Safed Surma (سفید سُرمہ) – Improve Eye Vision, Prevents Eyes Infection, Keeps the Eyes Cool & Make Eyes Appear Bigger

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  • Protect Eyes from Dirt & Pollution
  • Keeps the Eyes Cool & Clear
  • Improves Vision
  • Make Eyes Appear Bigger
  • Reduce Irritation & Eye Pain
  • Shield Eyes from Sun Damage
  • Relieves Watery Eyes

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Surma, also recognized as Kohl, is an ancient eye cosmetic, similar to the charcoal used in mascara, made by grinding stibnite. It is an eye application used by Muslims and innumerable other people for ages and is known as a super-fine powder. The herbalists created Surma to keep their patients' eyes cool and healthy.

ChiltanPure Safed Surma, made by grinding Surma stone, a mineral called stibnite and natural herbs, keeps your vision & eyes clear and calm. Safed Surma's white and glimmering particles form a thin layer on the eyes' lenses, shielding them from the sun's harmful rays. It can also keep eyes safe from various potential diseases and infections. Safed Surma improve vision and make eyes appear bigger.

For Both Men and Women, Applying Surma is Sunnah!

How is Our Safed Surma Beneficial?

Our Safed Surma is a soft and soothing solution that can be used by people of all ages; regular usage keeps the eyes sparkling and calm and provides tired Eyes with a refreshing burst of cucumber freshness all day. Neem, saffron, fennel extract, and other herbs that guard against and cure various vision problems are cured with the use of this safed surma. It treats watery eyes (fluxes), inflammation, and pain in the eyes.

Amazing Facts of Organic Safed Surma Powder for Eyes

  • Surma is confidently applied to the eyes of all women worldwide, whether black, white or another colour.
  • ChiltanPure Safed Surma can cure dry eyes caused by prolonged computer screen usage.
  • Our organic Safed Surma Powder for Eyes, made from natural Surma Stone, relaxes irritated and tired eyes.
  • This Surma treats and prevents vision problems such as blindness, infections, and dry eye.
  • It kills bacteria that have gathered as sludge on the corners of the eyes due to its anti-microbial properties.
  • Surma's white hue is used for eye makeup. It gives the appearance of brighter, bigger eyes.

How to use

  • Twist the probe inside the ChiltanPure Safed Surma’s bottle.
  • Take the probe out, then tap it lightly to remove any extra powder.
  • Apply the probe to the eye.
  • For the opposite eye, follow the same procedure.

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Safed Surma (سفید سُرمہ) – Improve Eye Vision, Prevents Eyes Infection, Keeps the Eyes Cool & Make Eyes Appear Bigger
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