Lemon Oil – promotes wound healing, contains anti-fungal properties, Reduces anxiety [Infused] - ChiltanPure

Lemon Oil – promotes wound healing, contains anti-fungal properties, Reduces anxiety [Infused]

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  • Contains antifungal properties
  • Reduces anxiety & depression symptoms
  • Makes your skin healthier
  • Promotes wound healing
  • 200ml
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Lemon Oil – promotes wound healing, contains anti-fungal properties, Reduces anxiety [Infused] - ChiltanPure

Lemon Oil – promotes wound healing, contains anti-fungal properties, Reduces anxiety [Infused]

Rs. 999 Rs. 500

Lemon Oil – promotes wound healing, contains anti-fungal properties, Reduces anxiety [Infused]

Rs. 999 Rs. 500

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Chiltanpure Lemon Oil

Chiltanpure lemon oil serves as a home health remedy. It’s extract from the peel of fresh lemons.The lemon oil can be diluted and applied topically to your skin. Lemon oil helps with depression, clears your skin, kills harmful viruses, bacteria & reduces inflammation.If you have a type of dandruff called seborrheic dermatitis, lemon juice may help absorb excess oils that lead to this common scalp condition. Such effects can work for all hair colors.Reduce anxiety and depression symptomsYou may have noticed that when you use lemon-scented products for cleaning your home, you feel more relaxed and in a better mood afterward.Of course, some of that might be the natural result of sprucing up your environment, but the actual scent of lemons probably plays a part in that calming feeling.

Can ease morning sickness symptoms

Nausea and vomiting are two of the most common symptoms experienced in early pregnancy. There may be reason to believe that lemon infused oil can relieve (or at least decrease) the severity of these symptoms.

Can make your skin healthier

Lemon oil is one of several essential oils that can kill harmful bacteria that can grow on your skin. It also has protective properties, such as antioxidants, that may brighten and preserve your skin tone.

Can act as a pain reliever

Lemon essential oil is sometimes used in aromatherapy as a natural analgesic. The anti-stress and antidepressant effects of this oil may have something to do with how it helps our bodies interpret our pain without panicking.

Help you breathe easier and soothe a sore throat

If you have a cold or are experiencing a sore throat, lemon essential oil is a good home remedy to try.Try setting up a diffuser with lemon oil to release its sweet, tangy scent in your room while you get some rest. The calming properties of lemon oil can help relax both your mind and the muscles in your throat.

There isn’t a lot of clinical data that backs up lemon oil aromatherapy with calming the common cold, but we do know that the vitamin C and antioxidant properties of lemon juice are of benefit when you just need to breathe a little easier.It’s possible that the properties of lemon infused oil work in much the same way when you treat a sore throat with aromatherapy.

Helps you feel alert and concentrated

Lemon essential oil perks up your mood, but it also may work to boost your brainpower.

Effective in treating and preventing acne breakouts

When diluted and applied topically, lemon essential oil can kill bacteria that may get trapped in pores and cause breakouts. It can also clarify your skin with antioxidants and vitamin C, gently exfoliating dead skin cells that so often become trapped in hair follicle and pores.Since lemon oil has healing properties, you get the added bonus of speedier healing from breakouts and treatment of your acne scars when you use it.

 Promotes wound healing

Since lemon essential oil is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties, it might not surprise you to learn that this oil might belong in your first aid kit.

Has antifungal properties

Lemon infused oil has powerful antifungal properties for treating certain skin overgrowths.

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Lemon Extract Oil

Purify & Sanitize

Calm & Relax Lemon Hand Wash contains citric acid, a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent. When applied to the skin, it can help to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, reducing the risk of infection and keeping hands clean and hygienic. The acidic properties of lemon can help to dissolve dirt, oil, and other impurities on the skin, making it an effective way to purify and sanitize hands.


The citric acid present in lemon extracts is a natural antibacterial. Our Lemon Hand Wash is formulated with lemon extracts that help kill microorganisms and bacteria. It keeps your hand clean and hygienic. With a citrusy fragrance, this handwash makes you feel fresh and cool.

Balances skin pH

Lemon is known to have a low pH level, which helps to balance the skin's natural pH levels. The acidic properties create a thin film that protects the skin from environmental damage and keeps it moisturized. Calm & Relax Lemon Hand Wash can restore the skin's natural pH balance, improving skin health and appearance.

Enhance Softness

A delicate formula for your delicate hands. Infused with rich nourishing ingredients, this Rose Hand Wash makes your hand softer than before. It makes your skin feel cleansed and pulpy. It goes deep into your skin and nourishes it.

Non-Drying Formula

The natural oils and skin hydration are lost when soap is used frequently, making soaps already dry for the hands much drier. Calm & Relax Lemon Hand Wash features a non-stripping solution that makes your skin more delicate and gentle rather than over-drying.
Pump a pea-sized amount of handwash onto the wet palm. Make a lather, then wash and rinse thoroughly.

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