Organic Mustard Oil ColdPressed (100% Purity Guarantee) [سرسوں کا تیل]

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  • Boost Hair Growth
  • Reduce Scar Tissue
  • Promotes Healthier Skin
  • Prevents Premature Aging
  • Relieves Itching
  • Massage Oil
  • Make Hair Shiny and Strong
  • Reduce Hair Fall and Dandruff
  • 500ml Food Grade Bottle

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Chiltanpure Rich & Organic Mustard Oil

Our Mustard oil is made by pressing the seeds of a mustard plant. Mustard oil is popular in the Eastern part for cooking. Now some foreign chefs have begun to perform different experiments with this oil because it carries heat and a distinctive flavor in it.

Mustard oil is popular as a cooking oil in northern India and Pakistan and as the main ingredient for cooking in the sub-continent. The popularity of this oil has diminished in Northern India and Pakistan due to the easy availability of vegetable oils. However, it is still used in the culture of the Subcontinent. It is also used as pickle oil, massage oil, and in some social and religious ceremonies.

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Can it be used as Essential oil?

Yes, Chiltanpure pure Mustard oil can also be used as an essential oil. The safest method of using it is to dilute it in carrier oil and apply it to the skin.

It is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and could have some health benefits.

The oil is much more potent for massaging.

Nutrition Value of 100 grams of Chiltanpure Mustard oil contains:

  • 59 g of monosaturated fatty acids.
  • 21 g polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • 11 g saturated fatty acids.
  • Energy: 884 kcal.
  • Total lipid (fat): 100.0 g.

This all in one oil is recommended for its high MUFA content that is essential for health. It is also good for the heart, skin and hair.


Do not take mustard oil close to one who is allergic to it as it can be toxic if used in this way.

Mustard oil has high levels of both alpha-linolenic acid and erucic acid. Erucic acid has toxic effects on the heart at high enough doses of oil.

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Benefits of Chiltanpure Mustard Oil 

Benefits on Health

Good Source of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA):

Mustard oil is recommended for its high MUFA content that is essential for our health. It’s good for the heart, skin and hair.

Promotes Cardiac Health

According to a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, including mustard oil in your regular diet could be beneficial to your heart health. Being a rich source of MUFA, it lowers bad cholesterol in the body, thus keeping a check on blood fat levels and helping in circulation.

Protects Against Infection

Mustard oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Its external and internal use is helps in multiple ways to fight infections, including digestive tract infections.

Boosts Blood Circulation

In Ayurveda, using mustard oil for body massage improves blood circulation, skin texture and releases muscular tension. It also activates the sweat glands and helps in extracting from the body.

Treats Cracked Heels

A mixture made by heating candle wax with equal amount of mustard oil till it becomes a thick will do wonders for cracked heels. Fill your cracked heels with this mixture and sleep with cotton socks to make your heels smoother.

No More Brittle Nails

Mustard oil can also be applied on nails. It’s better than coconut or almond oil in terms of benefits. It lubricates the nail bed and is easily absorbed to nourish the nails.

Benefits on Skin

Good for the Skin

Mustard oil is loaded with vitamin E, an essential nutrient for the skin. When applied to the skin it is said to reduce fine line sand wrinkles, and acts as a sunscreen.

Gentle to Baby Skin

Traditionally babies are often massaged with mustard oil in most parts of the Subcontinent. However, recent studies have stated that mustard oil massage should be done with limited quantities. Too much of it could prove to be harmful and cause irritation.

Benefits on Hair

Stimulates Hair Growth

The cultures of the Subcontinent swear by the incredible property of mustard oil for hair growth.

Gift of Beta- Carotene

Mustard oil contains beta-carotene which is excellent for hair growth when massaged into the scalp. It activates blood circulation, and its anti-bacterial properties prevent scalp infections.

(Face) Take 2-3 drops of oil for daily use.
(Hair)Apply onto your Scalp and Massage 10 to 15 minutes. Better is if wash your hair after 2 hr.


Ingredients of Mustard Oil


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Organic Mustard Oil ColdPressed (100% Purity Guarantee) [سرسوں کا تیل]
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