Pain Relieving Cream - Get Instant Relief from Headache, Body Ache & Cold

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  • Get Instant Relief from Headache
  • Cure Cold
  • No More Body Ache
  • Multi Purpose Organic Balm
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • 50ml

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Chiltanpure Pain Relieving Cream

Rapidly changing lifestyle has led to a drastic increase in problems like cold, headache and body ache. To stand tall against these odds, ChiltanPure presents you the new Pain Relieving Cream with improved new formula with Menthol that make it even more effective as it cool down,  gets absorb quickly, works faster & provides better relief from pain.

How it Works?

This amazing pain relieving cream touted as a multipurpose product that is use for a wide range of issues, especially pain. It works for following:

Back pain: The active ingredients camphor and menthol may help soothe this type of pain.

Common colds: Menthol may alleviate cold symptoms.

Congestion: A combination of menthol and eucalyptus may clear up congestion.

Flu-related symptoms: Menthol and eucalyptus may help aches associated with the flu.

Headaches: Menthol may provide relief. The addition of eucalyptus can also have pain-relieving effects.

Non-arthritic joint pain: Menthol and camphor may help treat this type of pain when it’s related to exercise and other activities.

Minor burns: Camphor and menthol may cool and soothe them.

Muscle aches and strains: Menthol can provide relief.

Osteoarthritis pain: Capsicum and menthol may alleviate this type of pain.

Shoulder and neck pain: Its properties may help provide relief from this type of pain.

Toothaches: Some claim the menthol and clove and ginger oils can soothe toothaches when applied along the jawline.


Don’t take it orally. Don’t apply the product to irritated, sunburned, and chapped skin. The menthol and wintergreen can cause further irritation. Also avoid placing Balm in your eyes, mouth, genitals and any open wounds.

This product isn’t intended for the inside of the ears or in the groin.

Don’t cover the application area with heat pads, cold packs, or bandages.

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For colds and congestion, the balm may be applied to your chest and forehead.
To enhance its effect, we recommend you to massage the product into skin of effected (in which you are feeling pain) area until it’s fully absorbed rather than just applying it and letting it sit on top of your skin.

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Pain Relieving Cream - Get Instant Relief from Headache, Body Ache & Cold
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