Imli Chutney - Taste the Richness of Tangy & Sour Imli in Every Bite - ChiltanPure
Imli Chutney - Taste the Richness of Tangy & Sour Imli in Every Bite - ChiltanPure

Imli Chutney - Taste the Richness of Tangy & Sour Imli in Every Bite

Rs. 999
Rs. 1,325
Rs. 999

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  • Versatile
  • Stimulate Appetite
  • Spicy & Tangy
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Digestive Aid
  • Source of Vitamins
  • Boosts Heart Health
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Enhances Flavor
  • Natural Sweetener
  • 720gm Approx
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Imli Chutney - Taste the Richness of Tangy & Sour Imli in Every Bite - ChiltanPure

Imli Chutney - Taste the Richness of Tangy & Sour Imli in Every Bite

Rs. 1,325 Rs. 999

Imli Chutney - Taste the Richness of Tangy & Sour Imli in Every Bite

Rs. 1,325 Rs. 999

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ChiltanPure Imli Chutney, a staple in Asian cuisine, is a tantalizing blend of sweet and tangy flavors derived from tamarind. The natural sweetness of dates combined with the tartness of fresh tamarind creates a delicious harmony of flavors in this one-of-a-kind chutney. Imli Chutney goes well with kachoris, stuffed pizzas, chat, samosas, bhel puri, and spring rolls. It adds a burst of flavor to a variety of dishes.

In Pakistani and South Asian cooking, Imli chutney—tamarind chutney—is a well-liked and tasty condiment. Tamarind pulp, sugar, and a mixture of spices are used to make it. Imli chutney is famous for its tangy and sweet flavor and is frequently used as a dipping sauce or side dish for various foods.

Amazing Facts of Imli Chutney

  • Sweet & Tangy Flavor: Tamarind pulp is the main feature that adds a unique sweet and tangy flavor.
  • Sugar: Provides sweetness to counteract the tamarind's bitterness.
  • Spices: Usually consists of black salt, red chili powder, cumin, ginger, and, occasionally, garam masala for flavor depth.
  • Aromatics: Some recipes call for adding seasonings like garlic or mint to improve the overall flavor.
  • Getting ready: After removing the tamarind pods, the pulp is combined with water and sugar.
  • Simmering the mixture over low heat causes it to thicken and take on the consistency of syrup.
  • The addition of spices and aromatics results in a tasty, well-balanced chutney.
  • Texture: Imli chutney has a smooth and syrupy consistency, making it easy to drizzle or use as a dip.
  • Flavor Profile: A well-balanced combination of acidic, salty, and sweet elements make up the flavor profile. The sweetness comes from the sugar, the tanginess from the tamarind, and the depth and complexity come from the spices.
  • Versatile: With its incredible versatility, Imli chutney can be used as a dipping sauce for chaat, pakoras, or samosas. It goes well with street cuisine, munchies, and grilled meats.
  • Color: Imli chutney can range from deep brown to reddish-brown, depending on the recipe.

Abundant in Antioxidants

Antioxidants, abundant in tamarind, aid in the body's defense against free radicals.

Its anti-inflammatory qualities

There is evidence that certain spices in Imli chutney, like cumin and ginger, may have anti-inflammatory qualities.

Facilitates Digestion

Digestion is typically aided by the use of tamarind. It has nutritional fiber and natural digestive enzymes.

Increases Immunity

Antioxidants such as vitamin C are abundant in Imli. Imli may strengthen your body's immune system as a result of these. Moreover, it can combat allergies and various illnesses because of its antibacterial and antifungal qualities.

Beneficial For Bones

Magnesium and calcium are vital for healthy bones. Imli contains sufficient calcium and magnesium that promotes bone health. Having magnesium and calcium in enough quantities can help prevent osteoporosis. Moreover, those who consume diets rich in magnesium have better bone density.

Good for Brain

Imli has a high content of Vitamin B minerals, especially B6, B1, Thiamine, and folate. All of these are essential for your overall health.

Moreover, they are vital for the smooth functioning of your brain and nervous system. Most adults get enough Vitamin B through their diet and do not need supplements. Adding Imli to your diet may help you reach the daily target of Vitamin B that your body requires.

Aids digestion

Imli is known to be a good laxative for ages due to the tartaric acid, potassium, and malic acid it contains. Imli fruit is an effective remedy for constipation as it relaxes the stomach muscles. Furthermore, its leaves offer an effective treatment for diarrhea, while the root and bark of its tree can help ease abdominal pain.

Heart Health-Friendly

Tamarind contains polyphenols and flavonoids that lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). It prevents the accumulation of triglycerides.

Hence, it is a heart-healthy fruit to add to your diet, but do ask a Nutritionist in Lahore to determine how much tamarind you should eat daily. Furthermore, the dried Imli pulp can help manage hypertension due to its anti-hypertensive properties.

Helps In Weight Loss

Tamarind is full of fiber and has low-fat content that keeps you fuller for longer, reduces cravings, and suppresses your appetite. Additionally, polyphenols and flavonoids boost metabolism, and the fiber bulks up your stool.

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