Shoe Horn – Made with Pure Wood, Ideal for Aged People, Comfortable Grip & Preserve Durability of Costly Footwear

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  • Made with Pure Wood
  • Wooden Handle
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Easy to Carry
  • Suitable to Use
  • Keep Shoes in Shape
  • Preserves Footwear Durability

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When we put our feet in our shoes, we have a habit of becoming a bit careless. Our heel always smashes the heel counter, which destroys it and wears it out faster over time. By the way, the heel counter is located at the back of the shoe. It is flat and stiff when brand-new, but as we crush it with our massive, careless heels, it becomes slipperier and begins to crumble. It also happens when we remove our shoes because we kick them off with the toes of the opposite foot.

Mankind Shoehorn is made to protect your shoe or footwear against all of these problems!

Mankind Shoehorn, also referred to as a Shoe Spooner, is a tool with a short handle that expands into a longer spoon-like head. It is meant to push against the inside back of a snug-fitting shoe to facilitate sliding the heel down its basin inside the sole. Our long Wooden Handle Shoe Horn allows users to slide on shoes without bending. This customized shoe horn is made of premium wood, has a hole, and is modified. It'll last a lifetime!

Amazing facts

  • Our experts designed it especially for older, less athletic people with back ailments.
  • The smooth surface of the wooden shoe horn makes it easy to fit your foot into your shoe.
  • It is suitable for those who find it difficult to bend over, have arthritis, or have stiff joints.
  • For a firm handhold, the handle is super thick. A smooth edge will shield your shoes and ankle!

Keeps Your Shoes in Shape

Your shoe's shape and heel structure will be preserved with this shoehorn. 1000% Original shoe horn will keep your shoes maintained for much longer. This shoehorn is perfect if you have trouble getting your shoes on and they're too tight for your feet. It will make it easier to glide your feet into your shoe.

Preserves the Durability of Your Costly Footwear

This shoe horn can help you slip your foot into a tight shoe and keep your favourite shoes in good shape. When putting on your shoes, you could feel a stiffness in your heels and become conscious of it. But you're also ruining your shoes with your heels. It will help the process go more smoothly, which suits you and your shoes. This shoe horn will benefit you in preserving the quality of your costly footwear.

Comfortable Grip & Use

The best shoehorn in Pakistan allows you to wear shoes without bending excessively, which helps prevent muscle pulling. Its comfort grip with Curved Edge is easier to grip and more comfortable for your hands than steel.

Easy to Carry

Whether you pack it in a suitcase, backpack, or briefcase, Mankind Shoehorn will stash away in a corner, but when you need it, all you have to do is hold it to put your shoes in the most befitting manner. This sturdy wooden shoehorn is wider than the others to facilitate people who find it difficult to bend to put on shoes. 

How to use

Step 1: Place the shoe horn against the heel hole at the back of the shoe.

Step 2: Hold the handle only partially straight up.

Step 3:  Insert your foot inside the shoe until it touches the insole, then take off the shoe horn.

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Shoe Horn – Made with Pure Wood, Ideal for Aged People, Comfortable Grip & Preserve Durability of Costly Footwear
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