Urgent Facial – Provides an Instant Glow in Just a Few Minutes!! 150ml

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  • Oil – Free
  • Anti – Acne
  • Deeply Cleanses Skin
  • Anti – Pigmentation
  • Germ & Dirt Protector
  • Enhances Skin’s Youthful Glow
  • Soothing & Relaxing
  • Balances Skin pH Level
  • Reduce Dryness & Irritation
  • 150 ml

ChiltanPure Urgent Facial

ChiltanPure Urgent Facial, made of organic extracts, gives your skin the ideal glow while detoxifying it. It deep cleans your skin, removes blackheads, enhances blood circulation, and deeply nourishes the skin. This urgent facial improves an even complexion, lightens the skin tone, and prevents dullness and other sun-related damage.

How does it work?

ChiltanPure Urgent Facial stimulates cell regeneration and helps restore the impression of fine lines and wrinkles. The all-natural ingredients in this urgent facial absorb moisture and complete hydration while healing skin and leaving it intensely soft, nourished, and youthful-looking. Our urgent facial also protects the face from the after-effects of sunlight, harsh environments, and allergic reactions caused by regular makeup.

This multivitamin formula contains aloe vera, milk, and soothing herbs, that eliminate severe blemishes and leave your skin feeling soft and radiant. It works perfectly on both oily & acne-prone skin and also reduces puffiness and skin sagginess. If you naturally have dark skin, skin-whitening facial care can help lighten and illuminate your complexion without making you look dull or pale.

ChiltanPure Urgent Facial helps you maintain a salon-ready look while being at home in just a few minutes!!

Amazing Facts of ChiltanPure Urgent Facial

  • An urgent facial helps to detoxify the skin while also giving it an ideal glow.
  • The negative effects of sun exposure, smoking, other environmental conditions, and improper product usage all alleviated by facials.
  • As a result of stress, women age more rapidly. While stress is increasingly one of the causes of premature ageing, it can also trigger eczema, diminish the longevity of your skin cells, worsen acne, and cause other skin inflammations. Facials can make you feel less stressed and helps lessen skin issues.
  • This urgent facial is an excellent skin care therapy. After your facial, your skin will feel wonderful and you’ll feel calm and relax.
  • The facial massage also calms the facial muscles, which can delay the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Your complexion becomes younger, fresher, and gloomier with regular use of our urgent facial.

Apply facial cream to your face & neck and massage for 7 minutes with moist hands.
Leave it for 5 minutes.
Massage for 3 minutes more with moist hands once the skin has adequately absorbed the cream.
Rinse the cream off with clean water to achieve instant fairness in just 15 minutes.
 (Note) Keep out of reach of children.


Liquorice extract
Almond extract
Chamomile extract
Aloe vera

Customer Reviews

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Munir Shoukat

Urgent Facial – Provides an Instant Glow in Just a Few Minutes!! 150ml

Manha Mannu
Amazing results love your urgent facial... inshAllah will order your products again and again🥰

Amazing results love your urgent facial inshAllah will order your products again and again 🥰

Rabia Batool

Urgent Facial – Provides an Instant Glow in Just a Few Minutes!! 150ml

soobia waseem

such an amazing result i love chiltan pure product

Ameer Hussain
Urgent facial glow

Amazing skin looks fresh and clean

Urgent Facial – Provides an Instant Glow in Just a Few Minutes!! 150ml
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