Walnut Oil - Boost Heart Health [اخروٹ]

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  • To maintain Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Cholesterol Level
  • Good for Muscular Pain
  • Reduce Dark Circles • Remedy for Infection
  • Helps treats Psoriasis • Fights Hair Loss
  • Fights Dandruff • Hair Growth
  • Consult with Doctor if you have any Skin Issue
  • As a Massage Oil • 140ml

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Walnut oil has a rich, nutty flavour that is perfect for salad dressings, to flavour fish and steaks, to toss with pasta, and to jazz up desserts.  Walnut oil is best used uncooked or in cold sauces because when it is heated, it can become slightly bitter.  

Unrefined walnut oil is terrific on salads, particularly when you combine it with bits of walnuts.  Add walnut oil to a chicken or turkey salad along with some grapes and chopped walnuts.  Brush a thin coat of walnut oil on grilled fish and steaks just before serving.  Toss freshly cooked pasta in a mixture of walnut oil and spices.  Try using walnut oil in dessert recipes that will be enhanced by the nutty flavour.

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Walnuts have always been known as a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. They were consumed as nuts since time immemorial. Over the last few decades, we have come across the benefits that walnut oil Benefits has for our skin and hair.

It has a nutty, delicate flavour and contains some of the beneficial nutrients and compounds found in walnuts, including unsaturated fatty acids and plant compounds called polyphenols.

Consuming walnut oil may improve heart health, lower blood sugar, and have anti-cancer effects. However, studies have mostly focused on whole walnuts rather than walnut oil.

Walnut Oil for Skin

This oil is high in both vitamins and minerals. It works wonders on the skin and is highly recommended for people who want a flawless and ageless skin.

Great Antioxidant

It is an excellent antioxidant and helps fight to age well. It is perfect for your skin.

Remedy For Infection

We all experience those horrible fungal infections that leave us feeling helpless. Walnut oil for skin is your answer to those infections. It helps fight fungal infections well.

Fighting Wrinkles

This oil is excellent for fighting wrinkles. It has a greasy texture, but its regular application can help the fine lines and wrinkles to disappear with time.

Walnut Oil for Hair

Here are the benefits of walnut oil for hair:

Promotes Hair Growth

This oil promotes hair growth as it is high in potassium. Potassium is essential because it helps the regeneration of cells and hence accelerates hair growth.

Helps Fight Hair Loss

Walnut oil for hair has often helped people fight hair loss with the help of Omega-3 fatty acids that prevent cell damage.

Fights Dandruff

This oil can be great for fighting dandruff as well. It helps keep the scalp clean by removing all the dirt from it. Apply it regularly to get maximum benefits. It prevents the scalp from getting flaky, hence preventing dandruff.

(Face) Take 2-3 drops of oil for daily use.
(Hair)Apply onto your Scalp and Massage 10 to 15 minutes. Better is if wash your hair after 2 hr.


Ingredients Of Walnut Oil


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Walnut Oil - Boost Heart Health [اخروٹ]
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