Reddish Tinted Lip Balm – Prevent Dry & Chapped Lips, Makes Lips Soft & Supple & Give Cherish Blush to Your Lips!

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  • Intensely Hydrate Lips
  • Soft & Supple Lips
  • It'll Make Your Lips Burst!
  • Prevents Dry & Chapped Lips
  • Gives Young-Looking Lips
  • Enhances The Lips' Natural Gloss
  • Easy to Remove
  • Locks in Sensitive Lip’s Moisture
  • Restores Natural Lip Color
  • 20ml

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Lips that are cracked and chapped are painful and hard to ignore. They may cause you to feel uneasy and even make eating difficult.


ChiltanPure Reddish Tinted Lip Balm is incredibly hydrating, smooth to apply, and has a glimpse of color. The nutritious oils and butter will make your lips feel nourished and happy as they are infused with potent fruit extracts and Beeswax to moisturize and soften lips deeply. Rosy-hue tinted lip balm is an excellent alternative to lipstick or regular lip balm. This balm can add a subtle splash of color to your lips, making it perfect for a day look or a night out.

Tinted lip balm is a lip emollient that is colored with bright hues. Apart from a regular lipstick tube, this unique lip balm imparts a more subtle reddish shade to your lips!

Cherish Tinted Lip Balm is a gentle wax-like substance that you apply to your lips to permeate and ease the discomfort caused by dry or chapped lips. As your lips' skin is thin, they are more prone to dryness than other skin parts. At the same time, organic sunflower oil offers healthy fatty acids and lipids to your lips, aiding in curing dryness and sun damage. This tinted lip balm protects your lips from wind, dry air, and cold temperatures by adding a splash of strawberry pinkish color!

For Colorful, Shiny Lips, Grab This Organic Cherish Allure!

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Intensely Hydrates Lips

The cocoa butter in this lip balm protects the lips by providing sufficient hydration, which helps protect lips from extreme temperatures and indoor heat that can severely dry out your lips. It also gives your lips a soft texture and a burst of red color. A pleasant layer of tinted lip balm will act as the best surface before applying lipstick, making it simple.

It'll Make Your Lips Burst!

Why hydrate when you're able to glam? The cherry-flavoured lips moisturizing balm will make your lips blush. When you don't desire to put on lipstick, it's perfect. The reddish lip balm's intense moisturizing properties inhibit the color pigment from settling into the lip's patches, resulting in baby-soft, glossy lips only with one finger touch.

Prevents Dry & Chapped Lips

With the help of nourishing and healthy ingredients, it locks in the moisture of your delicate lip skin for more than 24 hours. Our reddish Lip balm has a very light texture that glides on the lips quickly and easily. Shea butter in this lip balm prevents dryness by offering enough moisturization and hydration to alleviate chapped lips.

Enhances the Lips' Natural Gloss

We're all aware that our skin sags and stops growing as we age. On lips, dryness has a similar effect. The lips begin to look skinnier, and each lip section is more visible. Nobody wants that. Regular lip balm will strengthen your lips and smooth those paths. Although if your lips aren't dry or chapped, preserving a lip balm on your finger and applying it is essential to keep younger and luscious lips.

Lipstick Blended Smoothly

If you cannot leave home without your preferred lipstick, combine it with a tinted lip balm to boost hydration and prevent flaky lips. It looks fabulous when your lipstick and tinted lip balm are the same color. You may have your own unique shade if you pick two distinct colors.


Apply a thin layer of lip balm and let it dry completely before applying your matte lipstick on the edge.

Gives Young-Looking Lips

Healthy-looking and soft lips can greet you in the early hours! Using our reddish-tinted lip balm as an overnight treatment effectively prevents Chappy and smudgy lips. It also helps protect emerging skin cells, preserving your lips full. You'll have younger-looking lips as it inspires faster skin cell retention.

Easy to Remove

Despite a quality makeup remover, long-lasting lipstick might be hard to wipe after a night out. Our tinted lip balm is easy to remove, so you won't have to scrub your lips too hard or wake up with colored smudges on the face.

 Squeeze a small amount with clean fingers and gently spread and massage over lips for wonderfully hydrated lips!


Bees Wax
Cocoa Butter
Shea Butter

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Reddish Tinted Lip Balm – Prevent Dry & Chapped Lips, Makes Lips Soft & Supple & Give Cherish Blush to Your Lips!

Reddish Tinted Lip Balm – Prevent Dry & Chapped Lips, Makes Lips Soft & Supple & Give Cherish Blush to Your Lips!
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