Love & Romantic Aromatherapy Candle - Light up Your Romantic Moments!!

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  • 🌱 100% Natural
  • 🌾 Made up of Soywax
  • ❌ No Toxic Chemicals
  • 🔥 Burning Time - 30-35 Hours
  • ⚡ Wick - 100% Natural Fibre
  • 🫙 Premium Glass Jar With Wood Cap
  • Gross Weight : 500g

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ChiltanPure Love & Romantic Aromatherapy Candle

Love & Romantic Aromatherapy Candle is a seductive, romantic healing blend that stimulates the emotions to enhance eroticism and deep attachment with others; or for moments when you need calming soul.

Aromatherapy for love encourages its use of natural flora and odors that attract to our sense of smell. These are very important in romance, love, and companionship. Love and romantic candle with a delicate scent can enrich a romantic evening or give complexity and fascination to your marriage.

Love & Romantic Aromatherapy Candle will not make a stubborn, unsatisfying, or aggressive person become more loving or sensual overnight, but it will improve his or her entire feelings and make a romantic or intimate evening much more sensuous.

  • Do not burn the candle for more than 2-3 hours at a stretch.
  • Discontinue burning the candle where there is ½ cm of candle remaining.
  • Never touch a candle while it is burning and allow it to cool down before placing the lid back on.
  • Keep away from anything flammable. Never leave a candle unattended when lit.
  • Don’t burn candles all the way down.
  • Never move a candle while burning.
  • Don’t move the container with melted wax.
  • Don’t put water on the burning candle.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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    Muhammad Ali
    Aroma candle

    Very nice fragrance

    Love & Romantic Aromatherapy Candle - Light up Your Romantic Moments!!
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