishing, and treatment products as it will allow your skin to absorb them much more rapidly!

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Amazing Facts

  • ChiltanPure Glow Facial Mud Mask conditions and hydrates your skin by eliminating dead skin cells and absorbing excess oil and impurities from the top layer of the skin.
  • The glutathione in this mud mask can improve uneven skin tone, reduce minor skin blemishes, and give an overall brighter complexion.
  • This mud mask helps remove dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities, absorb excess oil and leaves with clear, calm skin.
  • It strengthens and nourishes the skin by fighting cell damage and lowering harmful toxin levels.
  • It leaves a moisturized appearance while enhancing the skin's texture and clarity.
  • Our glow mask may gently cleanse skin without irritating it, leaving it feeling nourished and calmed.

 Before applying a mud mask, wash your face to remove any excess oil
Apply a thick mask layer on the face and neck, avoiding the eye area
Leave it on for 15 minutes
Allow it to sit until its colour change when dry
Rinse well with warm water
Note: For External Use Only

Xanthum Gum
Fuller's Earth Clay
Veg Derived Glycerine
Cucumber Extract 
Pomegranate Extract
Aloe vera Extract
Chamomile Extract


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Glow Facial Mud Mask – Refine Pores, Soothes Skin, Absorbs Excess Oil, Boosts Skin’s Elasticity & Natural Glow!!
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