Spot Clearing Cream - Unclogs Pores, Fades Stubborn Dark Spots & Lightens Acne Scars, - ChiltanPure

Spot Clearing Cream - Unclogs Pores, Fades Stubborn Dark Spots & Lightens Acne Scars,

Rs. 1,199
Rs. 1,199

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  • Unclog Pores
  • Fade Acne Scars
  • Lighten Stubborn Dark Spots
  • Diminishes Fine Lines
  • Even Skin Complexion
  • Control Melanin Production
  • Fight Free Radical Damage
  • Boosts Collagen Production
  • Improves Skin’s Elasticity
  • 50Ml
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Spot Clearing Cream - Unclogs Pores, Fades Stubborn Dark Spots & Lightens Acne Scars, - ChiltanPure

Spot Clearing Cream - Unclogs Pores, Fades Stubborn Dark Spots & Lightens Acne Scars,

Rs. 1,199

Spot Clearing Cream - Unclogs Pores, Fades Stubborn Dark Spots & Lightens Acne Scars,

Rs. 1,199

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ChiltanPure Spot Clearing Cream

ChiltanPure Spot Clearing Cream maintains skin balance and oil production, preventing spots from occurring. It reduces dark spots and discoloration while improving your skin’s clarity. The hyaluronic acid in this cream reduces excessive oil production that clogs pores and leads to breakouts by preserving healthy moisture balance in the skin.

How does it work?

Concentrated active ingredients in this cream effectively fade dark spots, premature ageing, sunburns, and discolouration, revealing clearest, most radiant, and even skin. This potent formulation makes it tough enough to combat dark patches and pigmentation while not irritating more sensitive skin types. This solution instantly boosts the skin’s luminosity. Its unique formulation allows for easy application, faster absorption, and better skin nourishment.

Amazing Facts

  • Easy application, quick absorption, and improved skin hydration are all attained by this cream's unique formulation.
  • This facial cream fade dark spots and also helps control excess oil production and regenerates and repairs your skin to give you a healthy glow.
  • Vitamin B3 in this cream enhances the hydrating power of moisturizers to help the skin's barrier prevent moisture loss, which often results in dry, tight, flaky skin.
  • It contains firming and soothing agents, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 to improve skin elasticity while boosting collagen production.
  • Natural plant-based ingredients repair and hydrate skin while preventing water loss from the skin, reducing wrinkles and skin dryness.

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For External Use Only.

Lighten Stubborn Dark Spots

The nourishing antioxidants help to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots, brown spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and post-acne marks for a brighter, more radiant complexion. This cream rejuvenates, evens the skin tone, and fades irritating spots. It unclogs pores and has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe red, irritated skin.

Fade Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation caused by recurrent inflammation can be minimized with this cream for clearing dark spots, and it also helps to improve skin pigmentation caused by damage. This cream is excellent for treating hyperpigmentation because it contains unique skin lightening properties that help to improve skin tone. It also quickly treats existing pigmentation, leaving you with clear and supple skin.

Boosts Skin's Elasticity

Spot Clearing Cream for face infused with chamomile extract provides a mild tightening impact on the skin to help prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. Skin moisture levels can significantly decrease as we age, leading the skin to lose its elasticity and expose the signs of aging. This cream enhances skin tone and texture and works to maintain its firmness and elasticity.

Stimulates Collagen Production

This spot-clearing cream removes dead skin cells gently while minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and stubborn dark spots. Hyaluronic acid in this cream increases moisture, and proteins stimulate collagen synthesis, which diminishes fine wrinkles. This solution also instantly boosts the skin’s luminosity.

Regenerates Skin Cells

You may appear lifeless and dull with dry, flaky skin. This all-in-one cream for clearing stubborn spots gives the skin nutrition and promotes the growth of new skin cells for a glowing look. Eliminating impurities and dead skin cells it keeps skin problems at bay and make you look young and fresh.

Minimizes Pores

Large pores can be unattractive and lower your self-esteem. This niacinamide cream helps to keep skin hydrated and balances oil production naturally. Niacinamide infused cream permits pores to contract, become less visible over time, and clears up pores, allowing the skin to absorb moisture and nutrients more efficiently. Moreover, it reduces their size and prevents enlarged pores.

Even Out Skin Tone

Best pot Clearing Cream in Pakistan infused with niacinamide help to lessen the appearance of dark spots, discoloration, and sun harm. It also lowers the formation of wrinkles, age spots, dullness, fine lines, and other aging signs. This cream also boosts skin elasticity and promotes collagen formation, which leads to a younger-looking skin texture.

Wash your face before you apply this cream.
Collect a dime-sized amount of the cream. Dab it onto your face.
Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the cream onto your skin.
(Note)For External Use Only.

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