Temptation – Elegance in a Fragrance!! – Body Spray Mist Perfume

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  • Fresh,Woody & Spicy
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Long Lasting
  • For Men
  • 100ml


Temptation is a fragrance that enhances your ability to amaze, attract, and fascinate others. This warm, sensual cologne for a confident, charming man has fresh and aromatic top notes of tarragon and comforting, spicy cinnamon, layered delicately on rich patchouli with a base of amber and smoky vetiver. This powerful fragrance represents tireless devotion and powerful interest in exhibiting masculine class. Temptation cologne is moderately long-lasting, lasting through almost any event without reapplying. It has moderate silage, so the scent will stay close to you and won’t overpower the room



Spray lightly over clothes. For maximum scent power, go all in and spray on moisturized skin and pulse points like behind the ears, inside of the elbows, and wrists.

Temptation – Elegance in a Fragrance!! – Body Spray Mist Perfume
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