ChiltanPure Masala Chai – Full of Anti-Oxidants, Extremely Relaxing & Soothing 210gm

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  • Refreshed the morning
  • Boost your energy
  • Fight tiredness
  • Gross Weight: 260gm
  • Net Weight: 210gm approx

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ChiltanPure Masala Chai

ChiltanPure Masala Chai is the authentic version of Spiced Chai that will lighten up your dull day. Chiltanpure Masala Chai is the type of spicy blend which will cheer up your mood at any time of the day. The perfect mix of spices with black tea gives you a soothing effect on your soul with an appropriate amount of caffeine. Our masala chai will bring back all the good memories of family and friends. A cup of Chiltanpure masala chai is an incredible blend that deserves to be a part of all your little moments.

ChiltanPure masala chai has whole spices to create a warming, balanced, perfectly spiced cup of Chai. Our Chai not only has a perfect taste, but it also comes with a good amount of anti-oxidants from black tea as well as spices like cardamom, ginger and cinnamon sticks. These anti-oxidants in our Chai will keep your heart healthy and boost your energy levels. Whatever you’re feeling, our masala chai will make it better!

  • Amazingly flavorsome delicious
  • Extremely relaxing
  • Soothing
  • Refreshes your mood
  • Full of anti-oxidants

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The Best Times to Have Chiltan Pure Masala Tea

In the morning

ChiltanPure Masala will help you wake up and feel more refreshed in the morning. Our masala tea has a blend of spices that work to give you the boost you need to get your day started.

With Colleagues or Loved Ones at Lunch

Whether it’s a workday or a weekend, lunch requires a wonderful cup of tea to wake you, enhancing the joy of being in good company. Enjoy our yummy masala tea with colleagues or loved ones to boost your energy and fight tiredness.

When it’s Raining

Tea and rain go hand in hand, especially when it’s a cup of Chiltanpure masala chai. Prepare a milky cup of tea for yourself, fry some fritters, and enjoy your tea and snack while listening to the rain.

Social gatherings

Social gatherings, like weddings, get together, and dinners, are great opportunities to enjoy a hot cup of ChiltanPure masala tea.

While Working on a Project

Complex tasks can be complicated, and you should stay awake to ensure that you put in your great efforts and generate outstanding results. This is the best time to drink ChiltanPure masala tea because the blend will provide you with the vitality you need during your day.

Before engaging in an activity that needs a lot of energy

You need to be fully energized for any energy-intensive activity like hiking or workouts. Having a cup of ChiltanPure masala chai half an hour before you begin can help you get into full force and keep you going.

Place a saucepan over medium heat, and pour water into the pan.
Wait for the water to come to a boil.
As soon as it starts boiling, add the ChiltanPure  Masala Chai, Let it brew for a few more minutes before turning off the flame.
Now, let your tea simmer for two more minutes, You don’t want it to be anything less than perfect.
Strain the tea, add sugar and milk to your likeness and enjoy.
Note: Add some masala to your life.

Customer Reviews

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Mustajab Fatima
masala tea

awazing taste so relaxing and refrshing tea price so high but outstanding tea. i love it .... All the besty chiltan pure 4 all products.


I just got my parcel one day before & i make a cup of masala tea,the taste is perfect & i feel it works for relaxing tea as well...well 👍 done

ChiltanPure Masala Chai – Full of Anti-Oxidants, Extremely Relaxing & Soothing 210gm
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