Keratin Hair Oil – Detangles Hair, Reduce Frizziness, Boosts Hair Shine & Restores Hair Damage

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  • Anti-frizz
  • Boosts hair shine
  • Heat protectant
  • Restores hair damage
  • Hair growth treatment
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Balance moisture level
  • Healthy–looking hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • 120 ml

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ChiltanPure Keratin Hair Oil

ChiltanPure Keratin Hair Oil nourishes your scalp and helps you grow stronger, thicker hair. It stimulates hair growth and cures dandruff and dry skin on the scalp. This pure keratin oil strengthens and repairs hair while preventing it from the heat of blow dryers and straighteners, leaving it shiny. Argan Oil’s antioxidants in this oil provide an extra protective barrier against environmental factors and generate a seal to protect each hair strand while restoring it from previous damage.

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How does it work?

This Keratin-enriched oil is an intensive treatment for dry, damaged, and processed hair. Argan oil for hair helps to retain natural moisture by boosting hydration. Its penetrating nutrients tame frizzy, brittle hair from the roots to the ends while also balancing hair production. Keratin Oil for Hair absorbs and penetrates hair instantly. This oil provides moisture, smoothness, and hydration, leaving hair amazingly soft, strong, healthy, and shiny. It is ideal for all hair types.

Let your hair indulge in nutrients with ChiltanPure natural keratin oil!!

Amazing Facts

  • Restores the low protein in the inner layer of the hair, giving it a fuller appearance.
  • Hydrates hair while maintaining a healthy protein-moisture balance.
  • Restores shine to dull hair, polishes curls, and helps smooth, dry ends.
  • It seals the cuticle, leaving hair smoother, silkier, and frizz-free.
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Restores hair damage

Keratin oil for hair growth can help your hair by repairing any damage caused by heat styling, chemical processes, or general wear and tear. It hydrates dry hair as well as fragile and chemically-treated strands.

Hair growth treatment

Do you want to boost the growth of your hair? Then make our best keratin oil for hair a part of your daily routine!!

Its featherweight texture provides a glossy finish without adding weight, resulting in hair with bounce and movement. If your hair has been over-processed and damaged, keratin-infused oil will repair the damage and strengthen it from within, making it more resistant to breakage and splitting.


If you have dry, thick curly hair, Keratin-infused oil will restore and nourish it from the roots to the ends. We included a Keratin boost to ensure that your hair remains thick, frizz-free, and shiny all day. It restores the low protein in the inner layer of the hair, giving it a fuller appearance

Perfect look for your messy hair!!

Balance moisture level

A blend of herbal oils and keratin amino acids works to preserve ideal moisture levels and restore hair strength, leaving hair silky smooth and free of frizz and flyaway. Keratin-infused oil also hydrates hair while maintaining a healthy protein-moisture balance, preventing nutrient overload.

Healthy–looking hair

Keratin proteins in this hair oil are the natural building blocks of your hair and work by smoothing down the hair cells, leaving strands stronger, smoother, and easier to manage. It is designed to protect hair from heat, retain colour, control frizz and add instant shine.

Boosts Hair Shine

ChiltanPure Keratin oil for hair growth is designed to keep hair healthy, smooth, and shiny. If you have dry hair, this keratin-infused oil will replenish moisture and smooth the cuticle, making your hair appear smooth and frizz-free. This oil of Keratin adds shine to dull hair, defines curls, and heals dry ends.

It’s time to let your hair shine!

Prevents hair breakage

Keratin Hair Oil strengthens the hair from root to tip, making it potent, stunning, and manageable. Anti-breakage strengthening shampoo helps hair to grow longer and stronger, is sulfate-free, and keeps hair soft and supple. It is ideal for all hair types.

We can help you fall in love with your hair yet again!!

Heat protectant

We’re all using hot tools to achieve your desired looks, but keep in mind that they can cause severe damage to your hair. Keratin oil protects your strands by coating and sealing each, and it helps protect your strands from all that damage.

Apply onto your Scalp and Massage 10 to 15 minutes.
 Better is if wash your hair after 2 hr.


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Keratin Hair Oil – Detangles Hair, Reduce Frizziness, Boosts Hair Shine & Restores Hair Damage
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